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  1. Getting close to March 4th !! I wonder if it is going to be the Stick of Truth or get pushed back again ?
  2. As the weeks and months pass by ,the game gets better and better ! I'm proud to say I'm glad I backed this game !
  3. PlayStation 4 #4ThePlayers

  4. Orc are cool ! I would not mind them at all !
  5. I agree with your positive sentiment but the game still has to sell copies and make money before you can say its a financial success for Obsidian. The money committed from KS is development costs. End of the day I firmly believe that Obsidian wants to make this game but they also would want to make money for themselves. That will determine whether these types of development models continue. I am confidant it will sell well. They will all get paid salary from kickstarter backers too I would think so. I think worst thing that could happen is they break even with no lost at all because they met all the goals they wanted from Kickstarter backers. I could be wrong...
  6. This must be a dream come true for Obsidian to make a game they have wanted to for a very long time. I have a feeling the PE is going to blow the roof off and make a lot of gamers dreams come true! To top it off it must be nice to get paid up front for a game that you never made yet.... Paid in full. PS: We should all get stock shares...j/k
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