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  1. i find it odd that if kotor 1 ended good your new char is the last jedi or is it believed to be the last jedi so maybe they could use the quote if you stuff up "no there is another". If you went dark side well you would expect him to either be one of the sith lords or perhaps they will be his apprentices and he is now emporer of the sith. Hk47 is rumored to have a big impact on the game so chances are Hk47 will kill revan or already has given his track record. that way i would think bastilla will be a key part for kotor 2 given her set appearance and the light or dark side despite whether or not u killed her in your game.
  2. a female villain would be cool perhaps she could be the mjor boss instead of a male. i think that two of the sith lords might gang up on the other a similar thing to malak.
  3. does anyone know when the last full scale war would fall timeline wise perhaps a game could involve that war. that naboo senator in episode 2 said some date but i cant remember off the top of my head just for a change in variety of objectives to fight eg locales and stuff and your choice good or bad will be much earlier on. just thoughts. Id like to see more starwars games both old and new republic. B)
  4. I too saw the revan revolation coming a mile away in fact from the second vision, i went with luke, i am your father merely because it just sticks in ur head more and how oftem people run around saying luke i am your father lol. I hope kotor 2 has a more of an obi wan feel as to your apprentice being one of the dark lords. revan had malak so the new char must of had someone well probably.
  5. Planets= onderon Weapons=more powerful single Lightsabers Craft=pinch darth sions shuttle or the Imperial looking one that can be seen on the movie clip of telos
  6. just a question on how you choose the light or dark side and how it affects party members. If you character goes bad so does your party from what I hear, does this also affect the characters one liners just for example HK47's meatbag comments if you choose light would it change to something nicer.
  7. nobody said they had to kill or hurt, doesnt force wave hurt, you take damage from it dont you, that evil too look at bandon using his darkside force wave. perhaps u just see it more darkside than as a lightside alternative.
  8. i voted former sith soldier mostly because he would be handy and have sith ship access codes if he was good enough also wishful thinking on my part
  9. boy this is turning into a debate than a poll . i do get where you guys are coming from but why do you have to stick to convention jedi dont do that, jedi are goody two shoes. Arent the jedi human(haha aliens included u know what i mean) in a way tempted by darkness, theres no specific rule a jedi cant be offensive just because they have never used it (look at the last scenes of episode 2 with yoda and dooku didnt yoda return lightning) he wouldnt have to use his offensive power everytime as its how you use the power making it good or evil. im just trying to get at why cant there be an offensive primarily light side alternative atk. True kyle wasnt perfect but thats the whole point he was good had a primarily dark offensive bt didnt use it for evil in jedi acadamy or use it all the time thus my point. Good Guy with Offensive Power except im polling for a Light side version of offensive.
  10. PS.. I am a strong believer that its how you use the force power which makes it good or evil. (yoda voice) "most logical it is" and did anyone see a certain kyle katarn in jedi acadamey use lightning?.
  11. I think you have mistaken channeling for the exact dbz kamahamaeha or however its damn spelt, it was just used as a reference so it was clear what it would look like not the totally exact thing. Just a nice white jedi energy offensive blast to send the attacker on their a$$ and disarmed or in a serious matter unconcious. :D just trying to clarify myself. also why cant a jedi be offensive i know there not but what rule is there. oh i get it you all just want the sith to win like me B) .
  12. i seem to get them after i post doh Kotor 2 (masked silver dude) "i am the father of your cousins twice related uncle's brother of his brother married to his aunt etc etc"
  13. Kotor 2 battle of gas stations (yes travel the galaxy in search of cheap fuel prices to fill up the ebon hawk, go on drag races or try your luck on the kessel run) :ph34r:
  14. Kotor 2 xbox 1st Kotor 2 hmm very intersting (yoda like voice) Kotor 2 if you smell what vandars cooking (yoda like voice) Kotor 2 get it now jabroni (yoda like voice) Kotor 2 if you thought one was bad Kotor 2 if dead jedi's could talk Kotor 2 where did i park the hawk Kotor 2 zombie horror special Kotor 2 t3 kills fellow stars to become main character after being passed over again Kotor 2 HK47 still no assasination protocal Kotor 2 Mummy boys lash out (special guest jerry springer) Kotor 2 3rd times a charm
  15. i doubt the 3 apprentices or sith lords have any real connection to revan as for malak he was the worst sith lord since he merely hid behind his droids and followers what a wimp, if you read stuff in the game on revan you know he is a more hands on character from how the jedi got on the ship and the info on people he killed such as the echani dude. The new sith lords could probably have been founded by an emporer type or three good students turned to the dark side.
  16. i must admit im guilty of slaying juhani and jolee everytime i go dark side after my first time playing i simply remove all their weapons and enhancing items and swith them to normal fighters instead of jedi support and hak them to bits.
  17. notice how when bastilla turned to the dark that her force powers were not as good when you picked them as leveling up shame you couldnt pick her evil force powers. how could you play a darkside revan if evil bastilla has rubbish powers from malak. as for atris looks like im goint to believe majority on the concept art
  18. isn it funny how the jedis who you seem to claim are not nice to there mums have to save the galaxy from thos who love there mums. The old hermit from kotor 1 had the true answers of what the sith are. kill or be killed, take power for yourself to become more than you are put a mark on the world seek out the wrongs done on to you and have your revenge as you anhilate all your foes and decapitate them with the final swing of ur lightsaber so there last image is of you. I like the sith so much as i can relate to them well at least the old hermits code.
  19. i have if they ever did a kotor 3. i think revan has gone to the dark place which ajunta pall spoke of i could be wrong just my guess <_< .
  20. who is atris i know shes a new char but i dont think ive seen a pic of her anyone got a link to one? it would be appreciated.
  21. ok my last joke as to who is under ther i was thinking and watching showtime the movie not foxtel channel. how bout wesley snipes or a wesley snipes type hey hey cmon now
  22. il wait to read up on their abilities and potentiol damages before i select a weapon but chances are il go with the double bladed.
  23. lol sorry to be reposting right after myself but id love a nice replay action option for a seriously sweet move like when mace lobbed off jango's head.
  24. its really hard to say which i prefer as they both have plusses and minuses. i feel strategicly turn based is better where as controlling your fight and having to swing the lightsaber is so much more fun. I am not biased against any type and im sure for kotor 2 well from what i saw of the trailer as long as the chars can fight with some more style than kotor 1 then im 100% happy.
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