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  1. I have to agree with carths whining being the biggest problem, and probably his whole military optimistic attitude towards the republic. He should of been the first one to join the sith if you think about it never there for his family running off for his own ego, family killed, planet bombarded, not trusting anyone. I wonder how long and hard he looked for dustil if he wound up being on the endar spire! if carth appears in kotor2 for a cameo i want to know how he got off that planet if you destroyed bastillas ship and killed both tribes.
  2. perhaps you travel from planet to planet so that way you either a find a sith lord by doing work for them moving up in ranks only to betray the sith lord stabbing the weak fool in the back and proclaiming the mantle of dark lord. (LS) You find a sith lord and take him to the nearest cantina where you battle for the fate of the world in a drinking competiton. (w00t)
  3. perhaps new advancement in armour to give them a slight chance against the sith
  4. im at uni studying accounting and business law but thinking of moving from business law to actual law.
  5. what did yous use card wise to have so much fun and presumably victory with pazaak because everytime I played I usually lost (1 or 2 me vs 3 comp). The pc would get 20 with ease and id be screwed waiting for the right cards.
  6. slow motion for duels would be cool and have also thought about it but i thin it would be best as maybe a replay in slow motion like on wrestling games after doing the finisher a little box comes up showing a super cool replay. In jedi acadamy they had a slow motion on death which was also good. One thing i have recently thought of would be that you should be able to if they did implement the slowmo option would be to turn it off if you want for those more personal feel confrontations like how fast luke fought with vader on ep 6 and probably how anakin/vader squares off with kenobi in ep 3.
  7. watching a replay would be good and all but just out of curiosity would it just be a silent screen showing you run through the whole game cause id want all the conversations and that is where the problem would lie for the fact that revan has no voice!
  8. how bout instead of an offensive light power it gets shifted to the neutral side like force wave can be good can be bad but no one can complain lol :D
  9. "my ally is the force and a powerfull ally it is"
  10. i dont think the resume thing works for writing and creating game stories. I sent my resume off to acclaim but never heard back as well as being a big starwars fan im a big wrestling fan and would of liked to at least see someone make a decent wrestling game for a change rather than the usua rubbish " .
  11. im going to guess your talking about the preview that ign has. Im sure there close to being finished and in the boxes and shipped out to stores soon they just didnt want to give a full version to gamespot. Id also think that gamespot got that demo earlier than you may think but just got done typing the preview.
  12. sorry my mistake i just made the assumption from the green lightsaber.
  13. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> just in regards to that I was wandering if you got to see the face of the female sith because wouldnt it be wierd if Atris was the female sith and she dissapeared everytime or when the female sith turns up. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. It would also make for a neat ending on whether or not you turn light or dark side like kotor 1
  14. I dont think this game will be a pushover id probably expect the same difficulty as kotor as our enemies will probably recieve similar upgrades but of course they will have to lose because if you make the game too hard you wont be able to pass the game and advance the story. I do get if they make it too easy however it wont be as fun or challenging. Besides with the new fighting styles I would think that weaker enemies would be better so you can do some really cool jump and spin strikes what it will probably come down to is how much you enjoy the new story, chars and upgrades.
  15. i used Lord Graven my first run through funny it being close to revan ok maybe not lol. The second for lightside I used Spardus Quinn. I didnt like the name generator much but i did use it for some ideas of names for when i did the female version to check out the differences I ended up with Sharden Grey.
  16. As an aussie bloke i have to set the record straight aussie chicks dont dig americans all chicks dig us aussies champions of cricket, and aussie rules. all i have to do is blow some froth off of a couple and the women just cant resist me.
  17. unsure on the styles check out this previous topic http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?sh...pic=24826&st=30
  18. wait i got a letter from Big W saying that they would have kotor 2 in australia on the 6th. Perhaps you should check your stores before jumping to conclusions. Hi Tim, Thank you for visiting the BIG W website and for your query. Yes - it will be available in all stores from it's on sale date. Kind Regards Alison Moloney BIG W Support Office -----Original Message----- From: Administrator Sent: Wednesday, 3 November 2004 3:15 PM To: Customer Service Subject: BigW Feedback The following feedback has been generated on the Big W Web Site Mail Date: : 3/11/2004 at 15:16 ========================================== Contact Name : Tim Preece Company Name : Contact Email : preece1@hotmail.com Contact Phone : Comments Is For : Products Regarding which store : whitfords Comments & Question : star wars Knights of the old republic 2 for xbox has announced a release date for the 6th of December. I am emailing to find out if it will be available at big W whitfords on this date. thankyou for your time have a nice day Internal Browser Name : Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1) Logon User: : Remote Addr: : Remote Host: : Local Addr: : Remote User: : HTTP Via: : undefined CAUTION: This message may contain confidential information intended only for the use of the addressee named above. If you are not the intended recipient of this message, any use or disclosure of this message is prohibited. If you received this message in error please notify email Administrators immediately. You must obtain all necessary intellectual property clearances before doing anything other than displaying this message on your monitor. There is no intellectual property licence. Any views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender and may not necessarily reflect the views of BIG W Discount Stores.
  19. i would like to see some psycho tach probably more ferocious looking bigger and stronger also lol they would be fun to kill. (w00t)
  20. I believe the char will be either the same in power or slightly lower than revan. that would explain how your new char can take care of these new enemies.
  21. I will try to do what i normally do and stick with an even average of light and dark so i will be a neutral but if i have to make a choice like kotor 1 then it will be darkside. I will eventually play lightside just to get all the bits i miss for going darkside
  22. a wookie in the party well ok as long as we dont have to play that monster chess game and he cleans the floors, polishes the windows, repairs the ship, eats the scraps i throw on the floor for him, doesnt speak or groan, never stares at me or il whip him, raise is hand or il burn him.
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