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  1. i was hoping there would be al least 6 kotor episode 1 ,2,3 etc
  2. vin diesal looks like calo nord only taller lol
  3. search option is my friend i know already its l8 im braindead and u dont have to post if u dont want to so post at your own risk
  4. (w00t) sorry if i flintch pls dont give me more i might pass out
  5. if they were to make a film what actors would u cast for the characters? have some fun no wrong answers :D revan = tom cruise just cause he did a good job in the last samurai so i could picture him, bastilla= kate beckinsale, malak either john malkovich or a bald wrestler just for malaks bulky size and height
  6. where all rich then yes lets gets some tarisian ale in here now commoners lol now to set up an evil corporation likke czerka but better and more evil i know kotorcorp producers of metal mines such as kotorite.
  7. all bow before the ruler and queen of us kotorians bastilla_skywalker
  8. hmm lets see definantly a seperate feature for double bladed as someone who has the game pointed out and i totally agree with. more styles a must dammit i dont care for the seven innovate people cmon use those heads for more than banging against a brick wall. a female pilot for a change whiny carth, and heard atton cant pilot all to well. perhaps switch from the ebon hawk i dont care if it is an improved hawk called blue hawk as long as its different and upgraded. what else yes make it so implants doent require base level constitution cant believe the testers didnt complain on that. oh and pls bring back the vacum mask from kotor 1 which was the best item ever shame it was darkened for revan. more variety of droids and weapons and robes and armours lets see just various versions of droids would be cool and definantely death scythes, spear weapons, bigger rocket launchers, maybe an ion cannon oh and definantely a sith bladed weapon of some sort cant forget that. oh and one last thing how bout some sith artifacts that you can use to sup yourself up with. more planets to visit probably a few aparations depending on ls or ds. Forget pazaak i want to gamble so lets bring up the dueling, robot boxing, robot wrestling (futurama style lol), robot football. doent be subtle with romances bring it on but not one specific char have options open unlike kotor 1 but hey i let that slide cause bastilla was cool. try to get more force powers it may be tough to top but give it a try. if i think of more il get back to ya
  9. perhaps to make up for the long wait for pal and pc gamers that kotor 3 should have kotorians as a new race :cool:
  10. i have heard about this personal cyrstal for your jedi, what is it? and where do u get ? i dont have the game yet but i was curious to find out about it. thanx for your help
  11. he may not be the biggest or the toughest but i liked quai gon the best afterall he was the pivitol chess piece of the force.
  12. i think the idea is "brilliant" "yes BRILLIANT" (w00t) too much coffee lol. it fits well with the idea, why the jedi dont practice it so much later on making it a rare style by the time darth maul comes along perhaps they should invent a whole new 7 or so fighting styles for it and the same for duel wilding. Interesting thought why wouldnt you be able to go through with master dueling and when you get into special jedi/sith classes be able to branch off between superior duelling or dual wielding light sabres?
  13. id like for kotor 3 to have a super dark beginning and your choices will affect you from then on. basically you have a neutral character to start who is apprentice to the true sith. the hero/heroine comes from a planet and is prince or princess that is force sensitive. Anyhow the true sith destroyed your world in the outer rim and took you as apprentice because believe it or not your language is similar to that found on a ancient sith temple that he/she/other needs translated to unlock the true powers of the sith. youl travel to worlds and pick up party members to best suit you overthrowing the sith lord restoring balance or using the power to unleash your countless years of torment upon an uncaring world. battle revan and the exile and others from k1 and k2, get help on korriban from ajunta paul. make your own sith blade/weapon yeah.
  14. i want it now 30 days is toooooooo long ive already read the walkthrough twice why r u staring at me its cause of my big ears inst well children i cant help that
  15. just a thought i had and decided to post what if kotor 3 contained a new hero and at the end it concludes with three heroes taking on the true sith obviously the three heroes defeat the true sith and could lead to kotor 4. In which one of the three heroes and various party members could appear depending on your choices. maybe a lil confusing seemed alright to start off with
  16. i think kotor 3 should have some sort of conflict with the exile and revan but like many have said there are a lot of factors to be considered and the more factors the more difficult its sequal becomes. Id probably like a descendant of either revan or the exile and have the father or mother whichever train you in the ways of the force depending on the connection and how well your treated eg may expect more or less perhaps some sibling rivalry could be an interesting twist. the whole plot im not sure on and who should develop it i dunno. Ive heard a lot of bad things about kotor 2 from some people on the boards and im going to ignore it and get this game 1 because i want to, 2 because i want the continued story, 3 cause ive read good things also, 4 because i am going to make my own assesment of whether it was worth it bugs and all if any.
  17. i dont have the game yet but i cant wait so im a sucker for any/all info i can get on the returning characters. Does anyone know if bastilla makes an appearance on the darkside seen as though it was mentioned she talks to you on the light side. I wasnt able to kill carth in kotor 1 id always leave him stranded on that planet so how in the hell did he get off the unknown planet? rumour has it he went out into the water and roped himself a couple of sea turtles with the hair on his back but he probably just got drunk and caught a lift with some space pirates. cheers and have a nice day
  18. just caught the gameguide for tsl for those who are interested in reading up while waiting for their kotor 2 like me. anyhow heres the link those who dont want to look turn back now http://www.gamespot.com/features/6115513/index.html have a nice day everyone
  19. i think in kotor 3 you should be an apprentice in the jedi order on coruscant and to make it interesting some of the jedi think you could bring balance to the force in the skywalker prophecy ( i wonder how many have been suspected but not made it swirling force Andor Vek). Plus i think it would be kool to go through the trials. perhaps a war could be happening if the exile decided to go evil seen as though revan in kotor was meant to be a ls ending. personally id like to have revan be evil and become emporer and have the exile take on the three sith lords. to each his or her own. anyhow your jedi master dies in your hands with an encounter with a dark lord and not having a family of your own you start to lose your cool. here it gets interesting as now u can either go light but it is a struggle and u must trust in the wisdom of others or surrender to the dark and become the apprentice of the emporer. to make it interesting if you turn dark enough fighting worthless beings less get to the killing of your friends where u have a second chance to redeem yourself by not killing them or for the dark kill them and secure your place in the galaxy
  20. <_< what is it with the languages surely anyone with half a brain would realise the use of the word krath was not deliberately used to offen anyone, and surely when used in the context of starwars you would just accept it as the description of a race of aliens. I think Someone is just making too much fuss over it.
  21. if it were real probably an exile jedi consular with some handy darkside techniques and spend much time on korribin decyphering the sith secrets. :ph34r:
  22. why only the americans????? Its cause im an aussie isnt it ISNT IT!
  23. (w00t) would sion just fall to bits if u used force breach?
  24. I think kotor 3 will have to be ten years later than kotor 2 lol in which the galaxy had been saved. You start of as an apprentice to a jedi knight/master on a planet out somewhere doing some mission for the council. On complaetion of the mission you return to Coruscant for a bit of rest, relaxation and training. Its not long until you bring up the question of your trials but your master wishes to put it off just a bit longer despite your assurances that you are ready. The council sends you on a mission where an ambassador to the council has dissapeared in which you must visit various places, find clues and complete missions to uncover a conspiracy of a remaining sith and droid threat. You will encounter a sith on one of the planets near the end where your master dies and tells you to complete the mission yourself and that you are a jedi despite not taking the trials. The ending is you defeating the sith apprentice in front of the sith lord and you make your ls or ds choice right there. :cool:
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