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  1. I thought the mercenary iridorian on manaan was kool. Or maybe its just canderous's words of hacking your opponent up after defeating them that made me like him.
  2. Even in death revan could still appear. Remember ajunta paul. "there is no death. There is the force" just thought I'd add it who knows
  3. "MY TWO CENTS" I would think that depending on the outcome of the first game would affect how you got the ebon hawk, like evil revan pretty much throws it away to have a big battle cruiser. Good Revan simply may not require the big ship since the other members of kotor 1 would probably go seperate ways. Id also like to see more of the main characters, and what happened to revan perhaps if there is a kotor 3 and good chance there will be I think with the success of the first and the huge hype for kotor2.
  4. another think from kotor 1 i liked was the force whirlwind maybe an expansion of that like a force tornado would be neat, and in certain environments it might change eg sand and water versions.
  5. Id probably like to see more done duelling wise with weapons as i think that the duelling aspect is the best part, so maybe expanding of styles like how darth maul did lots of jumping around and spins, and ankins two weapon style. Force powers maybe illusions, force deception where u can alter your status to appear as if your an ally when in fact you are not.
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