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    GAMES BEEEOOOOTTTTTCCCCCHHHH!!!!!!..........oh yeah, and monkeys...
  1. So, they said all this stuff about our lightsabers, but none of it is true?!?!?!? AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. How do you get the damn thing?!?!?!?! Chris A. Said that it is a pain in the arse, but worth it to get YOUR OLD LIGHTSABER back!!!! Not build one yourself, YOURS!!!!! If any1 knows tell, please! I am sad, cause i dont gotz my lightsaber......
  3. I am running 2.3-4 ghz on my amd 2000+, I have 512mb ddr ram, now all i need is a good video card. I an buying one just for this game, so, I would prefer a card known to run good on kotor 1. Anyone got a model in mind?
  4. Are they going to be exactly the same? I have to buy a graphics card, any one got any suggestions?
  5. from what I could find it has something to do with ovarian, or breast cancer....
  6. I remember reading about the PC being able to get tattoos. Can anyone speculate?
  7. How does Palpatine disguise himself so well, obviously there is a large cosmetic difference.
  8. I think ol' dur there will be the only character able to "break" items down into components. Just theory.
  9. dude. quit left clicking it. Right click and select "save target as" and tell your computer where you want to put it. Quit trying to stream it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks for your help, but I wasn't doing any of that. It just took a few minutes. Thanks though.
  10. NEVER MIND!!!!!!! IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! :D (w00t) :D (w00t) :D (w00t)
  11. With the first one I get a "Page not found" page. The second I get a blank screen that says downloading at the bottom, but I never get anything!
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