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  1. hey yeti i really liked your reaper joke lol. speaking of tripple bladed sabres and light scythes, why stop there light seis i think you spell it like that, light spears, light trident, dual light trident, light axes lol
  2. id love to use a deathscythe possibly made by ancient sith, so it can compete with a lightsaber, perhaps there will be some ancient sith blades, septors and other neat items to find on korriban "
  3. id like to know how u fall out of touch with the force cause if i had the force as my ally and had nothing to do all day except sit around i would train in the force to become more powerful than any jedi
  4. if worst comes to worst which i hope it wont you can always turn down the volume and play a cd.
  5. oh and stargate i think that once they join u even if ls they wont run off. i think once joined they descend to whatever style you choose. just my thoughts.
  6. i thought i read that there was 15 but you could choose up to 10 which will add so much replay value. if you consider how the other chars interact with each other like zalbar and mission did slightly and bastila and all members etc. if a char comes back from the first it would probably be canderous or carth someone from the first you couldnt kill at least. id think canderous cause i doubt carth would trust anyone lol
  7. From the preview movie clips the graphics are similar but i can see the tweeks i think overall and the new bits and pieces put into it intriguing me just a taste of the darkside for kotor2 to wet my apetite lol. The choice of many chars to join u ls ds affected is kool party split up adds so much more to the game. and the fight scenes look better than kotor 1. mini games i dislike cause i was never any good at them my best time on tattoine was in the 22:70's and i had to beat 22:50's i think.
  8. my char ended up ok i was a soldier/consular and i equipped the vaccum mask which i hope i can get in tsl since it was good against poison and mind effecting, the sith regenration+2 health, +5str gloves, +2 str and protect from saves belt with darkside revans robes for an awesome look and power.
  9. there is probably something to do with hk 47 cause although the force is strange look at r2 and 3po ending up with luke the fact that Revan seemed to engage most of hk47's abilities seems odd, malak doesnt make any reference to hk47, you have no clue what hk47 tells you is true because ur memories are lost.
  10. i think this one will probably be about the larger fleets. depending on how kotor 1 ended could also effect what happens the forge could still be working remember
  11. i found out the best way to get the release date of kotor 2 was to email the local shop (remaining nameless) customer support centre and ask when it was arriving and they told me mid-late december xbox version sorry pc users. I actually had to send it twice cause they tried to tell me i was after kotor which was already out
  12. i always wondered why u needed a suit to go into outer space if the docking ports on the ships always show outerspace no doors or anything is there just an air converter in the port or something im not full up on the technology?
  13. i loved kotor but there were some minor letdowns, like how it took forever to ge a decent outfit. only revans robes were on the forge well if u recreated them and the ls version wasnt as good as ds version. guns not very good unless u bought casses fetts gun and upgraded it. outer space slow as ith underwater. levels good.more conversation optons would be good also.
  14. very true indeed even for ds both to kill each other off then for kotor 3 you can start off with a clean slate
  15. it might be out of 3 i think someone not a designer though mentioned something about a couple of love interests so i guess it could be 1 of 2 or 3. interesting very interesting
  16. an interesting development how bout one of the npc namely whoever your char should fall in love with dies sacrificing themself in order for you to win, or perhaps you win normally and a sith lord lightnings the love interest and maybe it ends there with you going LS or DS for kotor 3
  17. i appreciate the effort of developing your power but i dislike having to be taught them.
  18. shes blind i must have missed that, a blind jedi she can still see right by using the force and stretching out with her feelings.
  19. i hate zalbar, on kayshyk if u didnt have him in ur party the other members annoyed u about it until u told them to shutup, he didnt make u lots of grenades, when u made him kill mission and u use him in the last level he turns on you how great is taht leaving me either hk47 or canderous when i want sheer wookie power. if there is to be a wookie i hope he will at least journey down the dark path or be an obediant slave and uphold the life debt. long live the sith and czerka corporation
  20. i will definantely be a male char but as to light or dark i cant make up my mind cant i just be grey?
  21. yes i quite loved those missions especially when setting the mine on the vehicle on dantooine and it blows up man that was such a highlight and the explosion and fire was well executed. Another thing i liked was the good items hulas gave us such as the 4+ gloves, poison blade etc
  22. il vote after i play kotor 2 for xmas so i can weigh up the characters and their history atm i dont know atton or the masked sith guy.
  23. this came to me just a second ago vader had machines but what about sion if ur jedi can kill him would that not prove that revan and others would be stronger or just as strong.
  24. i think darth revan would win 1. palpatine said to anakin soon you will become the most powerful jedi (present time not compared to all time or yoda nor did he defeat dooku) 2. prophecy to bring balance to force not be the most powerful 3. luke defeated vader 4. obiwan i think will defeat him in episode 3 since obiwan lives and anakins body gets damaged. revan 1. revan learned much and didnt take orders from anyone going into wars 2. revan would be the equivelent of the emporer or more 3. he defeated malak who stole the mantle even with the forges power.
  25. i read the comment on kath hounds funny it was a shame that the light side couldnt use dominate mind to make the kath hounds calm like anakin did to that beast on geonosis in the death pit.
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