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  1. Where is the option - Chris Avellone plays Arcanum naked in the freezer Bwahahahaha j/k!!!! Seriously though I prefer him play VTMB, never liked Arcanum so watching him play the game is torture for me.
  2. I will skip fighters/melee chracter classes altogether If their abilities and the animations thereof is just like BG/IWD. Please make it like DAO. Tanks and DPS were the most boring classes in BG.
  3. Absolutely the wizard and will be the class I'll be playing first. To quote Raj from TBBT " I'll sneek up behind a monster, wip out my wand and splash my magic all over his aasss" LOL
  4. Its a shame there's still no live counter for PE. Star Citizen ended with $6.2 million but they are now sitting with $6.8 million! not that's just insane.
  5. How do I increase my existing pledge? I've already bought a digital tier and the expansion pack via paypal.
  6. Just ensure the companions are well balanced in terms of class, race and gender. Don't want my party to be a sausage fest sticking it in at my enemies.
  7. I like to play ranged classes therefore I voted for tanks but I think overall, there should be balance.
  8. Arghh!! Playing Arcanum myself is like experiencing a quick death, watching Chris play Arcanum is slow torture j/K!!!!
  9. I voted for PST (with BG coming close second) and dislike Arcanum the most. Maybe it's just me but I'm beginning to see some resemblance and elements from Arcanum in PE i.e. guns and the role of stamina in combat. Considering only 4.2% voted for Arcanum, is this the direction the game is taking? Chris Avellone also stated publicly he disliked traditional fantasy characters (pixies, elfs,orcs, dwarfs) in RPGs so I would be surprised if this game leans towards Arcanum.
  10. I agree with the OP completely and don't want a quick easy escape. While not a mega dungeon, I entered the Circle Tower in Origins ill prepared without knowing the door would shut behind me. The feeling of being trapped inside a Tower with abominations and demons was so immersiv. Having fought my way through so many tough battles with limited resources and coming out victorious in the end was unforgettable.
  11. I think Paypal is still available until today if anyone still wants to pledge.
  12. Agreed. On condition they don't to mimick Blizzard and don't follow arbitrary deadline, balance is key. To this day, I still hold grudges against Lucas Farts (Kotor 2) and recently Electronic Farts (ME3).
  13. That's actually really impressive. Bioware carried over many assets from the first game so they could put alot more time, effort and focus on content development. In essence the foundation was already laid and I could say the same for Kotor 2, FNV ect. Even back then I think Bioware had a team of writers that penned all the stories, sidequests and dialogues scripts for BG2.
  14. I'm all for Obsidian taking their time to make a game I've been waiting for so long. I also realise the longer they take, the more cash they burn /w the possibility of going over the $4m budget limit. I've already pledged as much as possible and it's times like these I wish Obsidian have infinite resources On the contrary, my expectation of Obsidian is so high (to a fault) maybe that's why I'm disappointed by some of their modern games.
  15. If I recall correctly DOA took 3 years, same with Mass effect 1 for developing and creating new IP from the ground up. Don't want PE to end up like KOTOR 2 & AP. Anyone feel the same way? Please take you time Obsidian.
  16. I've always play spell casters in BG and NWN, plainly speaking all other class combat sucked bantha poodoo. The melee combat from DAO was fantastic, first fantasy RPG that I actually enjoyed playing as a warrior.Please Obsidian, you need to ace it!
  17. BG2 & expansion for me was over 120 hours. PST about 70 hours. DOA 90 hours first playthrough with no DLC. Kotor1&2 40 hrs each. PE must be at least 60 hours minimum not sacrifycing quality for quantity. 80 should be ideal.
  18. IMO, Bioware nailed it in DA:O. I couldn't stand the combat system in Arcanum which was the main reason I stopped playing very early on the game back in 2001(?). Fast forward 6 years later and no matter how hard I tried just couldn't get into the game. I see PE heading towards this direction using the stamina mechanic, once all your stamina runs out your character/companion becomes unconscious on the ground then just watch enemies wack the bejeezus out of ya - blah!
  19. I'm hoping we can reach at least $3.1 million by end of today. Assuming we have around 100k total from Paypal in total, we need $150k per day. Come people we can do this!
  20. I just want a variety of enemies and difficult ones to boot. Hate fighting the same Darkspawn / Draugr from when I'm level 5 all the way to 20.
  21. Personally, I prefer Obsidian gets more funds&pledges than the number of likes on FB. For them to develop every additional level requires more resources. More resources = more $$$.
  22. Done! Just pledged via PayPal. Where do people get their 75k figures from? Can't Obsidian at least post Paypal numbers say every hour instead of real time?
  23. Why can't the developers refine and finalise all dialogues and scripts before recording VO at the end instead of going back again to change?
  24. Been following PE since launch but didn't pledged then because no Paypal option was available. Thereafter, currency depreciated 15% in just 2 weeks! I'll bite the dust and pledge this coming Monday. Bloody exchange rates, wish PE was launched earlier this year so I could've contributed more in $.
  25. Please no dragons! I'm so tired of fighting dragons. Make enemies / bosses unique. Monsters and demons designs from games like dark souls and Vampire TM are awesome.
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