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  1. DA:O did romance well for the most part I think. You had to get the characters to like you, there was depth and feeling to it. And not everyone was a romance option just because and not everyone was open to any type of relationship. Your relationship also changed, evolved a character and it wasnt just about the sex scene. DA2 on the other hand.... worst romance in a game I've seen yet. Everyone was open for anything, it was shallow and cheesy. I want a romance option, I dont want everyone romancable, I want there to be meaning behind it and not just hey they worlds ending wanna have se
  2. Congrats, I look forward to the future. this is premature but I'm wondering. Since i recieve 2 games, 1 physical and 1 digital will I be able to pick one of each GOG and steam?
  3. I am also really quite dissapointed that the art book isnt included in the 140 tier. With the 250 going hard cover I think it would be a good option for the 140 to get the previous soft cover version at least. It is something I wantbut I just cant afford to go up the additional 110.
  4. For me personally characters having voices is really important to me, it really ups the immersion. In my mind there are 3 levels of voice in a game and I will try to explain why I want and why there are 3. Firstly you have the party. Party members bantering and chatting in the background, having conversations with them at camp adds a huge level to the world for me. Now your character having a voice doesnt matter to me, DA2 did not benefit from it and that is one voice i like creating in my head. I'm going to put the "major" characters in this as well, which for me is anyone involved in the
  5. I also really liked the fact that you could set conditions for possible events that could happen pre battle in DAO. It just took a little of the micromanagement of the team out. Didnt have to tell them to drink a health potion or cast a certain spell that realy were just common sense
  6. I agree I want a lot of focus on indepth stories for the companions and this feels to me like they are diluting the companions. I'm really not a huge fan of that strech goal and there are other things I'd much rather see.
  7. having drugs is a good idea. Things that give short term gain longer term pain. Though to properly work you need indepth systems that track addiction and other stats related to drugs., I do not like the idea of the option of becoming a drug dealer, I'm sorry but this is just wrong in real life and video games encouraging
  8. The new party creation strech goal sort of makes me a little bit nervous. Quite possibly unneccesarily but I just wanted to state it anyways. Companoins are so much more than just things that fill up the numbers. Coompanions are fully fledged characters with their own narative and I dont want this to possibly dilute that.
  9. Since when dont elves have souls? They are at least semi mortal in my mind, or at the very least can die when run through with a sword so in my mind at least they should have souls.
  10. The potential is definately there, especially without an evil publisher handing around in the background, the devs can feel a little less pressured and if they need to delay by a few months and not rush it.
  11. Cardboard is the desirable outcome really. If you compare Blizzard boxes with say borderlands or skyrim theres no comparison at all really.
  12. Seeing Rome's style of gov't would be awesome, most likely overly complicated for a game but I'll still throw it out there. Their structure has always fascinated me. People always seem to think they had the senate and that was it but it was so much more. Basically in ancient rome at the very top they had the 2 consuls, 1 militartary and civilian and had complete power. Then they had the Senate and a peoples assembly underneath them. A consules term would only be a year and then there would be a new one, generally from the ranks of the senate. In times of need (famine/war/etc) they would ap
  13. The companions at least to me are a huge defining part of a game. Dragon Age origins for me did companions brillantly, they were there and they were good in combat regardless but if you invested the time into them you started to care about them, they started to enthrall you, they were more than just video game characters. They have their own story lines and evolution. If I hear their voice in other games I want to go back to DAO to journey with them again instead of playing the game I'm in. Ofcourse this happens to me with a few tv/movies as well but I do hope that you can achieve that so
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