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  1. It honestly doesn't bother me as a backer during the KS phase. I know there will be some people that want to feel special because they backed it during the KS phase, but personally I say you guys keep it open for the next year or more. I want you guys to get as much money as possible to make the game awesomer. Thank you for this also. I would rather not use Steam for my physical copy but I know there are many people out there that would.
  2. Did they ever say when they'd ship the CPU? Cause if you have to wait until 2014 for it then it'd be kind of pointless...
  3. How long does it take for kickstarter to charge you? I expected within the first hour but still haven't been.
  4. The stream has been very entertaining. Thanks for it Obsidian! ...and whoever donated 10k to the stream just 2 minutes ago is a glorious bastard. All of you backers are.
  5. Yes, as long as you have enough funds on the account it will go through.
  6. I laughed at the people who a few days ago were saying that $3.5 was impossible. They forgot that for big kickstarters there is a rush both at the beginning... and at the end.
  7. Weather? Hell yes. I'd like it to be well done too. Such that snowstorms cause snow to pile up on the ground, trees, and buildings slowly. Rain that causes rivers to overflow and such. Seasons... That I'm neutral on. If Obsidian thinks it's fitting for the game and they have the resources to do it well, then go for it.
  8. Personally I don't think they need to add anything more. I'd rather they just use the "extra" money to make all the promises they've already made.
  9. At this point any "extra" money I'd rather go to making the world and promises they already have more fleshed out rather than making more promises.
  10. Yeah, I'm really considering upping to $250. It's quite a bit of money but I think it's going to go toward what will be an amazing game in the end.
  11. Too bad, personally I think that the $140 pledge being a Collectors Edition should get a physical copy of the book. Those books with art and such are always my most favorite part of CEs, makes me a bit sad.
  12. Any chance of making the hardcover copy as an addon? I'm backing the CE at $140 but makes me sad that I won't get a physical copy of the book, and the next tier up is $110 more and I probably won't be able to spare that much. Either way thanks, and looking forward to the game.
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