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  1. An "internal play week" sounds serious, in reality the entire company has actually been slacking the entire week?
  2. Started the game today and this is exactly the problem I want into. I think it's a pretty big problem. That said, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to only talk about Infinity Engine games in regards to what they are doing wrong. They are trying to improve it after all. I'd like to bring up Divinity: Original Sin for comparison. By all rights combat should be pretty confusing, with all the environmental effects but it isn't. Part of that might be because of the fact that it's turn based but much of it isn't. https://www.google.ie/search?q=divinity+original+sin+combat&tbm=isch
  3. How do they fund a delay? And perhaps more importantly, how do you judge what is a "better game"? A game in development for 10 years isn't necessarily objectively better than a game in development for 2 years. More like, a game in development for 10 years will probably be worse than a game in development for 2 years. Taking too much time to release a game can be just as bad as taking too little. I think that if development goes on too long, developers can get sidetracked in regards to what game they are actually trying to make. For example Duke Nukem Forever or X: Rebirth.
  4. That still has a major impact though. If, as a spell caster, you need to spend your first several actions in combat raising your defenses--that puts you at a major disadvantage. Those buffs better be extraordinarily powerful, because all of those classes that don't need to buff will be gunning for you. Party members may be able to screen some enemies, but not all of them--particularly ranged attacks. The second most major concern, is that having to buff every battle will seriously deplete a caster's spells per day. I doubt the protections which really make a true difference are going to be at-will abilities for that matter. It's the big picture and all of the ripples that occur within it that has me concerned about "no pre-buffing". It seems like a minor change, but I highly doubt it. I hope I am proven utterly wrong. The point to skipping pre-buffing is to avoid this monotonous, automatically buffing. Pushing it into combat doesn't make any sense. Let's take a few examples of how I think they will change things. Stoneskin In the old systems, this is something you would have on constantly. In PE, this spell might be a temporary buff (10s, 30s?) which you would cast when a warrior is about to attack you or potentially another member of your party. Mage Armor In the old system, this is something you would have on constantly. In PE, this is probably a passive ability. Blades of Fire Works exactly the same in PE. Elemental Shield In the old system (once you got high enough level anyway) you'd probably cast it on the tank and expect it to last the entire encounter. In PE, this would probably last for 10-20 seconds. Maybe you'd cast it onto a tank just before he taunts, or maybe you'd save it later on in the fight, to protect someone from a fireball for example.
  5. Wait, they aren't removing buffing altogether right? They are just removing pre-buffing. That thing when you had to spend 2 minutes buffing every time you rest and another 1 buffing before each fight. I personally never saw that as a "past glory".
  6. Have you managed your pledge at the Eternity backer site? Status is OK. Have you completed the entire Pledge process? If so, PM me details as usually no badges means that the process remains incomplete. Oh opps. I assumed the SELECT REWARD button was asking for more money. Apparently that wasn't the case (though it is the case right now so it's not like my thinking was incorrect). So anyway, I think it's probably fine now. The "Fulfillment" state is currently pending so I assume that when that goes pending I'll get my badges. Oh I already got my badges, cool.
  7. My opinion is pretty much the same as it was almost a year ago. I am so sure of it that thought Obsidian had already decided to do it that way, apparently that isn't the case. Too bad. The topic isn't exactly the same, but I think all points transfer easily to this one. To quote
  8. Have you managed your pledge at the Eternity backer site? Status is OK.
  9. Seem to be missing a badge as well. Is there something I am supposed to do?
  10. You lose an arm because of some unlucky critical? That will just be super annoying. You can avoid companion deaths (this is in Eternity right?) just by being careful with them. You can't really do anything to defend against an unlucky roll so it would just be frustrating if it happens.
  11. Well. Agree to disagree I guess. I don't want to replace a healer with a potion. I would like to be able to take an extra damage dealer instead of a healer. And in most games I could. And in this game I probably could too. The problem is that I don't have a good way of healing up my character out of combat. Well anyway, it would be nice. Probably off-topic here though. I didn't say your explanation was absurd. It's your opinion that is absurd. You are probably going to be offended by this but... if you cannot see why people would consider your opinion (this particular one I mean) to be absurd then I don't think anyone could explain it to you.
  12. Your complete dismissal of healing and the healer "role" is so absurd it's kind of hard to argue with it. Most RPGs have healer classes. And there's obvious a good reason for it, otherwise, you know, why? Guild Wars 2 makes an effort to avoid the dedicated healer classes but it does so by giving everyone the ability to heal, both themselves and others. And I'm pretty sure that in big PvE fights there will be players who are in a dedicated support role.
  13. How big the dungeons are is irrelevant. Going half way through a dungeon and then having to turn back, is a hassle. Firstly due to having to travel back and forth over the place you've already been to, secondly because it interrupts the "flow" of the game. It's annoying to be interrupted when you are having fun. It's not going to be like Diablo where you get town portals or something. In a game where you control 6 (I think?) character, I wouldn't have through actually having a dedicated "healbot" healer would be a problem. It's different in a game like World of Warcraft where you play a single character. Though actually, I'm against being forced to bring a healer along with me*. So I want some way to heal up my characters after a fight, a cheap or free alternative to bring a healer along. Whether that's potions, or auto-healing or bandages I don't care. *I'm actually against being forced to bring any particular character along since I only want to bring companions which I like along with me
  14. Does that really fit what Project Eternity is though? I mean, I could see it working in something like Wasteland 2 but healing spells and potions and pretty much stables of these kinds of games. I don't see why it wouldn't work. After all, JA2 is also a RPG in a way. There is a problem with peoepl getting so accustomed to playing a specific game with the same mechanics over and over, that they start to associate the mechanic with the genre. Frankly I think that causes stailness and lack of creativity. True, a game with a more JA2-like health/injury mechanic WOULD play differently. Resting and visiting town would beome more iportat - as well as activities you can do while there. Battles would be more dangerous, but also smaller in scale (you wouldn't fight endless hordes) Well it would certainly "work" but would it make the game more fun and interesting? JA2 might be an RPG but it is quite different to Project Eternity. For example JA2 is turned based right? (I've only played JA 1) I don't want to have to visit a dungeon and return to town multiple times. I mean, I'm okay with the idea that you might have to return to town if you mismanage your resources (spells, potions, items, etc), I don't want to have to do it all the time it's not fun. So it's okay if the dungeon is harder than I thought, or if I forgot to bring some stuff, or I didn't bring any fire-based attacks because I wasn't expecting The Spanish Inquisition trolls.. You do realize that the more complicated you making healing damage/injuries, the less valuable you make potions, the more likely you are going to have to bring a dedicated healer right? Even if just for out of combat healing.
  15. Personally I don't want to spend a lot of time thinking and worry about potions. For example I find the Alchemy stuff (especially the gathering) in the witcher games to be a pain. I'd be fine with potions on cooldowns, a potion belt, slow healing potions or even a combination of all three. All these implementations limit the power of potions while encouraging their use without causing a micromanagement headache about something which, in the end, isn't that bloody important.
  16. Awesome. I've been "hit" by at least 3 necros so far* so I'm happy I managed to discourage at least one person from it. *any more and I might start checking the timestamp at the start of every thread
  17. Does that really fit what Project Eternity is though? I mean, I could see it working in something like Wasteland 2 but healing spells and potions and pretty much stables of these kinds of games.
  18. Threads shouldn't be necro'd because people might read the thread from the start things thinking it's a new thread. I certainly read the first 4 pages before accidently going to the last page and saw the comment about the necro. This is a (often) a waste of time for several reasons. Such as the fact that the discussion is based on out-of-date information, or that the people discussing the topic might not even have the same opinions (if they are even still around) or that the discussion may not be relevant anymore. A bit off topic but I think necroing threads is something to be discouraged.
  19. A dockable resizeable conversation window makes sense for multiplayer games where you will have conversations while doing other things. It doesn't really make sense in a single player game where you can't really do much else while having a conversations. At the same you don't want the conversation window to block the screen.
  20. Project Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.
  21. Wait... why bother with a PS4 port at all then? Besides, keyboards and mice are optional for consoles, there's no way you can release a game on a console and tell them that they have to use a keyboard and mouse, they have to make it playable with the standard controller.
  22. A bookshelf which visibly fills ups as you put books into it would be cool.
  23. Master-race types are just closet airport bathroom-stall console gamers. Don't be scared, it's fun. Chris Roberts disproves your imaginary complexities: If Star Citizen can go PS4, so can Eternity. Umm, isn't Star Citizen a space simulator? It looks like something that can be easily played using a controller.
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