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  1. Unfortunately my statue came with the hand broken off. I heard a clunk clunk when i pulled the box out of the overpack box. As seen in the attached pictures. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/IYb6SVm https://m.imgur.com/gallery/6NypkXY How do i go about fixing this?
  2. I'm only in my early 30s and I like physical media more than digital. You can lose digital media more readily. But that's just me.
  3. Nice update. Can't wait for August 18th. A little sadden that there wont be a physical release of the Documentary but I guess I could just "burn" myself a copy anyways.
  4. Haha, yeh I hear ya. I feel dry too. I hope we see something next tuesday since they only got back to work January 2nd.
  5. Yea, I can see how that'd work for them really well, a bit more concerned of how it works for me. Uh, isn't the benefit for you that you get more RPGs? I don't see why people are on the fence about this: Obsidian has a long track record of making a specific kind of RPG; it's not like there's a lot of ambiguity about what we're going to get with Eternity. I assume you're here because you like their games, so why wouldn't you be up for another one? For one, having them hint at a new KS early allows us to start putting funds aside for their next game. Also by saying this they must be fairly content with the work done so far on Pillars of Eternity that they are able to really stay independant with the rolling out of games at a regular pace. I will be happy to fund another IP. I just wonder what they plan to reveal to us.
  6. Yeh I came across the same issue but didn't finalize my pledge until they told me "what you pledged for on the kickstarter is what you will get" regardless of the mistakes in the backer portal. So I went ahead and finialized my pledge.
  7. Yeh I expect they will know what they'll like to add in the PoE Expansion once they get the main game done. Expansions vary with ever previous Infinity Engine based game. Icewind Dale's Heart of Winter, Baldur's Gate Tales of the Sword Coast, and Baldur's Gate 2 Throne of Bhaal all have different styles of expansion. I wonder if they poll us for the expansion or just announce what it will be (once they are ready of course).
  8. I suspect it is an oversight in the process of getting the backer system running. I pretty much have "everything" that was available at this point so I am not worried. I can see though why people would be upset though.
  9. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity If you look there, you can see where the VIP (silver) badge starts at 100$. I assume Bronze is everything below that. And of course Gold starts at 500$.
  10. As did I, but you have your badge sir! It's probably for the best, else we'd be scrolling up n down too much xD I hope they will consider moving the K badge next to the backer badge instead of below it. I don't like vertically stacked badges... Or even let us turn them on/off as we wish.
  11. Heh, Release Date ETAs... Great for one thing only. Hyping people up about the game release. I really don't worry about dates anymore. It only gets your blood pressure up. Just do what you can and release it in the best form possible.
  12. Now Now.. put down the Bat. I know the feeling though.. I didn't get in early enough to get the "golden ticket" for Star Citizen.
  13. Understandable concern. I think any feedback from the community is welcomed. Never know they may have not even thought about it for some reason. Anyways, I do say they are not finished with PE yet so I hope to see these quirks addressed before release
  14. Again if anybody is missing a kickstarter badge when they ought to have one. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64773-kickstart-backer-badge/ Moderators just openned a thread for anybody missing a badge.
  15. Your KS badge is fixed at least. Please let any of the Mod Squad know about a KS missing Badge and we will endeavour to get you all badged up asap Any case anybody missed the latest thread in GD. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64773-kickstart-backer-badge/ This is for you to post if you are missing your KS badge and thank you Fionavar.
  16. They are aware of the issue. There is now a thread by one of the Moderators so that people can get their Kickstarter badges. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64773-kickstart-backer-badge/ I was missing one as well until about an hour or so ago.
  17. I get where you are coming from. I originally didn't want to finalize my kickstarter pledge because some stuff from the kickstarter was not listed in the 500$ tier descripion. But one of the Devs made a post saying that if it was mentioned on the kickstarter page then it will be in your pledge. Now I, personally, am less worisome of distribution platforms... I perfer GOG mostly, but I will handle whichever one the game comes out on in the end. I think they will probably do a survey and I hope they will allow us to modify our shipping details in case somebody moves. You never know.
  18. Well got my pledge through. Now the question is.. Do I keep my original title as "First Cipher of the Obsidian Order" or change it to something else. Dilemmas Dilemmas.
  19. What he said ^ Some kickstarters do it very early. Others wait until launch. Betas have been done through Steam from various kickstarters. We will see how PE does it but I expect Steam for the Beta and once we get to launch we will be given the finalized distribution options. Now is NOT the TIME to PANIC!
  20. I don't know about Obsidian's side. I got mine for backing Torment: Tides of Numenera and had gotten an email directly from inXile (on Nov. 12th) through Kickstarter about redeeming my WL1 freebie. Got my code and redeemed it on GOG.com :D
  21. I play on consoles. I, and everyone else I know, don't have their consoles hooked up in a way where using a keyboard is all that feasible. We use them in living rooms and off couches. Not at desks. Because we, the backers, paid for a PC game. If Obsidian wants to, after the game is done, try and make a PS4 port that mandates mouse and keyboard with no controller concessions without using backer money, I have no complaint. I just don't think it'll be a wise investment for them. As an example with my PS3, I can hook a wireless keyboard and mouse to it. I can get one of those folding endtables and set it next to my bed if I wanted to use it or I can just use it sitting on my bed. Pretty easy and straightforward. I don't know if this is possible with the PS4 but I hope they might support it eventually if it isn't. Anyways, like with other PC Kickstarter games (first and foremost) I prefer if they are finished first on the PC before any true porting to a console occurs. The way most games seem done nowadays is build it to fit a console first then "port" it to PCs. Even though it was created on a PC.
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