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  1. Well, I feel a little disappointed because I enjoy a bit of romance in my games. Still I assume the devs decided romance wasn't a good fit for the story they're telling and I respect that even if it doesn't align with my preferences.
  2. Fluffle! How's your year going so far? Good to see that you haven't been kerfuffled yet anyway! Everything's great at my end, same old - way too much cake over Christmas! Lephys - you're a sweetie and terrifically helpful.
  3. Hiya Lephys - I hadn't actually done anything necessary at all, so your advice is greatly appreciated. I'm just sending a quick message to Obsidian however before I can confirm to make sure that LC's OOE fee is taken from my pledge and then hopefully I'll have my badges too....so expect to see more pointless comments from me at that time.
  4. I guess the question is do they really want to do more 'stuff' for the game? I'm happy if they add stretch goals, I'll up my pledge depending on my post holiday budget and if I like what's on offer. I don't really feel that strongly either way.
  5. Yay badges! I have absolutely nothing to say, I just want to see my badges on screen.....my bad. Happy New Year etc OOE PS - how great was the trailer music. I loved it, I got goose bump shivers listening....new score or not, anyone know? I can't remember the original trailer music really, except that I thought it was awesome (I'm old and lost the bulk of my remaining brain cells over the holidays.) Edit - Damn, my badges aren't showing up. I want them....maybe you have to check something on your profile? I'm going to a) look and see then b) go and sulk.
  6. I'm voting Dragon Age straight down the line for this poll but only because DAO has been my latest gaming obsession and those characters are the nearest to my heart right now. Really there are so many amazing personalities in so many of the games on the list that it's impossible to really pick the 'best'. Although I think Varric from DA2 really might stand a chance of taking out my personal all time favourite party member.....it's the chest hair, I admit it!
  7. I like those coins and I want one! The only thing is those plastic sleeve things look tacky, too cheap and nasty for such pretty engravings. I've got a birthday coming up soon too so maybe I will indulge myself a little. Thanks Silver
  8. I don't know about best managed because I think the word implies things that we as backers aren't really party to but it's certainly the project that I've felt most 'kept in the loop' in. So what the hell, why not. Yes, Project Eternity is the best managed kickstarter EVER and I'm not even a little biased at all and know exactly what I'm talking about.
  9. Well if you write it as 8 weeks it sounds much more impressive. You totally white knuckled it there. Yeah, wordament - It's tough out there in the world of competitive wordsearch. If we had headsets it'd be brutal man. Not too sure on Satellite Reign - I'm not willing to risk the wrath of the husband on anything short of 'Baldur's Gate - Return to Awesome' today.
  10. Hiya Silver, I thought you were in kickstarter exile for a while? Well seeing I'm bored out of my mind this afternoon I'll have a look....might play wordament for a bit first. Does that read as 'tragic' as it feels? Wordament.....how has it come to this?
  11. I think that the Paladins are sounding really interesting. I'm looking forward to finding out more about them and of course the other classes too. Thanks for another great update.
  12. Idea: sparked. How badly would it suck if one enemy, in P:E, could drain your money, instead of your health or mana/stamina? NO! They can take our allies, our health bar and our special abilities but enemies can keep their damn hands OFF MY GOLD!
  13. Well don't get too comfy there Silver because I'll be thinking of you next Summer when I'm hanging out on the beautiful Aussie beaches while you are being turned into a human shaped icicle Actually I don't know how you cope in Finland, I haven't stopped complaining since the temperature dipped under 10 degrees. Lephys - looks like kickstarter has drained all our bank accounts now.
  14. Hiya Silver , It's freezing cold winter for me (so phooey to you!) and I'm not going anywhere near kickstarter for a while either.
  15. I agree that just about the only way to get someone who has already enjoyed playing their pirated copy of the game (thereby already proving an unwillingness/inability on their part to purchase) is to tie in some positive emotion to becoming a 'purchaser' and making it incredibly easy for them to buy the game. Something cute like the OP suggests might do so, some gushy outpouring of thanks by the developer explaining how much it means to the company to know it has been supported by its fans to make the game and how they need the sales from this title to continue the franchise might sway somebody else. If it is a low cost initiative that doesn't negatively impact upon the consumer then I think it is could be worth pursuing because I want Obsidian and PE to succeed and make more games and to do that they need sales.
  16. Wow, look at those dwarves! They look great and even sort of handsome (the one's with hair anyway!) which is just.........weird. Doors, well they're not so exciting but it's great to know that we'll have them and they work. Thanks for the update. It all looks fab.
  17. No, why would that upset me? I think it's the reason most people joined and is the reason I did too. I just think that there are ways to engage a group of people who are interested in similar things (namely Project Eternity or isometric RPGs) that haven't been explored in the OOE and if people are interested in doing so we could collaboratively come up with some options but if not well I'm surely not going to lose any sleep over it.
  18. Well, it's very, very quiet. I'm a site mod there and so I try to log on regularly to check for anything, you know but there's so little traffic it's kind of pointless. This makes me 'cause I thought the whole core OOE was a great bunch of people. I really think it faces the problem that we haven't given anyone anything to do, outside of chat about stuff and that need is better served by the Obsidian website. I think that the whole group could be re-energised if we came up wth some group activities that people could participate in. I thought that some sort of multiplayer Baldur's gate stuff could get people interacting again but I don't play multiplayer anything so I'm not sure how you go about arranging that sort of set up. What about mods? Silver I know you're a mad modder is it feasible to shove something OOE related into an old infinity game? Yrrrk - I don't know I just don't want to stand back and let the whole thing just wither away without trying something I haven't heard anything from LC or Farudan for a while either but you know they did so much while the kickstarter was on that I figured they were having a little me time for a bit. Anyway............oh poop I don't know!
  19. Wake up you're dribbling on the keyboard! Yeah....ok...I guess I should probably just you know....go.
  20. Yay, pretty art stuff! Thanks for the awesome update, it all looks great.
  21. Hey Paul - I believe the best justification for talking to yourself is 'that you always converse with the most intelligent person in the room' (I don't know who said it first but it definitely was't me!)
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