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  1. I know about it but it must be official by starting a thread entitled "Sensuki's Pillars of Eternity review"
  2. Sky dragon fell in about 5 seconds when I met it. In final battle, just use petrify and is an instant win. There was actually harder to bring down the statues than Thaos.
  3. My wizard that has boots of speed +3 and the ability selected that gives +1 speed has a walking animation when I move the whole party. All have a running animation except the wizard who walks. all I need is 5 more pair of boots of speed +3 to have a walking animation for whole party
  4. first and the only attack I resolved it manually with my party and managed to loot one body before exiting the battle map (caed nua keep)
  5. Since I got the stronghold, I've only been attacked once shortly after that. Since then, I am reaching the end of the game and no other attacks whatsoever. ( I am level 10 with all quests main and secondary completed) Is this a bug or it's normal? ( stronghold turn 46)
  6. How many of the sidequests have you done? Would you say you're playing a completionist playthrough so far? Sidequests are there to be completed and experience the game. I don't know who invented that word - completionist - but it's out of place.
  7. I reached Cliaban Rilag with a level 10 party me - fighter eder durance pallegina mother aloth combat is a borefest galore. no challange whatsoever on hard mode. I litearlly nearly fell asleep because of the routine
  8. this game is too ****ing easy on hard. that's for sure there is a threshold point where all goes downhill regarding difficulty and you become way overpowered. (just like in Divinity OS where gameplay became a borefest because there was no challenge anymore) Having 2 fighters all in heavy armour and high deflection makes PoE a near borefest, especially when I was able to recruit a cypher. No challenge is the death of gameplay and fun. Hard mode needs a big buff. AI is really limited. Engagement system limits the AI even further. XP gain should be reduced.
  9. I entered the Elder Archives after unlocking the door and closed the door behind me. I can not open it to exit the room
  10. Will it be sturdy enough to withstand the rough handling/carelessness of the post office workers? Recently I've received my Wasteland 2 poster in a squashed cardboard cylinder. So imagine that nobody cared about staking on top of it a heavy package. I hope not to receive my PoE CE in a same state so I urge the people responsible with packing to use sturdy cardboard boxes and some internal padding for shipping. But either way, there will be some unfortunate ones that will receive their CE damaged. What happens then?
  11. It seems I met Sly Cyrdell near the Adra formation in Magran's Fork. I thought the party I met at the center on the map earlier led by a death godlike was Cyrdell.
  12. I had the dungeon already built with one prisoner in it but the option to take Cyrdel prisoner was not there. I guess the option to take him prisoner becomes available when he is near death?
  13. I kill him, had items on him but no head. I checked the stash quest inventory, no head I cant get reward for bounty also the missing sentries task is bugged. killed them all/cannot complete
  14. killed them all but there is no quest update. talked to the quest giver, no raction. When is the patch coming? WIll the saves be valid with the new patch?
  15. Implementing this type of UI will require extensive work and there is no one to do it.
  16. The biggest and most important unknow is how much of their money Obsidian put into this game because no way this could have been made with 4 kk USD. They even said so that they invested their own money. I think they spent another 3kk USD for this project. So when we're talking about success, we should consider first money spent because nobody wants a classic game that blooms very late in sale charts!
  17. I hope you would not be able to respec and take responsibility for allocating those points and taking those decisions. The same with the difficulty level.
  18. PoE will not sell 1.5 million copies like BG2 did. But if will have just at least 500 k copies sold like Divinity: Original Sin had, it will be a win.
  19. For me, this track and unfortunately too other few like this one, are the epitome of what a soundtrack should be.
  20. "Playing for 60 hours to finish a game is ok... but having to play for 150 hours is too much" stopped reading here au revoir
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