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  1. Wait... what? Spells are per encounter now? LOL! It feels like outo health regen from those famous retarded shooters everyone loves.
  2. I hope they make the range of the ship play a major role in player's ability to access certain parts of the map. Sailing range would depend: - on its capacity to hold more food and water; - crew discipline and morale; - ship keel type [to withstand larger waves and storms] and speed; - main character skill in navigation? Exploration should be no trivial task but an adventure well thought in advance, expensive (a welcomed game money sink) and risky as hell. The reward would be interesting events where characters gain traits (positive or negative) and beefy items only found on distant islands or battle sea monsters in distant parts of the ocean for reputation and trophies. And of course all that should be optional for those who don't want to venture in search for treasure and powerful artifacts and want to stick to the main plot. A ship range UI representation would be welcomed so the player would know if the ship would make it to a certain port and restock or to know where/when the point of no return comes.
  3. I am Barrack Obama and I approve this injury system
  4. For someone that likes a challenge from poe, party composition is important. Not some fetishes like you smugly state. Well, if you think the game is not challenging enough (to me it was) or no good, play something that actually is. What are you doing here? This is no political debate; Pillars is not affecting your life. If you don't like it or don't believe the sequel's gonna be good, well... don't play it. The review at Codex may say "why" it is, but it's just the reviewer's opinion based on his or her personal tastes. I can point you to reviews that said the exact opposite. Again, we don't know how challenging the game's gonna be yet. I am literally dumbfounded by the stupidity of this post.
  5. In other words, the game is designed to be crap. And the game is crap on story mode and normal and hard difficulty. And poe plays exactly like an mmo . The first poe review on rpgcodex clearly states why is that. For someone that likes a challenge from poe, party composition is important. Not some fetishes like you smugly state.
  6. The real problem is not the 5 party members but the inability of Obsidian to properly balance encounters and make them interesting enough to make the game challenging and not a borefest like in Pillars of Eternity in which the player was constantly overleveld and combat trivial. Potd difficulty is the only dif level which makes the game mechanics shine These should be the real concerns - encounter design and proper xp balance 5 party members would imply fewer encounters per battle but stronger with more abilities The casters not to be overrun should make melee disangegement way more punishing than it is now in poe
  7. me too I installed the mod when my character was lvl 9 and chose 50% I don't know if I will reach lvl cap 16 around the end of the game after I completed the dlcs too the mod does not make a XP nerf but increases the XP level requirements to reach next level maybe the OP in the meantime can share the knowledge
  8. Then you're as competent as a parent the same way Obsidian was as competent designing their leveling. Hey daddy! Know that you're just another butthurt person at someone that had the audacity to also tell the devs bluntly they're incompetent in designing a healthy XP progression. You try to belittle me as much as you wish and continue to be as thoughtful and mature as a father likes to think he is, but for me the time for decency is over after all this time and patches to no avail regarding this issue. "Also, it seems to be more obtuse to ignore several good arguments (like those from Gromnir)" Sorry, I can't acknowledge someone who talks about himself in the third person. You do that for me instead and feel free to comment. You should keep those 5026 posts up and rolling anyway you can! ________________ I hope for Deadfire they were somehow enlightened and will make a progression system not tailored for superficial playing (for players that I bet didn't even finished act I) or for those who autolevel their characters and think that they are just playing an interactive novel instead of an RPG. Isn't enough that Deadfire will have a "Story mode" difficulty?
  9. I couldnt care a rats ass for leveling. I autolevel all my npcs. Cool story bro! But by any chance, have you ever considered you're in the wrong game genre? Just saying... Maybe it gives you some pause to think and invest your time in something more well suited for your tastes.
  10. How can you say it's impossible to get it right for a game where you can calculate the total amount of XP a player can receive because it is finite? Also there is the possibility to limit the XP rewards for higher difficulty levels. Also what's worse? 1. To reach at the end of an RPG where you take that last level with 2 -5 hours gameplay time left and where that last capped level you reach and invest in you character doesn't dramatically changes the gameplay but very slightly? OR 2. To play one third of an RPG where you play for hours and hours killing monsters and doing quests without the possibility to advance the character anymore? That's right! Good plan all the way. Gone are the days where games were a niche industry and now every frat boy can call himself a gamer. Also that's the reason games over the years increased in quality and became more and more complex! Lowest common denominator FTW! (especially in Deadfire?) I mean... reaching level cap in PoE so early was a monumental task to achieve for me that required a vast amount of time and effort! OCD completionist incarnate I was! It's not like all the quest givers were just in front of my face all the game and big fat dungeon entrances beckoned me to explore them. Also... accessing those last levels of Caed Nua... I had to resort to a cryptologist. Was that hard, believe me! Completing all the bounties? Had to track the targets for hours on end. It's not like they were just one click away on the map. Very, very hard I tell you...
  11. If you fail to recognize that incompetence can be corrected while stupidity not so easily (sometimes impossible), then may Joe Pesci have mercy on your soul. Also stay away from managing people. You also think incompetence is on par with stupidity, that's why you quickly jumped to defend dev feelings whining about how rude my comment was, good grief! It is not. If I am taken seriously or not it doesn't matter at this point. The problem would still be there and is recognized by many others whatever if I am taken seriously or not. Also not taking someone serious just because you feel insulted by a rude comment means you're a narcissist. That's what you're trying to portray the devs? But then you state that they don't get insulted by my rude comment anyway because PoE was "successful and critically acclaimed game." (you even highlight it). That's the dumbest logic I ever heard. Why would they think their XP income design has a flaw when they have such a great gem of a game on their hands? Duh... So great the game was at launch that only 44% completed act I and 10% finished the game and the game was covered by a gaming media whose journalists were in their infancy when Baldur's Gate 1 first appeared. You can count on them to point the flaws in a spiritual successor, no doubt! Also PoE 2 had a drop of 55% in backer pledges. Smashing success! I am done debating with obtuse chaps like you. And you can also go @^#* %#^%!)#$ (I hope that was rude enough to not take me seriously)
  12. You are mistaken incompetence with stupidity. Definition of incompetent 1: not legally qualified 2: inadequate to or unsuitable for a particular purpose 3 : lacking the qualities needed for effective action So they would not take me serious because I said that their XP income progression design was totally and utterly incompetent? Tough luck then. Their hurt ego would not match in the slightest my disappointment (and others) and frustration with this XP income design. Otherwise the 3.05.1186 version of the game proved quite promising, on PoTD difficulty at least.
  13. 20 or 30 levels won't make a difference. You can still reach level cap too early if the XP income is not tailored properly. I chose to see it as incompetence (which can be easily fixed) because if it was designed by choice to play 1/3 of the game at level cap and left there after all the patches, I should've probably spent the money pledged for Deadfire on something else. But the fact that after all these patches this design choice is still in, then it signals that there's a great chance that this design philosophy would be ported for Deadfire as well.
  14. Installing this mod will disable or affect the Steam achievements? (I am currently playing on PoTD level with expert mode) Many people discuss and there is a lot of debate about what is an RPG. One of the core values of an RPG that's found in every definition is character progression. Once you lose that, you lose a good portion of what the game tries to achieve/to be.
  15. So in a world where this many people actually bothered to finish the game like me for instance and bothered to experience all the game content (for which developers put passion and effort in ) just by exploring the locations in a non-autistic manner, my "reward" from the devs for me experiencing the game fully is hitting me with a hard level cap way too early where there is no sense of accomplishment anymore because any quest I complete drives my character progression nowhere. Reaching that extra one or two or three levels more than the average player that does not even finishes the game should be a REWARD for the player for putting the effort (whatever the reason) and not a hindrance in the enjoyment for the game. Reaching that extra level should be a bonus in making the game slightly easier on higher difficulty settings. Why there must be a hard level cap and not a soft cap with diminishing XP returns where reaching higher and higher levels should be a feat of its own? Why the XP rewards are not diminished on higher difficulty levels? If someone enjoys playing a third of the game at level cap, they can do it on normal difficulty? After my realization that White March has the same problem, I don't even have the drive to launch game anymore because I hated so much reaching Twin Elms with a level cap in vanilla PoE that I don't wish to relive that experience. Many people complained about this after a quick google search. If Deadfire will have the same XP advancement design, I will be disappointed at the "Sensuki level" with this new game.
  16. ... an it's this one: will the level cap in Deadfire be handled/balanced by the same incompetents that balanced the level cap in vanilla PoE? Because I don't know what is worse now: 1. The fact that in vanilla Pillars of Eternity you reached level cap way earlier (about 2/3 of the game) making the game/progression feeling obsolete (because I must underline that this is a game and not an interactive novel by the way) and all this was possible in a game where XP income is FIXED and known by designers without the possibility of player XP income exploits, OR 2. The fact that after all this time and numerous patches this is still not addressed! Because during of the Deadfire campaign I joyfully bought White March 1&2 expansions and after starting playing it, after reaching level 9 without even delving into the expansion content yet, it became clear to me that I will reach the level cap of 16 way before completing the game/expansion content. I am playing on Path of the Damned difficulty. Please tell me that at least on this difficulty setting they had the "audacity" to diminish XP rewards!
  17. If paypal comes online after the end of fig campaign, those who want collector's edition will still be able to order it?
  18. I cannot even concieve of how an RPG like PoE (or Torment or BG2) could be "too verbose." http://www.rpgcodex.net/content.php?id=10511 In this article, I will try to analyse the ways RPGs old and new implement their stories and writing, largely in reference to how they actually function in this particular medium; how the approaches compare to other forms of entertainment; and what are, in my view, the most important elements that contribute to the near-universally low quality of writing. But before we begin, I feel it’s important to drop a few disclaimers here to explain my agenda and pre-emptively torpedo at least a few of the dumb comments, whose appearance I can already predict at this very stage. 1. Many of the negative examples I quote here come from recent games that are still fresh in my mind, and which happen to be exemplars of the various problems I’ve identified. This article is not yet another attempt to take a few kicks at Pillars of Eternity. In fact, the statements written here are very likely to be true for most of your favourite games. 2. I will give many examples to base my claims upon, and many of these will not be related to games. Some of them may even appear downright arbitrary, but I assure you that they have a purpose to serve. 3. Reading, by itself, is not “teh hard”. Reading bad writing in large quantities, however, most certainly is. 4. I reserve full right to be pretentious and make sweeping statements disguised as facts. 5. Spoilers abound, and not just for games. Proceed at your own risk! EDIT: "Now to proceed to the second point outlined earlier – the lack of linguistic mastery. Trying to write “elaborate” prose, and most “big” RPGs today certainly do that, has one very important condition – it’s a good idea not to fall into purple prose (although I much prefer the Polish equivalent expression, which roughly translates to “graphomania”). Using fancy constructions and vocabulary is perfectly fine, as long as you know how to use them. Adverbing adverbingly and putting three adjectives before every noun, on the other hand, is pretty bad. This is why I stressed the importance of knowing what words mean so much before. When you are familiar with collocations, grammar, etymologies, registers and meanings, the number of words necessary to convey a message drop significantly. But if you are not familiar with all this, your writing is going to be a mess of overwrought, nonsensical expressions."
  19. Pillar of Eternity: - too verbose - no real challenge - ****ty item stats - boring encounters - autistic emphasis on the main story subject that permeated all aspects of the in-game society to the point where every new quest became almost comical Hope the new lead designer does a better job
  20. Now that Fallout 4 was announced, what are the chances that a new Fallout from Obsidian to come out? I really liked New Vegas because of the writing quality and quest/game design. The fiasco between Bethesda and Obsidian regarding royalties I hope does not impede a future collaboration. Josh Sawyer stated numerous time he would like to work again to a new Fallout game. is there a petition to sign regarding this?
  21. Mask of the Betrayer was released in the 21th century. Now go and read that review on the Codex, learn the traits that makes a game great and educate yourself before spewing moronic remarks just to extract yourself from facing the harsh reality regarding this game. Like the author of the review, I also had the same feeling while playing this perfect 10 game, "I must replay Baldur's Gate II. That game was good!" How about that! Souls Magic! The writing to be tedious at some point? Spot on! While playing I literally became oversaturated with the souls subject popping at every ****in corner and literally nearly fell to sleep while doing some dungeon because everything was a borefest as how overpowered I was.
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