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  1. update: formation buttons and new map button, animal companion icon Also in this screenshot, the game is zoomed out. Maybe those who say that this UI takes up too much screen space forgot about this game feature.
  2. You would make game designers proud I intend to redesign the mockup for 4:3 monitors and if that mockup leaves the viewable window too small, I'll try to make a L shaped design.
  3. I am still making improvements and soon I'll make a mockup for 4:3 (1440x1080) monitors.
  4. Mouse travel becomes obsolete once you know shortcuts. And because this is not a console game, the possible keys and key combinations are more than enough. Having a mouse with 5 buttons, you can map those buttons to do any action as long the game key mapping is in depth (good to have for people who lost an arm for example)
  5. If a character would have more abilities that nine, I could add scroll arrows at both ends of the ability bar. Will a character have more than nine abilities? Also the intended role of the gems between the roman numerals is to select the active chants of the chanter (i know that there are just 4 chants and there are 5 gems)
  6. nothing beats in the accessibility department when you have an UI that display's all the most used icons on the screen without the need to hover and click mouse twice, three times etc. Also I think that mouse precision is important, that's why having big icons/buttons without the need to press them with pinpoint accuracy is good. this picture is entitled: Symmetry This main UI was entirely made by reusing Obsidian assets like the pillars at the bottom, demon heads, statue, skulls I love to recycle assets!
  7. would someone please upload a photo with a druid with animal companion?
  8. I was thinking about of some basic character information on the left side of the screen
  9. That's my redesigned UI based on your feedback. Everybody's feedback would be appreciated. http://s7.postimg.org/ozlzsnnbf/Zazaaa_1.png
  10. I'm in the process of redesigning my mockup with lots of improvements! Is the wikia up to date? There it says priests and wizards have access up to level 6 spells but the grimoire shows up to level 10 . How many abilities a maximum leveled character would have and what class?
  11. Does anybody have this picture in 1920x1080 resolution? I want to use those icons indicated by the red arrow. Or someone know where are those icons from?
  12. This is definitely one of the things that makes it difficult to design a Pillars of Eternity UI is because of the differences between all the classes and their abilities - more abilities means more action bar slots and spells and other menus also make it a bit more complicated. that's why I try to find out what's the greatest common factor of all classes regarding UI spell/talents slots number before I try to make a redesign. There are several categories the popup bar has as I understand: 1. Weapon preset equip category - 1 slot 2.Quick items category - 4 or 6 slots? 3. Chants category - 4 slots? 4. Chanter/wizard/priest spell level category - 8 maximum slots? (I don't know how many spells tiers are for each class besides wizard who has VIII I guess) 5. Talents category - ??? slots 6.Edit grimoire/chants category - 1 slot I would appreciate if you can shed some light on this (I guess you tried all classes)
  13. I put the log on the left because I am a Sensuki fanboy. ) In the future I'll make a version with maximum viewable area. I love the constrast between the UI and the forest. Portraits could be larger than that I admit!
  14. Best viewed in it's native resolution of 1920x1080 in full screen. Let the hate begin!
  15. Oh God, that solid UI in the style of BG is just a mockup to give you the feel of the interface and you are butthurt that it's not a professional made and state of the art exquisite UI? Of course it ca be greatly improved. Talk about some self indulged & absorbed twats! Personally I love the contrast between a big detailed UI and the world environment and the clear separation with the environment, like a crafted window through which you look into the game world. Visually, looking at that mockup gives me a IE game feel
  16. are rocks with moss solid enough for you? full resolution here
  17. That's the kind of dilemma on par with anti-vaccines movement, aliens abducting law abiding citizens, Bermuda triangle and Chupacabra. de gustibus non est disputandum? ok... but "that tastes can be cultured" I'll add
  18. tiM caiN do you have time to get bored? where is that preview already?
  19. I am curious how do you know this? Also, you could do a comparison of NPC density in towns between Josh's livestream footage and BG for example. This game needs to be more populated badly!
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