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  1. Where is the fun managing how many arrows you carry, go craft them or go buy some all the time... Unless the damage per arrow is really high, don't limit the number, I think it's only slowing down the pace of the game to have to do amo management.
  2. If done correctly it could help making the game more immersive, but please don't affect char stats or you will only see female rogues and mal warrior... I'd rather see some dialog options changing and depending on the cultur and society where the player is to have a slight dialogue advantage / disadvantage .
  3. I'm flexible for a release date but it's misplaced to talk about missing the planned release date so early in the development. Also more time means more money which is not an option in the kick starter funding thing...
  4. Shaking the screen is ... pointless. I'd prefer a red critical number showing up or better : animation like cutting an arm, leg or instant kill. I hope it can be deactivated if it's in... Maybe we can have the screen swaying like the 10th update video....
  5. If you have some kind of dog companion, make it use full, like a trap or treasure detector, something that could find stealth creatures more easely... If it's just another "fighter" it's useless.
  6. I don't think translations would use the dev's time, only ressources as they would hire translators, I don't think this will limit the content but the cost is stil significant. Then again, if they plan to sell the game to other people than the hardcore fans here, and try to have a slight chance with a wider audience, a translation is really needed.
  7. Leendary stuff should be seomthing obviously unique, with obviously a story that makes it legendary. As to where it's found... well it should mainly depends on the lors of who used to posses it or where it was last seen or if the owner was found dead drunk and lost his weapon one day...
  8. Yes but : - interesting - quality over quantity - optional for those who doesn't like them.
  9. There should be a range of choices and choices that are not that obvious, and the choice should have consequences.
  10. Lots of DLC makes the game inconsistent both for the player and the developers (and can get quite expensive) : you never know what the play has done already or not regarding plot and equipments, level... Expansion packs make sure every gets the same stuff.
  11. I don't play a RPG to always have to hurry my ass up for doing stuff... I'd say OK for some kind of timed events at certain time, but not always have some kind of timers all the time on the whole game.
  12. Just throw some little optional stuff that could fit the world around it, like some gambling or stuff in some inns but nothing to elaborate.
  13. I voted hard but I still think if you get a game over or if you're stuck because of some choices and no way to fix the situation: the game has a serious design flaw. At most "wrong" choices should have consequences and make things getting very complicated or next to impossible, but still we should have a narrow chance to get back on track.
  14. The game should be enjoyable even if someone doesn't want to go through the romance options. Romance should/could still impact a bit the storyline as much as dialogue choices I think. Romance can help having deeper relationship with the companions for those interested in this aspect so I think it should remain an available option for the player but not a mandatory aspect of the storyline.
  15. I have a PC and a Mac. I use the PC only a gaming rig with gamin hardware. The Mac hardware doesn't allow me to run high end games. If i can play decently on Linux on a strong hardware PC i've put together and stop using windows i'd be VERY happy. The less I have to use windows, the better, I'd have gone full linux a long time ago if it were not for games... Also if a Mac OS version is planned, the Linux version won't be much different as Mac OS is already very close to Linux since it's UNIX based... So I don't think much ressources will be spent on it as most of the work will be done for the Mac OS version.
  16. Dynamic events or event that occurs at certain time everyday so that if you miss it one day you'll be up to do it the next: why not, but please no timers to accomplish quests please, not in a RPG.
  17. Firearms.. then just primitive fire arms so that we don't have guys with shotguns exploding rogues and clos quarter combat guys... As long as we don't have some kind of gunblades, machine guns or sniper rifle^^
  18. I'm not again dual classing or a specialization later on. As long as the play still gets some freedom on how to build his character to match his play style. Why not being able to do some unlikely class combinations, even if it's not really optimized it could be interesting to play.
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