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  1. You forgot the most important part: lore! Now, for what I'd really like to see is for the player to be able to, in some way, to interact with this pieces of history. Example 1: you get into your hands a magical item (by killing some powerful foe or stealing it from a lord's house or some other way). Your skills allowing (Lore or Speech through NPC conversations), you discover the story behind it and the location where his owner/crafter lived... So you get a small dungeon to explore for more secrets, history and maybe some loot too. Example 2: you're exploring a dungeon (now infested with critters) that was the center of operations of a bandit group. His leader was famous for his cunning and deadly ways. Luck can only last so much... eventually he was killed in a deal as he failed to comply with a gentleman's agreement to deliver the supposed goods. Again, your skills allowing (Search), you are able to find a parchment under a brick. In it, you find a riddle where he tells where the non-delived goods were buried (Cartography, Outdoorsman). NOW! This is what I'd like to play. To be able to discover things, solve puzzles and embark on different adventures! IMO these are great side quests examples.
  2. Some good points there villian of the story. It does seem Yanner aims more at realism, while Sweets aims more at a painting type of art. After noticing this, it's interesting to look at the PE wallpaper again. And you can see a somewhat blending of the two.
  3. This has already been discussed in some other threads, but it is never too much to remind everyone else of it. My name really doesn't matter, and I support this thread.
  4. Just to clarify, we haven't announced who's doing the music yet. This is still TBD. Well, this one really surprised me. Considering the positive feedback from the backers in regard to the music at the forums and the KS project update #14, I was seeing this pretty much as a consolidated fact. Also because of the results in the poll we had here at the forums. I already expressed my thoughts about this on that thread so...
  5. A higher paying job. Even though PE will have aspects that I dislike (for example RTwP instead of TB), and other things I'm not entirely convinced... I went as much as I could -- 250$ -- because I see this as the last chance to bring good cRPGs -- with AA production values that you don't see on indies -- back.
  6. Agreed. And they should also add the "now is the chance - (pause) maybe that one time chance - to make it happen" and the "every dollar in your pledge helps making a better and bigger game" tidbits for extra tension and hype. That is not true. A lot of cRPG players like that type of thing. Including me.
  7. OP, you should have quoted this post I was kind of stupefied with some of the comments on that thread where people say they turn off music when playing a game... just WTF is that madness! I don't even... I love videogame music. But I don't have that much of a good hearing. And what you can do with software, it just gave me another reason for going without an orchestral score.Don't get me wrong, I do love them (one of my fav tracks performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and choir -- Outcast still has one of best VG OST), but the budget for it concerns me, and I rather have 100 minutes of great music, than 50 minutes of great music played by an orchestra. Or even see that money invested in extending voice characterization or more portraits and artwork for narrations. The problem is, we just don't know how much we are going to get and if that feels "enough". In any case, regarding my vote and keeping in mind Justin's opinion on this (since he is the expert after all =) I changed my vote from "none" to "half". Justin, just how much money are we talking about? How much would 1h of music cost played by a more "cost friendly" orchestra? 200k? fake edit: Well, what are we waiting for? In that case I'm all up for it (like it was discussed in that thread) for themes that make sense to have live/orchestral elements. tl, dr: Feargus give the green card to Justin Bell
  8. We aren't doing bad, but I was expecting a lot more than what W2 and DFA projects got. Even though Tim Shafer is the adventure games man, RPGs have a larger fanbase. So more power to PE. And even though Brian Fargo had W1 done, he hasn't exactly made worthwhile RPG in a long time. While current Obsidian members have done a lot! So even more power to PE. Did W2 had more success because it will be a pure TB game? Maybe because it was able to draw from FO3 and FONV success? The irony is that W2 was able to get a big spike when he announced that CA would be contributing to W2. And PE was unable to generate any hype-spike during the campaign. See March 30: http://www.kicktraq....d-2#chart-daily An the corresponding update: http://www.kickstart...-2/posts/199078 There was another spike on 4th April, when Fargo announced these stretch goals: http://www.kickstart...-2/posts/202023 - increase the overall size and depth of the world, [and it also] translates to more story lines and more player options as well - shipping a polished and deep game - more NPC portraits and equipment artwork as per what the fans have requested in the forums - increase the music budget to allow Mark Morgan to layer in even more atmosphere - this kind of budget ensures that Wasteland 2 is BIGGER than Wasteland 1 - mod toolkit at 3 millions, only to be released after W2 is shipped to make sure things are done well Initially I was seeing this project going for somewhere in the 4 million lane, maybe a little over 5 million. But now, I see it topping at 3.5 millions. Unless they're able to shake things up. Committing to a mod toolkit at 4 million would be a very good move IMO. And if they're able to say PE will be bigger than X game or will have Y hours of gameplay, that may also reassure people that were on the fence. Releasing in-game footage could also be neat
  9. I really liked the wallpaper by Kieran Yanner. Pretty cool IMO. Karranthain, what do you think of it? Merlkir since you're also an artist, and I'm curious about this matter (for other reasons as well), how many work days does it take to do a wallpaper like the one Kieran Yanner has done? And a pack of 20 portraits like the ones in IWD* and BG*? As for the price I'm guessing it varies a lot, depending on the artist's location. And is there such thing as reusability when making portraits? For example, suppose making 1 portrait takes about 1 day of work. How long would it take to make 5 different facial reactions (neutral, laughing, angry, shocked, mischievous) of the character in that portrait? 2 days?
  10. in-game screenshots PC/NPC portraits (hopefully in the vein of the dwarf ranger)
  11. Registered 1 October... 6 October... 172 posts O_O Agreed. A system like FO 1/2 would be good. And most traders should be able to follow the laws of offer and demand. I think the best solution would be for normal items to be cheap, so it doesn't pay off to go with pack-mule-everything-to-sell-merchant schemes. Magical items should be rare, so that you think twice before selling them. I don't agree. Look at history, like 4000 years ago. Precious metals were always used as a common currency. I doubt this will fit the game. On particular instances that would be ok.
  12. I'd absolutely love it if you'd find a way to incorporate some guitar work into the soundtrack - 12 string please http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET7OEgRgwPU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPwBGOaw3pY&feature=relmfu Oh man... Tristram... so many memories. D1 was still the best of Diablos. Dark fantasy done right. And the gameplay was also great for a roguelike. Most items had their advantages and disadvantages, and magical/legendary items really felt that way. That theme really captured the events and set a great mood for the game. It's one of my favorite videogame musics.
  13. Well, I'm not expecting for fighting to suck. I think they'll get it at BG or IWD levels.
  14. This would be great! I like his songs and his voice is beautiful, I think. And this kind of excitement and support needs to be rewarded :D Make it so. Engage. I would also love to see Sawyer's poem that he posted on his youtube.
  15. How many images are supposed to be in the update 2 or 4? I'm asking because I see two, but another two are not being loaded (you only the the html image form). Images in question: http://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/projects/289461/posts/323119/image-166959-full.jpg?1349504327 http://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/projects/289461/posts/323119/image-166962-full.jpg?1349504439
  16. Agreed. Indeed. So true. Besides a good soundtrack gives you reasons to listen to it when you're not playing the game
  17. I don't agree with a single big goal, unless it's there to signal something, like "for 4 millions we'll be able to give a world the size of BG2". Instead they can, and should, put out several goals going up to 4 millions. This would create visibility and the eagerness to reach them. Otherwise if they only show them in the last 2 or 3 days some people may miss them. I have to say I am enjoying these 100k goals, because you can see the game grow every couple of days.
  18. BARBARIANS.... YEAHHHH! Justin Bell... can we have a Barbarian theme song? :] Something that puts Conan to shame. I'll play a Barbarian on my first playthrough. And on the second one a Cypher. Regarding Paypal... could you guys come up with something similar like what Revolution did? http://revolution.co.uk/kickstarter/paypal *achievement unlocked: new wallpaper* It looks awesome. kudos to Kieran Yanner! Excellent update!
  19. I think one of the things that makes Justin Sweets art so interesting is that he doesn't simply aim at making an illustration, he does it and makes look as if it was a real painting, as if it was a painting done by a in-world artist portraiting a contemporaneous person or event.
  20. If you haven't, do check this thread: http://forums.obsidi...-stretch-goals/ It's pretty clear that most backers want more "game". More locations, more factions, more NPCs, more quests, more C&C, more replayability... On another note, BG2 is a hallmark and, for better or worse, is still probably among the top #3 RPGs of most people. 1) So, go wild and say it "for 5 millions he'll give you a world with the same scope as BG2". 2) Backer rewards are fine with me. Maybe add something extra for a bit more backers... "For each 5,000 backers past the 50k, we'll add a new companion and a new race." The problem is that this may kind of overlap with the stretch goals. You should also make a documentary like DF, with a 20-30 m video per month. At first I wasn't convinced by this, but now I love it. Add a new $45 tier which gives access to the monthly video documentary. (this small increment from the $35 would make a though choice not to upgrade, also for the $25 which would get both the OST and documentary for just another $20). 3) Add a stretch goal at $4 M for TB combat, capable of matching ToEE. This would please and win the old school faction... you know, the ones who backed W2 and are on the fence about PE (especially after the latest news... random loot and cooldowns -- more info is needed on this). This would integrate with the Advanced/Expert options 2.3M goal. Justin Sweets and George Ziets as stretch goals?
  21. You expect him to compose a new theme in just fourteen days? That is asking a bit much is it not? Not that I would mind if he did. :D It's a challenge IIRC (but I could be wrong here) Justin composed the KS theme in 4 days.
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