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  1. 2 To explore a new continent where technology has evolved past the rudimentary firearms, the different races have mastered steam, and there is printed press. The conflict between magic and technology unfolds again.
  2. Adam, any chance for a PE keychain with an uroboros? cheaper version: +10$ upgrade more expensive version: +15$ upgrade, included in tiers >= 250$
  3. I know many people like this one, but sorry, please not in the game. I generally dislike "Pop songs" in games, they sound anachronistic and cheesy... and I particulary dislike the piece above only for the strong echo effect that makes it too modern and synthetic. This would be one of the occasions where I really turn down the music in the game. Another popular example would be Leliana's song in Dragon Age: Origins, it made me cringe and turned a lovely companion into a... ugh... I just hated it. IF there has to be a singer, please no cheesy reverbs and voice effects, it ruins the atmosphere completely. Go with something classy, when it comes to haunting voices and old music comes to my mind. I also didn't like the echoes in the Malukah music, if it was more natural it could be something very nice. About the Leliana's song, do you mean the song in itself or on how it was added with that cheesy cinematic? I like the song, but I don't like that forced cinematic. YES! Was about to mention this as well. Not sure if this is possible, but I think a really nice touch would be to have something like this: you're exploring a village and it has its background music. While you get near to a small crowd gathering near a bard, the background music lowers its volume and it increases the bard's music... and his music would be something like or the Malukah's music (but without the tech effects like the echo).It's not just music, but they're singing a tale. That was how history spread during those times. I'm sure there are a few dozen of backers that play some instrument (that fits in PE setting) and wouldn't mind contributing with a song or two for free, as it would also be something for them to put in their CV. Obviously it would need to pass some quality test.
  4. I don't particularly like these images (the first one has a cheesy huge sword dual wield, and the second one is not fantasy-esque), but I do enjoy the style. Can you tell me the source for them?
  5. If it's implemented via scripting, then it would make it possible for modders to implement a TB system (thinks of ToEE). *blissful happiness* Stuff like this could make world peace happen ya' know.
  6. He was already mentioned in this thread regarding the PE wallpaper (check these last 2 pages). http://www.kieranyanner.com/
  7. This post is ridiculous and OP is a silly troll. It's as if you haven't read any of the posts at the KS page.
  8. Yes, I will also be missing grapple. I loved it in ToEE. It created a lot of tension when a frog grappled your wizard and ate it You had to release him quick or he would die. Good times...
  9. Mouse pad... any chance to replace that with a keychain using the PE uroboros? PLEASE? I just regret reminding myself of this now... A PE uroboros keychain... it... it... it would be.... THAT WOULD BE SO COOL! If not, any chance to add the keychain to the higher tiers? >= 165$ (it could make 140$ raise their pledge) If the keychain were to replace the mousepad it could be a cheaper one (plastic ember encasing an uroboros pic). If it were to come with the higher tiers (>= 140$) then it could be a higher quality keychain (metalic uroboros, hopefully using some material that doesn't get rusty easily). can we have it?
  10. Great update. I'm glad we can have Ziets on board. About the classes, I'm not a big fan of paladins or bards/chanters, but I'm sure Obsidian will be able to make them interesting. Are Chanters also somewhat of loremasters? Or there isn't a distinction from the wizards in that regard? Moved the paragraph regarding the mouse pad to the rewards thread: http://forums.obsidi...k/page__st__240
  11. Yeah, it was discussed in this topic. George Ziets is now (well, not yet, but I think that's only a matter of time) part of the PE team, great to hear that. I'm hoping Justin Sweet is still under consideration too; I've asked Feargus on the Kickstarter about it - and the answer was that it's been discussed by the team. Fingers crossed. That would be Sweet I'd prefer if Chris Avellone was not hired. It would feel like Project Eternity would be similar to PST and I think Project Eternity should have its own identity with new writers. see what I did there?
  12. Yeah, my thoughts as well. If we were able to add 4 more companions (so for a total of 12) it would really be great and give lots of room for party composition and interactions. Besides that I would also like for some nice PC/NPC portraits and artwork for narrations.
  13. Maybe this one was already posted here, but I find this theme really amazing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8P3Xnc4Xqg And the sharper/acute (harp? piano?) notes around 0:45 are a stroke of mastery IMO. They almost sound like a cry. I hope PE will have moments that allow for a theme like this too.
  14. Well, those comments are not very bright, are they? I would even dare to guess that people saying that never played an "old school" expansion. And anyone will be able to buy the XP when it comes out, so there is no ransom. Also, my thread on Stretch Goals, check 'em... And what do backers see as the #1 most wished for feature? Larger world and more content (locations, factions, NPCs, quests, items) (159 votes [35.49%] I'm guessing the reason they're not saying "larger world" is twofold: they have already been saying/doing that, and Obsidian may want to explore a slightly different setting in their new world. Imagine that you get to explore another continent, one that is more advanced technologically, where the people have mastered the power of steam... ARCANUM 2!
  15. Yeah, I also agree that we're running out of time. They should do the same as inXile did. Commit to a full modding toolkit, that will only be worked on after the game is done and shipped. However, at a 3.5 million goal instead of 3. And I'd love to meet a few more companions along that road.
  16. Well, I also want to know what the mountain holds. It looks like a difficult obstacle. The funny thing is that at 2.6 we seem to be half-way in the KS adventure... so the stretch goals announcement is falling a bit behind.
  17. w00t! Bobby, and is there any chance for including something like what I mentioned above? Or would that be far-fetched?
  18. This pet idea pretty much sucks. It could be an interesting thing from a gameplay perspective, but instead it's backer exclusive, which means you really won't be able to do anything with it I don't remember any game that implemented familiars/pets properly (haven't played them all). Mostly because they are supposed to be neutral to enemies, but always get attacked on sight *sigh* But they could be so interesting. Hawk - you would be able to scout an open area during the day Owl - same thing during the night Rat - scout dungeons and spot or even trigger traps Cat - scout inside houses and also dungeons (but not so good because of traps) Snake - once per day allow coating with poison 2 blades or 50 arrows Chameleon - allow you to spy someone (with the souls mechanic you could connect to it and see or listen what he does) Dog - during combat would allow you to create the a diversion, enough for one of you injured members to distance themselves And their attributes and skills would increase while you level up. And maybe you could even *haters gonna hate alert* allow them to evolve at some time. Chameleon is evolving... Chameleon has evolved into Komodo! He learned poisonous bite. *deal with it* Now I want familiars damn it! Anyway, what I wanted to say was this that is posted on the main KS page, but not on the forums
  19. How are your feelings on this when playing RPGs? thread is bad and you should feel bad! My interpretation of those words is that you should stop crying like a baby (because you had to use a potion or a NPC died) and instead should continue playing and see what the game has to offer according to your actions. And regarding the combat, I want a strategic combat that relies on logic instead of quick reflexes. Or whatever they can come up with with RTwP :/ Reload count means nothing.
  20. YES! This is exactly what I want. Partial VO for character characterization and key moments that require more dramatization. PS:T had 800,000 words. I wouldn't be surprised this game having more. Let's say this game will have 1M words. That would mean $1M to $1.5M just for VO!!! Which is insane! Not to mention plain impossible. If you cut VO to 20%-25% of the text, then you end up with a more manageable figure, and get the best of both worlds. And truth be told... how many of you skip half of the audio because you've already read the text and listed to this NPC hundreds of times. Another thing is that partial VO make those moments when they speak even more engaging. It's the same thing with music. Some people ask for a full epic orchestral music soundtrack. But the fact is, if you have that all the time, then after a while it becomes dull and is no longer able to serve it's purpose... you know for those special "epic" dramatic moments.
  21. What is this thread!? I don't even... I'll take the liberty of adapting Vargr's comment and make it even clearer, which I'm very surprised it wasn't in the first place when Obsidian announced this stretch goal. Maybe a troll post? In PE you gain companions with fully fleshed-out backstories and personalities, who will banter and be responsive to your actions. Just like in PS:T. Chris Avellone will be writing those, you know the guy who wrote PS:T. PE will allow you to have a full party of companions (you + 5 companions at a time (*)) with banter and soul, just like in PS:T. (*) If I recall correctly, the party may get temporarily bigger due to quest NPCs joining in (eg: escorting someone somewhere). The Adventurer's Hall is OPTIONAL, in case you don't like some (or all) of the NPC's, or whatever else your reason might be.
  22. OP is a master troll. I salute thee. Here, have a huggy music... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P8Ppw9fRNc Old your tears OP... be strong. Take it like a man dwarf.
  23. It's hard to compare figures. Different times. Also FO had talking heads, and IIRC that had some serious costs.
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