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  1. Thanks for re-opening pledging season! Backed and looking forward to receive my big box
  2. When all hope was lost an hero came forth and re-opened the pledging season for physical tiers My new badge! Check it! Thanks everyone!
  3. Sorry for the nag... but maybe you @Mikey Dowling (being a PR manager and all) can help and give a hand or a voice (ask the right people) in solving this tragedy, and bring the Christmas spirit back(er). Thanks
  4. Back in late August I found out that PoE II was going to be made, with the Fig campaign being already over and the last chance to back via Obsidian's own Deadfire Backer Portal. However s--- critical failure happens. My fault for not being able to act in time, but IRL has its things. The Deadfire Backer Portal is still open for the digital rewards... but where is the love in that? I'm probably barking up a dead horse here, but is there any chance to enable backing the physical rewards tier until Christmas? I'd interested in the Signed Elite Collector's tier with the Pillars II DLC add-on. And would gladly pay a premium for it, as it would be fair. (I'm going to pay a premium anyway, either here or on eBay... would rather pay it here then) Christmas spirit anyone?
  5. I know this is quite the necro post but just wanted to confirm that I got the proper loot. From the rewards I received I only got an audio CD in a cardboard sleeve Is this the expected format for the OST CD? Or am I missing the proper OST CD, as characterized by Justin's post? Thanks Hi hideo kuze, You're indeed correct, we weren't able to realize our initial plan early on. Three years passed until release, I can guarantee when it came time to make the CD's, we just forgot this early discussion. Hi Justin, sparing you the details here, but I just noticed there is a "Audio CD Soundtrack" addon for PoE 2: Deadfire. Maybe too soon to say, but any chance for the above vision to be realized this time around? Cheers
  6. Hi, For the past months I've been living in alternate planes and only found out this week about PoE II: Deadfire. Fortunately it's still possible to pledge to the project via Obsidian's portal. I'm thinking on going for the Signed Elite Collector's tier. But it's not clear if the Pillars II DLC is included or not. As described in the site the Pillars II DLC gives: Early Bird access to DLC for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire at a special crowdfunding price. This is a Season Pass for all DLC that will be released for Pillars II. Looking at the, now closed, fig campaign page https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire There isn't any mention of DLCs. Apart from bears So is the "all future DLCs" addon included in any pledge tier? And any idea for how long the backer portal will be open for new pledges? (I'll be backing it during this or next week, just don't want any surprises) Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply Justin Sad that it didn't happen but no worries. (worse is the fact that I missed PoE 2 campaign. But it looks I can still back it. Sweet)
  8. I know this is quite the necro post but just wanted to confirm that I got the proper loot. From the rewards I received I only got an audio CD in a cardboard sleeve Is this the expected format for the OST CD? Or am I missing the proper OST CD, as characterized by Justin's post? Thanks
  9. The stronghold sounds pretty cool. Lots of cool ideas However I do have concerns over the following: 1) economic balance: please don't make it some sort of cash cow that makes you rich to get and buy everything. --- balance it out with the more valuable the fortress becomes (upgrades/"furniture", item storage, NPCs, prisoners), the more you have to spend on security because the more appealing it will be for someone to try to plunder it 2) too much happiness: please don't pamper the player too much, some of us "like it rough", so please make this possible in the difficult gameplay modes: --- don't warn the player of all attacks, in fact, being able to know about an attack should be only possible because of some successful outcome. Examples: bribed or intimidated someone; listened (skill check) about it on a bar (simple thieves) or a castle (some lords oppose you). --- on the cases where the fortress is not successfully defended, having partial states of failure would be very interesting, such as: some prisoners escaping, some items getting stolen, losing money, having it completely destroyed (back to square one) --- for some attacks it would be interesting to make the player choose (XOR, exclusive or) between defending the fortress or something else (eg: rescuing the princess) ---- already discussed in the update, so pretty cool --- allow the player to decide if he wants to have the resting NPCs protecting the castle or wandering around for fame and fortune. When having those NPCs protecting the castle you would be able to control them during the siege. So you kind of get 2 parties... pretty cool IMO. ---- already discussed in the update, so pretty cool --- have some of those visitors not be who they are. Have some of them be rich scholars (aka lawyers) and try to buy out the freedom of some prisoner. Or some assassins passing as hirelings or merchants with the sole purpose of freeing a prisoner or killing you. --- let me play evil and jail some "innocent" people
  10. Great update Chris. I was left a bit confused regarding the 8 adventurers. Are these the ones you create in the Adventurer's Hall? Or are they something else? I really liked reading the following: some mild Chronotrigger influences? Now I got really curious on what will happen when 3 priests walk into an inn
  11. Many of the proposed mock-ups (other than Sensuki's) use more screen real-estate than the original. Something like this maybe? This please! Regarding screen estate. Nowadays the standard is becoming (or already is) 1920x1080. So I think there is lot of screen size to get a hold of the area both for exploration and combat purposes. For those who don't have such a capable display yet, PE should be a great reason to buy one. Which in a year from now will be even cheaper. In the old IE games the resolution was 800x600 IIRC. And we still survived. But Josh, is there any serious reason for not considering a moddable UI? (including font size and keyboard shortcuts) You wouldn't need to release a UI editor. Just releasing the "specs" should be enough for the modding community.
  12. Making the UI moddable with XML files would please everyone, instead of trying to find one size to fit all. If not, then please go with this: Zed nailed it!
  13. The village looks pretty cool. My only request is to make it as plausible as possible. What I mean is it needs to have farmers (or instead each house has a small patch of land), a blacksmith, a healer/shaman/druid person, enough population, etc I really enjoyed the Hommlet village in ToEE (although not in terms of quests ). It felt organic and representative of a real community.
  14. <- me looking at the video The above pretty much sums it up. This looks beautiful :] Congratulations to the team. I really need to buy a new display (from my 15'' laptop) that can make justice to this imagery. Happy I backed.
  15. That concept art by Kazunori Aruga looks pretty cool too. I like it. And can live with it What I really didn't like was the art for the characters shown during the update (you know Cadegun, etc). I hope they don't use that. Maybe Justin can join the next time.... mmmm... BTW, who will be doing the portraits for T:ToN? Karranthain you may just have another fight to battle
  16. PLEASE fix the video image quality. I don't know if that just because of the 360p resolution or if there was some problem with the recording... but it really diminishes the enjoyment of watching it Even to 480p the difference is abysmal. Please do consider 720p, and split the video in 30m chunks. Also, you should have gone with the fan patches which fix lots of bugs. Well... I guess we'll just have to enjoy you regretting it then
  17. youtube LP FTW! This will allow for his live commentary on Arcanum and also talk about ideas he'd like to bring into PE. But 10 minutes isn't really much... nobody plays an RPG for 10 minutes and quits... 20-30 minutes chunks are better. It would also be great if Tim occasionally showed up and teased/joked Avellone about his game choices. And maybe give him some tips as well, which would translate in a more interesting path (for LP purposes). just wondering... what would the best setup be? 100% game screen, or a hybrid setup (game screen + webcam) similar to what Adam did with IWD? I think I would prefer the last. His reaction must be captured for all Eternity.
  18. I just want to be sure on this... I pledged during the KS campaign at the 250$ tier. I now would like to add the Limited Edition PE audio CD. Should I do it today and put KS email in the paypal "special instructions" notes (so you can relate my paypal add on with my KS pledge)? Or should I wait for the backer site to go online? Thanks
  19. Hi Justin, is there any new update in this regard? Has the audio CD "concept" be finalized? Will it be a single CD? A double CD? Thanks Since this is the final week for paypal add ons, I must make my call now
  20. Biased poll is biased. Since you're late to the party, check this thread http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/60402-merged-what-kind-of-world-map-do-you-prefer/ IIRC Sawyer has said he will go with BG1 style of map... which is a shame since FO/Darklands/NwN2:SoZ type of world map is sooo much better.
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