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  1. Hmm... Josh is done with party-based, medieval fantasy for the short term. Hopefully that means his next project will be something else?
  2. Yeah, the AI and pathfinding is a little too old-school for my liking. I can't count the number of times I've had characters get locked into and engagement because they took an idiotic route to get to their destination. But I guess that's life when you have an RTwP system. Anyway, welcome to the forums!
  3. Interesting idea. I'll take a look when I get the chance.
  4. In my experience, there isn't much roleplaying on RP servers unless you're in a heavy RP guild or hang out in certain areas. Most people go about their business much as they would on any other server.
  5. I remember being hit surprisingly hard by this moment in one of my playthroughs of KotOR II with the restored content mod:
  6. I've never heard of it. Is it unpopular? I played it back in the day but have only vague memories of it. I think the only remarkable thing about it was that it was one of the only, if not the only, RPG for the N64. Maybe that's why I gave it such a high ranking
  7. Here's my list. I narrowed it down to games that I both loved at launch and still love now. As a result, games like Civilization II and Civilization: Call to Power didn't make the list even though I played them a LOT because I no longer play either. Likewise, I've played a lot of Titanfall 2 and Overwatch over the last year, but they are too new to stand the test of time, and as a result, did not make the list. I know Dragon Age 2 gets a lot of hate, but I personally like it. It did something different--a story about the trials and tribulations of a single family over several years set in a si
  8. My preference would be for a science-fantasy, martial-arts-adventure RPG. Something like Avatar the Last Airbender meets Star Wars with a story of spiritual growth set against a conflict taking place both in space and on several planets, complete with some sort of climactic space battle where you fight your way to the enemy flagship and board it for the final confrontation with the villain. As that game will almost certainly never exist, some sort of sci-fi or urban fantasy RPG would be cool. I'm a bit burnt out on medieval and post-apocalyptic settings.
  9. Classless is always my preference. The only class-based systems I've enjoyed were Shadowbane and Star Wars Galaxies--the former because there was such a huge selection of classes to choose from and so many different combinations to toy around with, and the latter because of the ability to mix and match skills from different classes so I could make a commando medic with a few smuggler tricks.
  10. I think Bethesda would be the one to ask about Fallout 5. Unless you're asking about another spin-off game like New Vegas, in which case we have no news to suggest that this is going to happen.
  11. I agree with the others who have said that voice acting can enhance a character, but does not inherently do so. David Warner's performance as Irenicus was extremely engaging, and I doubt the character would have been half as memorable without it. On the other hand, weak performances can substantially detract from a game. Bloodlines has this problem. While there are some amazing performances, a lot of the minor characters make me go, "Really? That was the best read they could get?" which draws me out of the experience of being in the game. Indifferent performances also are a net negativ
  12. So, what I like about most turn-based games is that when you tell a character to do something, they do it immediately. In almost every RTwP game, when you tell someone to do something, they stand around for a while, and then they maybe do it. This requires you to focus on the character for several seconds to find out if the action has the desired effect and to make sure that the character actually does what you've said. Meanwhile, other things are happening that you aren't able to focus on while you wait for your order to be carried out. In some games it is possible to pause periodically and r
  13. I liked all the cities in classic Everquest (not sure if MMO's count). Each one had its own unique feel, and learning your way through each one was a quest in and of itself. For single player games... the most memorable might be Daggerfall. I can't forget the first time I arrived in the city at night and almost had a heart attack when I had to immediately flee a bunch of specters while a booming, disembodied voice yelled, "veeeeeeeengeaaaaaaance!"
  14. Eh. I love the Silmarillion and Lord of the Rings books, but I don't really feel they lend themselves well to gaming. Tolkien's stories have kind of a legendary quality to them that probably works better in literature. I suspect a game in that setting would lose much of the magic and just be a generic fantasy game with a Middle Earth skin, devoid of the spark that empowers the originals.
  15. Meh. I've never played a game with RTwP combat in which I actually enjoyed the combat (unless you count something like the Mass Effect games). To me it's just an awkward middle ground between turn-based and real-time. Personally, I prefer turn-based for squad-based, tactical games and real-time for games in which you control a single character. So for a Pathfinder game, I'd want something like ToEE's combat, which was turn-based and carefully ported the tabletop rules to the PC. That said, there are very few RPGs with fun combat (which is unfortunate since it tends to be most of the game),
  16. While I'd much rather play a Pathfinder game than Forgotten Realms D&D, it's still pretty far down the list of IPs I'd want. I'd be much more interested in Fading Suns or DragonStar or anything else set in space. Since they seem to have a good relationship with Paradox, maybe a game set in the Trinity setting. I'm just so bored of medieval fantasy I can't muster any enthusiasm for a Pathfinder game (or even POE 2). Maybe they could do a Starfinder game instead.
  17. Since I have to move countries for work every year or two, I have been avoiding region locked consoles. If the NX is region locked like other recent Nintendo products, it won't be practical for me to purchase. Should it be region free, I'll take it into consideration. I miss playing Nintendo games.
  18. Great sound effects. I felt the tension build with each crunching step.
  19. Yeah, I'm a little burnt out on Fallout at the moment. I'd prefer to have a new IP for a change. How about an urban fantasy RPG? Or a sci fi RPG? It would be nice to have an alternative to Mass Effect. Or what about another espionage RPG? I feel like post apocalyptic and medieval fantasy have been over represented. We've had some good games in those genres, but a bit of variety is nice. I'm quite looking forward to Tides of Numenera largely because the setting will be a nice change of pace.
  20. From the interviews I've seen, it sounds like Bethesda isn't even working on the next elder scrolls game yet. They've stated that they're waiting until they have the technology to realize their vision for the game. That said, it sounds like they do have another big game or two in the the works.
  21. Something like this? http://www.indiedb.com/games/dark-trails Hmm... not really. I was thinking more like you lead a squad of the royal guard and get sent to various battle maps around the city or surrounding countryside fighting rebels. Also, I'm not sure the combat in Dark Trails is quite what I was envisioning (although it's too early to draw too many conclusions about it). I was thinking more about individually crafted maps with terrain features that can be exploited tactically. That's not to say Dark Trails looks bad; I'll definitely keep an eye on its development and see how
  22. Back in the late 90s or early 2000s, there was a turn-based, tactical RPG under development called Third World. It was set in some sort of sci-fi setting. I remember it sounding pretty cool at the time and was looking forward to it. It got canceled, though. I'd like to see something like it one of these days. But mostly I'd love to have: A turn-based RPG with an engrossing story where you lead a squad of soldiers during an internecine conflict set in a low-magic bronze or early iron age setting. It would have gameplay similar to Final Fantasy Tactics where things like elevation play an
  23. I've been sporadically following this game as I quite liked Freelancer, but the recent trailer with all the digital actors really put me off. They were all wayyyyyyy to far into the uncanny valley for me. Maybe cleaning up the lip-syncing will fix that somewhat, but as it stands... not sure I could play it. I kept having to look away because their weird doll faces were weirding me out.
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