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  1. I cant shake the feeling that something went wrong somewhere
  2. I am suprised the fan community has not raised their voice to ask for more information... I must admit, the characters Chris has written are awesome
  3. Why did he leave Obsidian just as they hit major success with PoE?
  4. Does anyone know why such a talented developer left the company he helped found? I have pondered a number of reasons: He was working with too many Kickstarters? He had a falling out with folks at Obsidian Obsidian refused to accept his creative ideas does anyone have an idea what the problem was? The circumstances of his departure after so many years, and the subsequent radio silence from Chris and Obsidian is rather strange to me.
  5. I fear for POE now Chris has left Obsidian Does anyone know why he left the company he co-founded? Was it a personality clash? Did he feel under appreciated? What is the man going to do next...does anybody know?
  6. I have had the same issue as well. I also happens when you combine minor blights with an ongoing spell effect No idea if they addressed this in 1.05
  7. I run into an error where Aloth is casting with no effect. Anytime i activate Kalakoths Miinor Blights and Llengraths displaced image Aloth is rendered unable to cast spells. He goes through the animation to cast but no effect is produced. This is a terrible bug.
  8. Yes but even when you disable Auto Leveling, you cannot change companion stats like Constittution, Perception or Might Those stats are really critical to how the characters play, their defences, etc
  9. The attribute points of Companions still cannot be altered after recruitment This is a huge concern because those attribute affect their gameplay Can someone tell me if I am missing something?
  10. I rolled a new character and when I recruited Aloth however I cannot respec his attributes Am I missing something? I dont see any button that permits the respec of attribute points.
  11. Great that we can now level companions to taste Huge huge improvement
  12. This is a big big deal...you can now respec your companioin characters This is it folks
  13. In your opinion, what is the best faction to join in Defiance Bay? Please take the poll and your reasons where possible
  14. I really wonder if Obsidian is aware of what has been going on? None of the developers have uttered a peep since all this began
  15. The guns are amazing for the flavor they bring to combat I enjoy the sheer sound of a weapon discharge...Kpom! kpom! I did not think such sound effects would count for so much...
  16. I hope they all remain asleep and weary of the angst and bloodletting that has flowed freely for the past few days. I am sure they have had enough right??
  17. When you create your rogue, dump his CON and play PoE on hard with no protective clothing. You can start with your self important schitk about ****ty tactics and inexperience. Until then quit lecturing people
  18. And I'm giving examples of what happened to me. I have dumped Con on my ranged nude rogue and play on hard and never got one shotted at all. I can understand if you're not optimally building your rogue and dying. I see...well you are way better than me. Playing on hard, you say you left your rogue completely naked and also dumped its CON. Indeed you are better than me with your optimal build.
  19. Not for a ranged rogue like mine. And no, the A.I. doesn't target low Con characters. In fact, I've shown videos to prove that it doesn't. I am sorry I am not arguing or debating. I am giving examples of what happened to me. If you dump CON on your rogue on hard, a shade or shadow will one shot the rogue. It will leave your wizard and go to your rogue...
  20. If you dump any attribute in PoE, be prepare to compensate for that loss with your other party members otherwise you will die very fast. The system provides the flexibility to dump as long as you are ready to play with the loss. I dumped INT on my fighter...but that made my knockdown useless because INT governs the duration of things like knockdown. When I knocked an opponent down, it got back up right away. I also had to sacrifice talents things like disciplined barrage for the same reason. If you dump CON on a rogue that already has low CON...you are in very deep trouble
  21. No one has ever said you cannot dump a stat. If I recall correctly, you may choose to sacrifice some attributes but you will pay a price unless of course you build your party to compensate. One of my builds was a glass cannon barbarian that I compensated for by equipping him with a reach weapon and placing him behind my tank The game lets you make these choices
  22. These videos might be helpful https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGSnd6gOXMgFuKvNXXFXZsw
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