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  1. Some more greatness...music that appears to tell a story in its own right http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHGyxZz3c-Q
  2. I hope Obsidian and the developers of Project Eternity don't get bogged down by arrant nonsense like this. They should make a game they love to play and it will be good for us all. When you start allowing political correctness and all manner of similar considerations poison the creative process, the result is always a DISASTER I hope they dont pander to anyone,..they should just make the game they 'd like to play Again raising feminism as an issue in the context of this game is arrant nonsense...
  3. The theme right around 1:48 captures epic battle in my mind...particularly when combined with it's choir http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iTIQSL67z8
  4. I was happy to see the update, and I think this one has been my favorite, simply because of the focus on making the non-combat skills fun. However, I understand and share your concern about using separate skill points or perks for combat vs. non-combat skills. That's a big part of the fun of leveling up for me, when there are number of different awesome options to choose from and I have to make a tough decision. If we had a single pool of perk points for both, it would seem to be much more fun, or at least the replay value would be higher, as I'd be able to play very different characte
  5. Update 7 is great...sylvius the mad does not have a point here.. He is basically saying Skill, Attribute points and feats should all be lumped...no thanks!
  6. One thing I like about the way battle music was implemented by Bethesda is that it is not just the one tune each time a fight is about to occur...battle music should vary. Perhaps by enemy type, location and challenge rating
  7. gods need to be what mortals aspire to become I want to become a deity
  8. When people choose the 'anything obsidian wants' option, does it mean the music is really not important to them?
  9. Folks Who should write the music for Project Eternity? I personally like the work done by Obsidian's in-house composer for the Kickstarter video. http://www.kickstart...roject-eternity However other folks want to see big name external composers take a bite. Please vote in the poll
  10. I have been desiring to play an RPG of this nature as a deity for a very long time...but no developer is ever willing to pick up the gauntlet. The closest they cam was in Baldurs Gate Throne of Bhaal...and that was at the very end... Sigh. It would be a fresh addition to the genre. Instead of fading into the sunset, the PC becomes a deity. I guess the difficulties must be insurmountable
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