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  1. Not sure what you are talking about I am playing it now and not sufferring from bugs
  2. I found Nerd Commando's videos immensley helpful in avoiding early mistakes in the game The videos are long but well worth watching. Spells and ability selection for all the classes are covered. If you are new to the game or a more experienced player looking for tips, find your class video and watch it Link below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGSnd6gOXMgFuKvNXXFXZsw
  3. We collectively contributed $4 million for this game folks. We got a lot of bang for our buck.
  4. Darth Roxor wrote a wretched article to draw attention to himself. A reviewer who found ZERO redeeming features in a game countless other people are enjoying cannot and should not be taken seriously. PoE is an excellent start on a shoestring budget.
  5. If I were the editor at RPG Codex and you write a review so unbalanced that it sounds like a hatchet job...you will never write another review for my publication again.
  6. It was unproffessional and self serving review. RPG codex should be embarrassed. How can anyone call a temper tantrum a review? I wish he had stuck to bullet point statements so people can actually assess his points instead of clouding the whole article in a fog of negativity
  7. The party interactions are phenomenal when you have a full house of 6 characters...however when it comes to combat, i find that one party menber or the other is just standing there and not doing much because i forgot to micromanage
  8. The question is not directed at a particular playstyle. I'm asking what size party folks prefer for whatever reasons
  9. How many folks are using 4 party members instead of the full 6? Which is better in your opinion?
  10. Has anyone else noticed there is bug causing undetectable loot in Cilant Lis? It happens when you do the following: Enter Cilant Lis Access location with where you are required to insert gem in one eye of slimy face on wall. After hidden wall opens approach edge of opening from the right side in stealth mode You will recieve a confirmation dialog that you have "found something" However whatever it is you are supposed to have found never shows up...its just not there.
  11. I was not playing the beta patch 1.04 beta when it happened. However after it occurred I deleted my game instance out of frustration and started a new instance with the beta patch initiated on Steam. I wish I had known how to upload the issue earlier, but I have just rerolled a new character and I will be watching to see if the bug occurs again.
  12. My main Barbarian character and Eder are showing Enormous health scores at level 4. On an endurance score of 100 Eder has a heath score of 1947 on an endurance score of 114 My Barbarian has a health score of 1453 Something is awfully wrong. I was able to get Eder's health score to 'reset' by dismissing him and recruiting him again at the black hound. My PC however cannot be dismissed
  13. Has anyone here attempted the "Triple Crown" with the Backer Beta? Triple Crown = Path of the Damned, Trial of Iron, and Solo playthrough Doe anyone think they can attempt the Triple Crown Only person I can think of maybe Sensuki...
  14. This is a fantastic idea. i will say it again and again...newcomers will not know what to do with this game without help
  15. I was one of those that attempted in NWN to use the Red Dragon Disciple class to squeeze out the max possible stats for my PC I wanted to come as as close to breaking the game as was legitimately allowed I am not a fan of excessive balance...testing the outlier paths can be a great deal of fun I hope POE gives that opportunity
  16. I wonder if anyone has recorded their full playthrough of the backer beta?
  17. If they focus on resolving the bugs found by this community the game will be highly polished upon release. Obsidian has been very very very lucky to have the kind of dedicated backers they have testing the beta. If i was a developer I would take advantage of it to the maximum
  18. This is very important stuff. I hope you remember to update when the final game is released
  19. Damn...game cant be fun if you have to pause this much
  20. No, they no longer do - not even connected to it in fact Sorry? Looks perfectly fine to me: This needs work
  21. The arms of the Aumaua look slightly distorted when you turn the model round. Also the anatomical differences between male and female across all the models seem off. In particular I dislike the heads of the godlike. There is something not organic about the way they look. A head should never have sharp geometric edges...nature does not form like that Details like that do matter in any game where players are required spend time customising their avatars...the Devs need to pay more attention to getting the models right As I see it NWN2 models are way better than PoE models and
  22. Gents We are not here to fight each other! I have found these videos highly informative and helpful. I will be the first to admit that I do not know how to play the game efficiently and i have nowhere near the same level of understanding of its underlying mechanics. So you guys are helping me. There is no need to fight.
  23. While most of the Backe Beta dicussion has been focused on combat, it seems to me that another important game feature is being overlooked. The Character models for the different races need work. (I think the Genasi in NWN2 look way better than the godlike we currently have for instance) What do you guys think of the models for the various races?
  24. Nice...I hope more people start posting builds and what they are good for. that way Newbs can get into the game without the level of frustration and confusion we are seeing now
  25. All this debate would not have started if Sensuki had left Medreth alone!! Medreth was standing by herself enjoying the nice weather outside the inn when Sensuki came and threw a noxious blast on her....lol
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