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  1. The dialog window does not close after your conversation with Lord Adwellen Rugfald III in First Fires above the ruins of Woedica's temple
  2. I am torn between focusing my barb on 2H or TW style Anyone have thoughts on which style is better? Also interested in which weapons work best
  3. I am playing on path of the damned (PotD) I also came in through the top of the map right next to the fork in the road that leads to the bandits on the right
  4. The fighter talent Confident Aim is supposed to provide bonuses to minimum damage and graze to hit percentage When you pick this talent your minimum weapon damage does not update. So a 17 - 25 damage sabre remains at 17 - 25 on the character sheet If you select the Weapon Specialization talent however, you immediately see the top and bottom line weapon damage immediately update
  5. Aha...I found the problem. The Outlaw is actaully present but for some reason he is fighting the Trolls
  6. The Smith's Shipment Quest in Black Meadow is now bugged The Outlaw NPC among the bandits in Black meadow does not appear during the combat, but remains invisible and continues to trigger a combat pause after you have killed the other bandits
  7. Nedmar (Priest of Berath) is now unable to grant rest when you meet him in Raedric's hold and he gives you the quest to save Giacco from Osrya There also appears to be no XP awarded for solving that quest
  8. Has anyone been able to get through the early game on PotD without wearing full plate on all the party members?
  9. I understood Aloth was needed if you wanted the full story ending... If he is not needed I will feel less guilty swapping him out
  10. How does one play a wizard when Aloth is already a companion From what I hear it is necessary to have Aloth in your party till the end of the game
  11. Is Patch 3.0 compatible with patch 2.03 saves? Do we lose all the previous saves? Anyone tried?
  12. You will die quickly You will die often You will be interrupted You will be one shotted You will suffer crits on will attacks Your Crippling and Blinding strikes will not last long The Shades will take your soul
  13. Spells not Firing during combat is one of the most gamebreaking experiences anyone can encounter I decided to play the Beta patch and Durance spells are suddenly not firing during combat. I thought these kinds of gamebreaking bugs had been dealt with in the past...but something wrong with the code is apparently causing them to recurr I do not think I can continue playing with this type of bug messing with the game
  14. Unlike the original poster I DO want to be given full immunity information right away... it does not take away from my tactical choices or affect my state of preparation. In particular, this is a RTwP game...I find it useful to pause and plan before critters box me into a corner and it is too late. So yes, I appreciate knowing immunities up front before I get killed without even having a chance to strategize or change tactics
  15. For the barbarian I tend to focus on making his key ability,Carnage, as powerful as possible. Might 21 Con 10 Dex 10 Perception 17 Int 10 Resolve 10 Take Accurate Carnage and Greater Frenzy and watch your barb dish damage. Do not lower your Con
  16. I have noticed that Strength is not as significant as Perception or Dexterity...not something I expected, but seems to be the way it works. Also to see the damage in action my team is having to set up blindness, prone, etc However when the rogue starts striking the damage numbers are a sight to behold!
  17. I dont have a clear answer which is better between dual wielding or 2-Hander for the melee rogue Can folks who have tested rogues share their experience? Also what is the better choice between might and res?
  18. With the new changes weapons like the Pike (piercing damage only) are now very risky There are critters immune to piercing and you either have to carry multiple weapons, or spec out into dual damage weapons like Greatsword or Pollaxe Does anyone have good experience with dual damage 2-H weapons to share. I am torn btw Pollaxes and greatswords
  19. Given the feedback I have seen, i will avoid Knockdown / Prone talents because their effectiveness is now in question
  20. One way this was handled in Neverwinter Nights was to create a 'minimum accuracy roll' as you increase your accuracy score. In effect someone with a Perception Score of 20 (thus accuracy of 10) should never get a random accuracy roll of 1 or 2...something like that It makes no sense for a character who has trained accuracy to be getting random rolls that are that low.
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