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  1. @Torm51 I salute you on how awesome you are with the Adra dragon on PoTD. I speak for myself you speak for yourself
  2. Here is my wish list for PoE 2. (A few updates to my original post...) The Talent System needs to be revamped. PoE featured too many awful talents that made little or no difference after you took them. The worst part of this problem is that some of these talents were then rendered worthless by gear. For instance why take Graceful Retreat (12 disengage defense) when there is in-game gear that will provide way more. PoTD implementation is a problem. PoTD should emphasize more enemy variety per encounter instead of loading up bosses with infinite HP and one-shot damage. This poor imple
  3. I dislike it when somebody shows up and asks for a talent to get nerfed because it suits their play style. I think it is rather shortsighted and does not help the game. Why not ask for other talents to be upgraded to give players a real choice? Nerfing in general is a lazy man's approach to making a game better. It creates imbalance in the overall game as soon as it is implemented and most of the time developers do not get around to tuning the rest of the game to compensate. Look at what happened when they implemented immunities. It wrecked a bunch of rogue and barbarian talents
  4. Cannot decide whether to chose Scion of Flame for the 20% stack with Turning Wheel or Just choose Apprentice Sneak Attack for circumstantial damage...
  5. The introduction of immunities devastated classes that depend on status effects to play their role The Barbarian's Barbaric Yell, Barbaric Shout, and Threatening Presence have been rendered useless, the same goes for the Rogue's Withering, Fearsome, Crippling and Blinding Strikes. This is in addition to their already gimped viability (low deflection, lack of build variety, loss of tactical options) in melee situations. Carnage was the Barbarian's only value to the party, and now even that is severely limited. The developers shoehorned the immunities into the game without both
  6. I cannot find the White March Soundtrack in the game files Anyone know where they are located?
  7. it takes forever to load and save games now...never used to have this experience with PoE
  8. Are further patches for PoE planned or is Obsidan done with the game now that WM 2 is released?
  9. Under what circumstances is vulnerable attack beneficial? It seems to me that taking vulnerable attack causes a massive decrease in speed for a small static bonus Savage attack seems to be a better choice for players seeking to maximise damage
  10. I am unable to verify that the One handed and Weapon and Shield Styles stack. The combat log does not show it, and the character sheet does not show it. Has anyone seen evidence of these two talents stacking?
  11. The talent bonus for Confident aim is not being applied. You do not see an increase in minimum damage after you pick the talent. The increase does not show up in the character sheet, and you also see no indication in the combat log. The talent appears to be bugged. The game is not showing the bonus being applied anywhere.
  12. Whenever I activate Aloth's Arcane Veil, both instances now fire at once. I believe this is not by design. One veil should expire first, then if the Wizard is still engaged in melee when it expires, the second veil can be activated.
  13. Does the one handed style stack on someone also carrying a shield? Can I pick the two talents and they stack?
  14. Very disappointing that someone at Obsidian is not taking the release of patch notes seriously The delay is ridiculous
  15. Would it not be better to publish those updates you have verified, and then publish the rest when finished? The Beta is already out and folks need to make reference
  16. It does not update if you enter or exit a building, neither does it update if you rest...I have not tried travelling to a new location
  17. Paladin Faith and Conviction Bonuses do not automatically update as your favored reputation increases. You actually have to reload your game before the updated bonuses are reflected in the character panel This kind of impairment to the Paladin's faith and conviction breaks the viability of the class
  18. Was the Paladin's base deflection nerfed or has it always been 20? I thought Paladin base deflection was 25
  19. PoTD will show you the weaknesses of your character very clearly. Barbarians with their multiple attribute dependencies have been a huge frustration
  20. Josh Sawyer has refused to allow Barbarians to succed in this game. How can one class need 4 attributes (MIG, CON, PER, and INT to be viable), when other classes need 3? If you lower INT, your Frenzy will not last long, If you lower MIG, you cant punch through enemy DR If you lower CON, you die Without PER you never hit Barbarians have been an excercise in frustration for me
  21. Perception: Perception affects 2 important stats - Interrupt and Accuracy A wizard with high perception and interrupting blows can do wonders with DOT spells...even low level spells like Chill Fog
  22. What is the best sequence to play PoE and its expansions Should I complete the Main Quest first before entering the White March? Is it better to pause the main quest as soon as you can start White March 1 and then finish both expansions before returning to complete the Main Quest? Or shall i complete White March 1 then finish the Main Quest before starting White March 2 Which option has worked best for you folks?
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