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  1. On critical hits, hell yeah (head flying off, bolt making a huge hole in the chest and flying through) I'd love to see enhanced combat animations aka NWN, since the characters will be 3D, but it all comes down to resources... Planescape style is also cool
  2. random just makes you reroll - I have yet to see players going with their first roll
  3. To be honest it does not have to be fixed, because games like NWN shown that you can have rotating camera and also a good tactical system (for the TB cookie, go new X-COM). The problem becomes with the amount of work which needs to be put into the whole 3D environment. Obviously rotating camera does not work good with 2D environment, that was announced, and that's the only reason why the fixed camera is better here.
  4. It's not like it really needs to be more than that 2k potential beta-testers that area already qualifying as I write... It's more than enough... The game will probably not have an overwhelmingly complex multiplayer client if any, so really those kind of numbers of betatesters.... I would say they are not very common.
  5. Two first ones were easy picks.. the last one... hmm I am not sure if a random strikes would be good, but weather having effects on certain spell types (like call lightning) would be ok.
  6. I am ok with companions being killable, as long as they are still some random NPC for us... If they become a party member, I would rather not make them a subject to random hack&slash temptation, but would make killing possible in plot/adventuring related disagreements.
  7. Some backstory prologue similar to what was done in DA:O would be awesome. Unless the story specifically requires you to be from one place (like BG, Fallout, Planescape) I would love to see different backgrounds. It would also help you to sink in into the worlds lore... I imagine there are different relations among the elves, dwarfs, etc. A prologue would be awesome (just making it obviously clear *hint hint*)
  8. No. It is a bad idea.. Even though I will most likely not up the pledge beyond my boxed copy, the lowering of beta access is just not efficient from the later feedback/accessibility point of view. Not always more = better. If there will be around a 1k beta testers, that will be already too many.. dealing with over 30k beta testers.... maybe if this would have an on-line component to make system stress testing. Other than that.. not really needed and in fact might hurt more than do good
  9. I'd think that it's easier to port from RTWP to TB, than the other way around... You'd probably have to add some statistic like "initiation" and "grid speed" to get the movement sequence and distances covered. The old games had ticks (6s per round was in NWN I believe), so that could be possibly reverse engineered. Just a question of curiosity though :D
  10. I was wondering, that once the rules are set up, lore, etc. Would the Project Eternity be possible to be played as a tabletop game?
  11. I will put my trust at their IH music maker... really... I am sure he will be more passionate about it than externally paid guy, who will just get some cash for his work. Besides, it would be awesome if we could hear some samples during the process of the games' creation process. Usually there are more tracks being composed than they make into the game, so let us have some more goodies... @Justin Bell If you are lurking this forum, could you share with us a sample of what you would have in mind for the soundtracks?
  12. Actually if they plan to make it a franchise they could do the same trick as BG series... you only get a taste of some levels out of the full scope of levels, you get more powerful in next games... It's about philosophy on the sequels... will it be like BG series or will it be like Fallout series
  13. To be honest I loved the journal from the BG series which had personal like feel to the quests. I would like to see lore/"codex" part integrated into one of journal tabs. One thing that was a bit annoying in original BG series and similar was, that you had to carry books with you if you wanted to read them. I'd prefer them to be rewritten into "lore" parts under books, etc. One thing that I'd like to see is the quest details, so the more personal text on the journal is fine, but underneath I'd like to see something like summarized Objectives, which are being ticked off during the progress
  14. I can't stand open world games... for me they are dull... prime examples of that are Elder Scrolls... I just can;t finish any of the game, even though I've tried Morrowind and Oblivion... I did not even buy Skyrim, having bad experiences with the two earlier ones... The world should be explorable, but the amount of open world and depth that had the best mix, was for me in the original BG... Still I prefer the vastly greater map, with many unique places to discover with high enough exploration skills, plus well made large hubs and quest areas
  15. Since I've played TW2 I consider it the 2nd best RPG (after PS:T) ever released. The choices there really matter. It's a true "role playing". But the first Witcher is a really bad game. The plot is average, the combat is boring and the quest are of "bring ten X and five Y" kind. I recommend playing it after TW2 to get the background. Playing it before may only ruin your experience with the series. The first Witcher was above average game IMO. Not all quests were like bring this many corpses of that monster and that many of another... There was also quite nice main plot and some of t
  16. The problem with SoZ was that it was a second expansion to already dated game and it was a completely new feature to that game... Fallout was built around map with random encounters since the part of the world was rather large. Definitely quest areas and main hubs should not be limited to 1-3 areas like in NWN2: SoZ. The quest areas and main hubs in Fallouts were greater than that The random encounter areas were mostly cut to 1-2 areas, which was ok for Fallout. It would be ok also for SoZ, if the game had mechanics of maintaining appropriate time limits on your spells and would l
  17. ughh... another one of these... I do not get it... why is it so important to get homosexualism in games... It might be a choice, if it has some merit... going for that option just because, is plain stupid and takes away resources from some other, possibly more story influencing character... I'd stick to normal relationships, and put more focus on the world, history, quests and so on, than on a writing of a character, which could possibly feel forced onto the world... If you put in homosexuality, you should also put in world's attitude toward such... Different cultures, differen
  18. I've made a thread about this before, but seemed to not get any attention... I would love to see Fallout / NWN2: SoZ type of traveling. Especially when we have such a nice map on the board :D
  19. It really depends on how much hype this will get in the internet media and on different forums. Do also remember that for now, none of the highly expected and highly funded projects was released, so people are still reluctant to put their money up front on Kickstarter. The future of such projects basically hangs on these titles like Wasteland 2 and Project Eternity. The cash inflow will most likely drop after the first two weeks, but it should make around 3mln by the end of the target date 4 is doubtful and 5+ is highly unlikely...
  20. That's why I love lower levels on the adventurers in DnD FR games (I've played this and Warhammer in my tabletop times)
  21. I still wish that Obsidian had a time and possibility to finish that piece of art i.e. KotOR 2... there was so much content cut, and probably even more on the boards. To be honest, I'd like to know more of the plans there were for KotOR, but I never really was that much of a forum lurker - this project got me attached as I decided to drop my 80$ :D - and I really want to have a brand new, good RPG game.
  22. TBH I won't mind if they will resemble DnD races... Sure that some twists to the characteristic would be fun, but it is not a must... I would certainly love to see some politics, racism etc. involved at some regions, races... The Witcher had an interesting concept to some of the races. As long as there is an interesting lore, history and politics, it can be anything...
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