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  1. "Tread lightly, she is near

    under the snow,

    speak gently, she can hear"

  2. My wants are all I care
    No shame and guilt, there's nothing there

  3. Congratulations! Can't wait to see your future games!
  4. Sounds like he is self-medicating with booze. Not such a great idea. He must move on, for his own sanity. He can't keep listening to the gossips. Whoever is feeding him this crap, doesn't have his best interests in mind.
  5. I'd check Dunnage too. Seraphen's captain, Furrante, resides there, not in Fort Deadlight.
  6. No fraction. I refuse to compromise my integerity. I'll escort myself out.
  7. It's possible St.Waiden was one of Eothas godlikes. If that is the case, before hosting Eothas he looked like a regular human. Would not be too strange for his godlikes to be understated, as Eothas presented himself just as "a young man holding a candle and wearing a crown of shining silver".
  8. Why the Watcher should solve their conflicts? If we are talking canon, this is the ending for the no faction: "Ukaizo remains unclaimed, and Ofecchia Channel becomes the site of a near-constant battle as the Huana and the Rauataians vie for control of the unprotected island." They cannot even take over an unprotected island. And this without the Watcher even trying to sow discord. Complete ending (from the wiki):
  9. But I don't care about restoring it, and I only need the weather system to make it unapproachable. As for the guardians, I have few ideas. In my personal ending: Lost a castle, gained a city. I claimed Ukaizo in the name of the arcipelagus natives. The non-humanoid kind. To not repeat the errors from the past, we must ensure the world will grow stronger. I asked Eothas to reinforce Galawain. That nice underwater station? Still perfectly functional. Still in its place. In full work. If they are open to it, I'll make a treaty with some of the factions to grant them a mostly safe passage through the sea. As long as they keep away from Ukaizo, I'll keep the tempests at bay. And the dragons, and the sea monsters. Mmh, I wonder if Llengrath would like to come to visit? Fool proof? no, but my watcher would do it anyways.
  10. Open Deadfire's Steam store page (link). Scroll to reviews. Click Data Range, click the red bar under 8 may. There's your answer.
  11. If you free the water dragon you can get a scripted interaction with some workers in Neketaka linked to the event. Nothing else in my game. As the sea creature passed my ship without attacking, the water dragon never came to help.
  12. 'Til my shadow turns to the sunrays on and on we'll go through the wastelands

  13. That animancy was prospering outside the Dyrwood, espeicially among the vailians, it was discussed in PoE1. I don't remember the exact npc/books that spoke of it, but I'd bet on Pallegina or Kana.
  14. Only because something existed in the past it doesn't mean it can be recreated easely, or by itself, or at all.
  15. My reason was that I couldn't see a way to even attempt to broker a treaty between some of them. Nothing in the game allowed me to improve the situation, and whenever I was "helping" I felt I was only making everything worse. Have you got anything without spam? Well, there's spam egg sausage and spam, that's not got much spam in it. I don't want ANY spam! The ending was a downer, but having read all the possible endings on the wiki, I'd say you can only get bad endings no matter what you do. I'll keep my apocalyptic ending, at least it was grand.
  16. It's possible the original wheel was formed through some kind of metaphysical evolution, but once the Engwithans inserted themselves in it, it became a new wheel, as the changes were not reversible.
  17. I feel that would be... completely out of character for Pallegina. I can't think of anything in PoE1 or PoE2 that would ever make me say "this is a patient person interested in gently educating others" A couple of examples: PoE1: First encounter with Pallegina - she is leaving Mestre Verzano to die as he was supposed to solve his issues by himself. PoE1: Pallegina smiles when you crack a child's arm to teach him blades are not toys. She is not going to sit down and explain things to a religious fanatic. Is not her ****ing job.
  18. Giusto un paio di cose: Minolea -> Minoletta Mayra -> Maura Spettro essenziale -> Spettro Essenziale (nella descrizione di Substantial Phantom /Spettro Corporeo)
  19. Nel caso abbiano fatto casino anche con il Kalakoth's Freezing Rake, l'effetto è questo: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99876-kalakoths-freezing-rake-wrong-radious/?hl=rake Una mano scheletrica che rastrella da sinistra verso destra. Al momento l'area d'effetto non corrisponde a quella reale (dovrebbe essere un arco). Edit... uh, sto guardando il nome degli incantesimi... perché hanno cambiato Minoletta in Minolea? E Maura è diventato Mayra?
  20. Are you mixing up Patch Beta Bugs and Support (this one, open) and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (Backer Beta) (closed)?
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