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  1. 2e's been able to buy drinks in any bar in the world for quite a while now.
  2. I hope backers have to wait until the 27th to get their keys.
  3. I know that it's "in" to not like VO, but a game without VO seriously limits its immersion. Well this is an old quote. But personally, I find the opposite. Whatever immersion is gained from full VO goes out the window when I get impatient with the time they add to the cutscenes and everyone starts to talk- li- thi-
  4. It's noon Tuesday in their offices. Keep cool, dawg.
  5. This angers me, I see the same, its coming out 1 our before the 27th basically. Makes no sense. Huh? It should be 12:00 (according to Brandon) or 1:00 (according to Steam) in Quebec. That's eleven or twelve hours before the 27th.
  6. You're a Canadian, you have access to legal medicine that will help you sleep and forget... Just use more than prescribed :DEdit: Quote fail. Nah, while our pharmacies are often cheaper than they are in the US, prescription drugs aren't covered by UHC.
  7. Exactly. Something is rotten if Kotaku likes it, haha! I only scim-read through the OP here and didn't venture to the actual article, but I wholeheartedly agree. It seems I will be pleasantly surprised at the lack of bugs. Obsidian, what happened? A lack of bugs and glitches? What!? It's almost like getting to push back their game and not release it on someone else's schedule actually helped?! WHAT Also.....what's with despising Kotaku? What am I missing? Literally every video games website is despised.
  8. It's the ultimate in nostalgia, guys. Playing PoE with the same OS you played Baldur's Gate 2.
  9. Class-based Tetris. You could choose one of three classes - Summoner, Warrior, and Scamp. Warriors were good at clearing out blocks (specifically locked blocks that were tough to clear). One of my favorite builds revolved around taking the "Stun" skill which allowed a chance for temporary slowing of falling blocks on crits. If you paired it with two Blockade daggers, your line clears would crit pretty often. It allowed for lots of falling block stoppage which allowed you to set up huge line clearing combos. Summoners were really good at block manipulation. Moving blocks from one row to another or one column to another. At higher levels you could do some really sick stuff. I remember the "Fireblast" spell was great for clearing out future blocks that hadn't dropped yet. It allowed you great choice in selecting a good block for maximum clearing. Scamps were my favorite. They were strange, though. A lot of their abilities would get much better as more of the screen was filled with blocks. They were also the best at clearing locked blocks... in fact, they would get a pretty good XP bonus for clearing them. Normally you would avoid locked blocks, but they were your friend if you were a Scamp. You gained experience by clearing lines and it would scale your experience gain proportional to your speed. The faster that you cleared lines, the higher the XP gain. You could also chain line clears (clearing a line every time a new block would drop) for some insane XP gains. I was really sad when it was cancelled, but it was probably for the best. Woulda been the hypest **** at AGDQ, lemme tell you that.
  10. Yeah, while the exact etymology of "****" is unclear (and complicated by numerous spurious claims), it was in use during the 15th century at the latest.
  11. Well, without a screenshot LP to act as a point of comparison, that's kinda something that just has to come down to "my word", y'know?
  12. 1: The three people you mentioned have way more experience than "a few days" (besides the fact that many streamers/Youtube folks either didn't play the game before the streaming embargo dropped or were making recordings of their play during that time so they could push videos out the door the second the embargo dropped). One is the lead designer, another is an Obsidian employee working on a different project (I think?), and the third probably has more Beta time under his belt than anyone else. 2: To varying degrees, those videos are much more focused than your average stream video. Josh's PAX video is the strongest example of this. There's miles of difference between playing specific chunks with a high-level party meant to show off exactly what you want to show off and booting up a game and running through it.
  13. You won't kill me, Sensuki, out of some misplaced sense of... self-righteousness! And I? won't kill you, because... you're just too much fun.
  14. Remember, when Brandon said "hopefully Monday or Tuesday", he was saying that while sitting in California.
  15. To expand on what I said earlier, you've got a few things coming together. First there's the basic demands of the medium. A streamer has a certain pace that they want to go at to keep things lively. A stream where they sit around and page through dialogue dialogue is a boring stream. A streamer also has a certain level of audience interaction that they want to meet that varies from person to person. Neither of these things are conducive to activities like "reading tutorials" or "paying attention in combat". Some of this is alleviated by taking the time to learn the game before streaming it (but a lot of streaming/Youtube culture, such as it is, highly values "freshness" - both in regards to how quickly the content comes as well as how new the player is to the content - so there are impediments there) or passing on livestreams in favour of, say Youtube videos where you don't have to worry about your chat (and can even do your dialogue in post!), but with a game that's on the cusp of release like this, that's a whole lot to ask for/expect. Second, there's what I mentioned earlier: the schtick. A lot of these sorts of videos try to fall somewhere inside a Venn diagram labelled with words like "Wacky" and "Frustrated". Like I said, a lot of streamers, video makers, and audiences specifically want blind, no-foreknowledge experiences. This has sort of evolved into a weird kabuki theatre wherein the streamer plays up the, "OH MY GOD THIS IS SO HARD!" and "OH GOD I DIED AGAIN!" angle while they distort their face for their webcam and an animated .gif flashes the username of their newest subscriber. It's not my sort of thing, but it's a big chunk of the market, especially when you're talking about streamers who do not have single "dedicated" games. Finally, I'm of the opinion that games like Pillars of Eternity just don't do video particularly well. Like, if you got to lparchive.org, there's a reason why virtually every RPG, whether it's western or eastern, is done in screenshot format. Some things just work better in different formats, y'know?
  16. I introduced a buddy of mine to Planescape Torment a while back, and the first time he encountered a "berk" in dialogue, he said to me, "Was this game made in England? Because these people talk like my dad."
  17. Being bad and yelling loudly is a major part of the schtick for a lot of Twitch/Youtube personalities. Please like this comment and subscribe for more.
  18. Now I'm trying to remember what was so objectionable/distracting in Dragonfall but I'm coming up blank.
  19. Everyone knows the only reason we couldn't play as a bear in Neverwinter Nights 2 was because Joshua E. Sawyer wanted his fanfic OC Okku to be a speshul snowflake.
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