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  1. 1. If you're going to pick weapon proficiencies at character creation, I think you also need to display weapon stats at character creation. Asking players if they want to focus on using a mace or a warhammer or a flail doesn't really mean much if they don't know the difference between them besides their modals. 2. I don't like how the dialogue window is "locked" unless you hit the little button at the top of it. I'd like to be able to more easily use the scroll wheel to look back at what was just said. 3. I like the new penetration system in theory. The values set in the backer beta and the weapons the starting characters have to deal with them, maybe not quite right. But it's a better concept than armour in PoE 1. 4. Classes still give skills, right? I didn't see any of them displayed during class selection, but you start with skills that weren't part of your background choice, so... 5. Speaking of backgrounds, I'd love to see different starting gear - or at least armour - based on your culture. That was a really neat touch in the first game. 6. My God, so many words popping up over everyone's heads all the time. Especially if you have the misfortune to use a blunderbuss and see an explosion of "no penetration". 7. Going from the island map into town just to walk to my boat feels a little not great. It's not as bad as crossing through... what was it, three loading screens? to use the inn at Caed Nua in PoE 1, but I think it could be a Nice Touch to give people the option to go straight to their boat if they try to enter a town in which they're moored. 8. It would be extremely cool if Fury druids could choose a different element at character creation, but I get that that's probably not in the cards. 9. Female nature godlike's face feels like it's missing texture. 10. The character creation menus really need to be easier to navigate. Specifically, I shouldn't have to hit "back" a dozen times from the customization menu if I decide I want to change an earlier detail like race or gender. And finally, the most important thing... 11. A lot of races, especially for the women, have locked-in eyebrow colours. This is, to me, violence.
  2. Not 100% sure how this happened, but the last thing that happened to the now-permanently-untargettable wurm was that he got hit by a mule kick. Something to do with the getting knocked into air bit? I dunno. Combat doesn't end no matter how far I get from it, either. I've tried hitting it with an AoE as well, but my wizard stops mid-cast (I assume that's a built-in safety feature to prevent you from wasting spells on empty air). Picture shows the last time the wurm showed up in the combat log. I then reloaded and got, uh... Reloaded it again and it worked. I'd upload the save, but I apparently don't have permission? EDIT: I should add, the wurm did nothing after it became untargettable. Just hovered there, flapping, at about 40% HP.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, Trinity is one of the few properties fully owned by Onyx Path, so Paradox has no power there. This is pretty damn exciting. Paradox could flub it hard by trying to muscle out Onyx Path, but they wouldn't be that dumb, right?
  4. Wizards were always good. Wizards are still good. If you want a damage-centric caster class, the druid will probably be more to your liking.
  5. Boreal Dwarves mostly come from part of the Deadfire Archipelago. Their names are inspired by Inuit/Aleut/Yupik names. Often heavy on "a"s, "u"s, and "q"s. Think stuff like "Anaana," "Lutaaq," or "Iqyaq". Aumaua are heavily split. I'm not sure what aumaua from the Deadfire (usually Island Aumaua) follow for naming conventions, but given that Boreal Dwarves are their close neighbours, cribbing from them probably wouldn't be the worst idea. Aumaua from Rauatai (usully Coastal Aumaua, though Kana Rua is an Island Aumaua from Rauatai) have Maori-inspired names. Try, say, "Kahu Rangi" or "Hokaka" or something of that nature. Pale Elves are another heavily region-locked race, being almost exclusively found in the White that Wends. Their language has some light connections to the ancient language of the Aedyrans (which you should see a ton of examples of in-game), but other than that, I can't help much. Orlan are all over the place and you're probably safe just going with whatever's popular in their region. Most of the ones you meet in-game will have names based on Cornish/Welsh because they're from Eir Glanfath, which the PC can not be. So... when in doubt, go Ixamitl, I guess.
  6. The Celestial Sapling is the worst for them, man. They're all over the place. I think he was made by one of the $5000 backers, though I could be wrong.
  7. Obsidian, replace everyone's name in the credits with this dude's name. Lead writer, voice actors. Everyone.
  8. One addendum to this is that sometimes scripted interactions check everyone in your party. If you've got to jump over a broken bridge to progress, you're not just sending the person with the highest athletics, yeah?
  9. Hey Obsidian do whatever the **** you think is right about this ****ty limerick just like you would have if I had never made this post. Thanks.
  10. Over fifty percent of forum posters were from Europe, assuming we're thinking of the same thing.
  11. A faithful adaptation of your average tabletop experience, then.
  12. Unfortunately, it looks like most everything unlocks along with the game. Some light reading would be a good companion to the wait.
  13. Pretty sure you're thinking of something else, yeah. I've heard nothing of that sort regarding PoE, and trust me, this place would be a non-stop ****storm if that was the case.
  14. It's important to remember that the general power level of characters in PoE is in more of a Baldur's Gate range, not Baldur's Gate 2. It's not a perfect 1:1 comparison, of course - we're skipping the total ****farmer stage, notably - but it's the general gist of the 1-to-12 we've got before us. Also, wizards are dorks.
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