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  1. On the contrary, I myself am still much interested in seeing some results from all this. If only I knew how to do it!
  2. It isn't just a video, it's a three-dimensional hologram being played. Hence the term "holo-player". There's no glitch, it's proceeding according to plan. Fear not.
  3. If they make a sequel and Sis survives it would only make sense to make her older, old enough to be a viable romance option. You'd still have to deal with Albatross and his bloody scarf (stupid jacket!), if he didn't just die of old age in the meantime.
  4. Open world you can barely interact with... sounds like Mafia 2. Anyway, a sequel would be nice, but I'd settle for a rerelease of the first one with all the bugs and issues fixed, maybe some extra missions and people and stuff. And make the whole Rome hub coherent, too.
  5. Yes, it does. The earliest I ever got it was leaving Peragus aboard the Ebon Hawk; you're not supposed to have enough LS or DS before then to trigger the cutscenes, so the code's probably conflicting.
  6. That's... strange. Buying games from Steam means you don't need a disk, and even without Steam you didn't need the disk after the initial installation of the game. Well, make sure you have the latest version, should be 1.01 or some such, then try it again. Dunno what else to tell you, really.
  7. I'm proud to say I preordered it months before it came out, and I never regretted it. But it's good to see people finding it for themselves and seeing how great it is beneath the bugs and grime.
  8. A lot of fans think, based on comments in the game, that I don't think it's too farfetched myself, she knows a lot about the young lady and her heritage after all.
  9. So... any luck over there, sir or madam? Did the patch work for you?
  10. Download the latest patch: http://www.shacknews.com/file/24585/alpha-...o-110-us-retail It disables PC copy protection, thus removing the need for activation. It also fixes a few other bugs.
  11. Meh, credits were nigh useless in KotOR 2. You never had to buy anything since the best equipment could either be found or made, unless there was that one uber crystal you just had to have right away. The Money Spiders were in full force all the way through. Besides, if I remember rightly you could scare that dude into giving you the fake holocron, and impress some of your teammates in the process.
  12. Yeah, it's a gender thing. Handmaiden is only recruitable if you're a guy, and she'll stow away aboard the Hawk as you're leaving the Telos Academy; otherwise you get the Disciple, when you run into him on Dantooine. You can't have both.
  13. That's too bad. Sorry about that, Crakey-boy.
  14. Let's see, Alpha Protocol... a game that you're playing by taking on the role of Agent Michael Thorton. Seems like an RPG to me. What else is there? Adjustable difficulty? Check. Multiple character backgrounds to chose between? Check. Varied approach to missions? Check. Points for improving skills earned by leveling up? Check. Certain actions being easier depending on how high a skill is developed? Check. Consequences on the larger world for your choices and actions? Even ones as small as your chosen replies in conversation? Check and check. Intermittent boss fights that are noticeably more difficult than regular mooks? Oh, double-check. Ability to chose the order in which you take on the missions? Check. Mmhm, still seems like an RPG to me.
  15. You know what you could do, rather than throwing a fit like a kid? Find APGame.ini and edit the perk requirements. So instead of three or five or whatever you can get a perk after just one instance. Be sure to uncheck Read Only in the document properties before saving your edits, and recheck it once you're done so the changes apply. Now here's the cool (if broken) part. Fix the stealth-related perks so you only get them after one mission, as well as the perk for setting alarms off and the one for talking your way past guards, then at the Intercept Nasri mission use a Professional stance at the first encounter; you'll get These Aren't The Agents You're Looking For, if you edited that perk's requirements. Pretty soon an alarm will go off, and if you've got good body armor and lots of endurance you can just run through the whole level beating guys up with CQC while they fire at you. Don't have to worry about sneaking or cover, and it takes a fraction of the time to complete the mission as it would if you'd gone total stealth. And if you fixed the perk requirements, at the end you have these perks: -These Aren't The Agents You're Looking For -Real Men Don't Hide -The Better Part of Valor -One With The Shadows And then whichever is the one you get depending on how you dealt with Nasri. After that, deal with the Bug The Airfield mission silently, without anyone seeing you and using non-lethal stealth takedowns and tranquilizers from a silenced pistol (be very sure to wait and line up the critical shot indicator until it's red, before shooting, or it won't be a one-shot KO!) and you'll get Unseen Presence. Remember, too, that you don't need to take out every bad guy, it's perfectly ok to leave a few conscious as long as you don't otherwise alert them. There'll be a few tense spots, but that's how it's supposed to be; sneaking and stealth is naturally more difficult than running in guns blazing, it needs more patience and a level approach. Did all that make sense? I don't mind repeating myself.
  16. It's too bad, really. Obsidian usually has such an active modding community around their games, but now they can't do anything cuz of red tape? F***ing Sega, it's like they wanted AP to fail from the start. Now they won't even try to help it succeed by letting the fans try and fix it. What kind of arrogance is that?
  17. Just ignore Purkake, Crake, he has an intense loathing of everything Obsidian has ever done, Alpha Protocol in particular; makes a fellow wonder why he hangs out on Obsidian's forums, eh? Anyway. Yeah, the weapons are pointless for the most part; I did a playthrough recently with Martial Arts and Endurance as my specialties, and it was hugely epic running around beating the tar out of bad guys with my bare hands while they shot futilely at me. The few shots you do have to take are easily accomplished with your pistol, even without the higher levels offered by specializing; fun times all around.
  18. I dunno about the fast-travel issue, but there are poison vents in Goto's yacht that go off whenever you cross over one. I believe they can be disabled through one of the consoles you find on the ship, but I'm not certain on that.
  19. Nah, Sega needs all the money they can get to keep churning out lame Sonic games.
  20. That's the sort of thing that makes me happy; an honest fellow who says it like it is, and gives a good opinion all around.
  21. Did you try the British or European patch?
  22. The irony is, he was almost spot on. Still doesn't save it from irrelevancy. Like, for instance, how many female gamers have played Alpha Protocol? Totally irrelevant to any meaningful discussion; gaming transcends gender.
  23. If you'll pay attention, you'd see that when doing CQC Mike's hands are empty. The gun is put away when attacking at close range, and when throwing gadgets; once done the guns come back into play, easy and simple. You CAN holster his weapons, they just won't STAY holstered. It's all about being ready for whatever can happen, and being caught without a weapon when suddenly faced by a roomful of well-armed and armored grunts does not count as being ready.
  24. I've been wandering this myself, and would like an answer. I saw mention of it when I was fooling with a hex editor on the save game, but tweaking it didn't do anything. I suppose someone more knowledgeable would have to weigh in on the subject.
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