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  1. your welcome what specs does your computer have the reason why I ask that could also be the reason... It used to happen to me all the time back when I used to play Gothic 4
  2. the mission is optional if you do the other one I forget what it is called I hope that helps
  3. I have been trying with texmod to mod the textures but I have had no luck so far a user did it a couple of pages back though
  4. I'm interested in knowing how to put that stuff in the game.... I think I'm the only one though lol everyone's moved on
  5. yes I've been trying I've found a lot of stuff that was cut from the game it's funny
  6. I was trying to texmod his cloths, hair and some weapons but couldn't because I don't know how too but it's possible a few pages back a guy guy painted the main character's glasses green
  7. I managed to look at the weapons and characters with umodel. I was wondering is this knife useable in game? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. I just wish we could create content 4 this game cuz that would rock
  9. damn then this game will die a slow grueling death
  10. do any of you know if there will be anymore patches or will they be coming out with DLC in the future?
  11. I've managed to decompress and unpack the upk game files in the CookedPC folder with Gildor's software but that's about it I don't know much about modding if any of you want the links to the site where you can download the decompresser or the unpacker just ask
  12. ah well that's a bloody shame it would be awesome though if we would be able to edit or recover all the content that was removed from the game...... like KOTOR 2
  13. well the reason why I ask is because the game is not being supported anymore and it's a damn shame because this game has so much potential it just needs a little polishing by the community to reach its full potential and shine like the gem that it is
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