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  1. Someone determined that the minigame difficulty stemmed partly from the amount of AP you've built up, and partly from a couple set factors relative to the level you're in; Saudi Arabia's hacking games are all stupidly easy, but the ones in Taipei can be stupidly hard even with the Integrated Circuitry upgrade and Sabotage maxed out. Yeah, kinda dumb sometimes, but that's what you get. No matter how great Alpha Protocol is, the fact remains Obsidian could've done a lot better job of testing and QA before it shipped. Ah well, this isn't the place for that discussion.
  2. Must be a scripting error. Do you have any mods or unofficial patches installed? Those can screw with the guts of your games, sometimes.
  3. Is this still a project for some people? And is there a definitive list of tweaks that are tested and guaranteed to make things work better, like less stuttering and glitching and such? I just had to reinstall and I'm doing a Recruit playthrough; forgot how hard it is without all the extra AP you get on the Veteran path.
  4. You just need one skill point, as any checks outside of combat are an automatic 20 and the weakest mines only need like 10 or whatever to set or recover.
  5. Obsidian can tell really good stories, but they suck something fierce at technical stuff. Look at all their well-known games; bugs and glitches out the wazoo, but almost universally praised for storyline, characterization and dialogue.
  6. All armor restricts Force powers except the various Zeison Sha and Jal Shay armors, the stronger of which (Zeison Sha Warrior and Jal Shay Mentor) are hard to find without cheating (or they always have been for me anyway). If you're set on blasters and the like there are two feat trees, Targeting and Precise Shot, which you should go for. Targeting adds to-hit bonuses at each level, though there's eight levels and I vaguely remember only Scouts can get them; Precise Shot is open for everyone, adds increasing damage bonuses with each level as well as deflection penalties. As for which to use, it's dual pistols all the way; you get two attacks without having to use Rapid Shot, two more upgrade slots to work with, and a properly tweaked pistol can surpass all but the strongest rifles (and when you get into the math, dual pistols get more attacks so you deal more damage anyway). Go for the Zabrak Heavy Pistol and the Mandalorian Disintegrator, which aren't as hard to find as other things; individual upgrades are a matter of taste, and which bonuses and penalties appeal to you more, though with high-level feats the penalties afforded by the upgrades really don't matter much. Then, of course, Power Blast, Rapid Shot and Sniper Shot. There's all sorts of math as to which is better, but if you ask me it doesn't matter after a certain point; go with what you like. EDIT: Nearly forgot; there's Close Combat feats which reduce the bonuses your opponent gets if they close into melee range when you're using blasters, and gives you an extra bit of to-hit. Those could be helpful.
  7. What does Nintendo have to complain about? The Wii has dominated the current gen markets practically since it came out, and it's barely recently that Sony or Microsoft are making a viable move into motion-sensitive stuff. And from what I've read, they're not looking to good. Plus, Nintendo has always had a stranglehold on handhelds, and always will. I fail to see what Nintendo has to do with the subject at hand anyway.
  8. You lot sound like alley cats in rut. AP had its issues, there's no one denying that. I believe the main point of contention is that games with better reviews had worse issues (Mass Effect and its sequel have been mentioned several times, along with Fallout 3). In my own experience Mafia 2 was highly rated by the magazines I read (Game Informer among them), yet it had a number of flaws that almost prevented me from finishing it. And yet, AP had no such game-breaking bugs in my experience, and I went on to play through it at least four times. Maybe not quite GotY (that has to be StarCraft II in my book), but definitely among the contenders.
  9. You also need a high/low enough rep with the Exchange.
  10. Telos is funny, you don't get any prize money unless you get the absolute top spot win. Other tracks are ok though.
  11. Her return was orchestrated by Atris and implemented by the HK-50 droids, as was indirectly seen when the first one said he had been looking for you. As for where exactly she was before, I don't believe that has been established. Regardless, if you believe the lore Kreia was responsible for everything that happened; she manipulated and misguided all the major characters, from the Exile to T3, into having things happen exactly as they did. That's rather hard to believe though, so it's hard to say exactly what went on behind the scenes. Good question, I'll give you that.
  12. There's an item you can buy on the Clearinghouse called Printed Circuitry that lowers the difficulty of all hacks and the like, and the level 2 skill of the Sabotage tree, Breaking & Entering, really reduces the difficulty of all hacks, locks and circuits as well. Plus, they stack. Later on in the game you can get Integrated Circuitry (an upgrade to Printed Circuitry), and Breaking & Entering has an upgraded form (though you have to specialize in Sabotage to get it, but I recommend doing that anyway so you can get Improved Data Theft and its two upper tiers as well) also. These two also stack. Failing all that, the level 1 Sabotage skill is called Interference, which lets you bypass all that minigame crap so long as you have EMP grenades in your inventory. But it takes a lot of grenades, though. Hope that helps! Also, kudos on thinking the Greybox was fun; most people are turned off at that part.
  13. It's not supposed to be a level one power, but a level six power. And anyway if you think about it, being able to heal yourself on the fly without stims is a pretty nifty thing.
  14. The mercs at the main camp on Telos' surface used shields. Made for a very rough fight, let me tell you.
  15. I believe the usual rule is that effects and abilities which increase critical rates don't stack.
  16. Evolved into what? "Point and click" into "Point, click and run"?
  17. You'd have to manually search the directories that contain the KotOR2 files, as well as any other LucasArts folders you might have. You could also try an automated search, but in my experience those aren't worth it. This is all speculation anyway; my idea might not even work, I've never had any problems running the game. But good luck with whatever you try.
  18. Perhaps you have incomplete versions of the patch somewhere, or some other file with the same name as the patch you're downloading. Look for them and clear these out, if you can, and try downloading it anew once again.
  19. I laugh at this thread, the past few posts. You guys are so passionate. Laaauuugh laugh laugh. I tried the rifle; didn't work for me. Tried the shotgun; didn't work for me. Didn't try the SMGs, that's not my play style. But the pistol, I was using that almost exclusively from minute one. Sure it takes some getting used to, but it's a challenge trying to line up a headshot on a moving target, especially at the lower levels of skill (but not undoable). What's even more fun is the variety of approaches I could take; I could crouch, push the door gently open and sneak in, taking out each enemy one by one. Or I could kick the door down and Chain Shot every last mothers' son of those pricks. Stealth worked great for me too, in fact it almost seemed broken at times (Shadow Operative, anyone?). Overall though, it was a lot of fun. On a vaguely related note: anyone interested in a shooter oughta try Mafia II. Might not be first-person, but it's still pretty fun. Also got some sweet cars in there.
  20. That's what the SMGs are for, people who don't wanna wait to line up the shot. Personally I thought AP's combat was kinda easy. Most of the time I don't even bother with guns unless there's a bunch of mooks; I just sprint up, knee them in the face and stomp them when they're down. Any hits they land are absorbed by armor/endurance, and if I actually take any damage there's probably a health station just around the corner anyway (if not, I just play it a little more cautiously until I find one).
  21. My first orders of business will be to ban Purkake from life and make WUE get a real username.
  22. God, everyone's a troll in this thread. Just downloaded and installed the patch. Can't tell if anything's changed, except the menu transitions are maybe a quarter-second faster (not that it ever bugged me anyway). No game-wrecking crashes or anything, though, so that's good.
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