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  1. AP doesn't seem to be the sort of game you could do DLC for anyway. It's pretty complete in and of itself. An expansion pack, on the other hand, or even a sequel, would be pretty awesome.
  2. A patch that addresses installation and activation? No thanks, I had no problems whatsoever with those bits. And maybe you should elaborate on these "minor technical problems," eh SEGA?
  3. Maybe you downloaded a mod? There's quite a few fan-created mods that give you things like that, since it isn't in the native programming as far as I know.
  4. I wouldn't recommend it for Chinese players; the Taiwan missions heavily feature Chinese police as bad guys, and a very large part of the plot involves splintering China and Taiwan so that China and America enter into a second Cold War. Russian players shouldn't have a problem with it, since in the Moscow levels your bad guys are either gangsters or mercenaries (and everyone hates gangsters and mercenaries). Like dogukan said, if you finish the game in Recruit mode there's an additional Veteran mode you can replay the game in later, which has better starting equipment, much higher initial stat points (120 to 140, don't recall which exactly, as opposed to 30-31 or 0), and lots of extra money. And no, you can't replay the missions unless you reload from a previous save file. And I can't comment on whether it's neglected on PS3 or not, sorry.
  5. Scrolling through the file I found a bunch of entries which I believe are vendors, but there's no immediate way of telling how to activate them. More interesting are entries for GameStop and GameCrazy, leading me to think perhaps these items could be brought up in the game somehow, with the right data manipulation, but as I said I've no clue which arcane number-letter combinations will do this. Anyone have any thoughts? It has to be some sort of numerical switch, but I have no idea what switch to flip.
  6. Hmm... counter-intuitive, much? Anyway. Personally I enjoy AP very much, and look forward to a patch or some DLC down the road. But I am also aware of the dim lookout on said events happening, so in the end... whatever. I liked it; in my world, that's all that matters.
  7. If you're so disdainful of the game, why're you hanging out in forums dedicated to it? Personally I love AP, and look forward to whatever support Obsidian or Sega put out for it.
  8. Cool. Any idea who the MA master was, or what form he used?
  9. Is Mike's fighting style based on any real-life form, or is it just random moves laced together by the animators?
  10. I heartily agree with all of that, though I would add that Obsidian are seeking another publisher for a sequel, and that a patch for the game is already in the works. So I would hold off on the R.I.P.s just yet, after all it's hardly been two months since the game came out.
  11. I may be wrong, but it seems as if Obsidian never gets enough time to really work things out. KotOR 2 was on shelves about thirteen months after they got the project, or some such ridiculous timeline; as far as I can tell you'd need twice that much time to get a decently polished and debugged title out there. Alpha Protocol had all sorts of delays and setbacks, and almost none of them were for the good of the game itself; the very last delay, I heard, was Sega angling for the best sales. Why didn't they let the developers polish and tweak the game in that time? Obviously there would have been a much better game put out; I adore AP and I adored KotOR 2, but will be the first to admit they both had a great many flaws and bugs. No doubt others can speak for the rest of Obsidian's games and any deadline issues they faced. In any event, I have NV on preorder, and cannot wait for it to come out.
  12. I fail at advanced computing, so I'm asking for help. I need a couple good screencaps of the Advanced Stealth Armor, in a well-lit area so all the details can be seen. Rome or Taipei, preferably, since those places have more subtle camo patterns associated with them. Skin color, etc don't matter, except I'd like him to be wearing a beanie; as for guns, one of the darker-tinted pistols in hand, and either a shotgun or rifle at his back (darker in color, also). At least two, both in a standing position, front and back, as close up as you can get without missing anything. I'm afraid I have nothing to offer in return except my honestly heartfelt thanks. Though, I could always dedicate one of my next fanfics to whoever does this for me, if you'd like. :D Thanks in advance! -Karl
  13. Hell yes. Or rather, Heck yes. *shot* They should just make like a subgame or whatever where Steven is the PC and you get to control him around Taipei. That would be all kinds of awesome.
  14. Don't spoil the fun; it stops being fun. Patch, DLC, mod... it's all a fix of some sort. If I had any talent I'd fix it myself; alas and alack, I have not.
  15. 1. A few more third options would be nice, like to save Madison and prevent the bombs, prevent the riots and the assassination, turn both the mob bosses in Moscow against Halbech and resolve their differences so they work together again. I played the game, and I loved it intensely, but it was disappointing to reach the end and find I'd been going along with their plans the whole time, no matter what I did. 2. The save system is annoying, that should be replaced with something friendlier. 3. The menus are a total mess; it should be more like KotOR 2, that game had an awesome menu layout. 4. Timed conversations are annoying. Hell, even being able to pause during a decision would be a big step up. 5. The stealth takedowns were strange as well; I could sneak up on a guy from behind, and punch him in the throat as if he had turned around at the exact moment I started attacking him. Also the whole groin kick/judo throw is way too ostentatious for a "stealth" takedown, it should be replaced with something sneakier. Also, the stealth kills/takedowns need to be more direction and context sensitive in general; more than once I snuck up on a guard where there were elevation differences, and nothing happened. 6. Being able to jump would be most excellent, and there should be more takedown or kill options for jumping atop someone or dropping on them from above; simply knocking them down so you could stomp on their face or neck is repetitive and boring. An example would be the Tenchu games (at least Return from Darkness), which had excellent direction context and even animations for differing elevation upon executing an attack. 7. Being able to grab and move bodies would also be cool. 8. I played the entire game using nothing but a pistol, except at the training course at the very start. There needs to be more incentive for using the other weapons, and more variety in them as well; not being able to carry sniper rifles or grenade/missile launchers with you sort of grated. 9. More clothing disguise options, plus you should be able to dress up like the bad guys whose bases you're infiltrating (a la Hitman), if only to get out of the wonky cover mechanics. 10. Michael needs to have more of a past, instead of a vague email at the start and some comments here and there throughout the game. I felt like I was playing an empty snarking jerkass, at times. 11. More screentime for Sis and G22, plus tangible benefits for befriending more people (Grigori, for instance, or Sis while we're on that topic). Also more handler options, especially at the endgame, would be great as well (imagine how badass it would be to have Omen Deng or Brayko on your headset!). Also the very end should change depending on who helped you and who you rescued; like if you went with Steven, and rescued both Mina and Scarlet, they should all be there with you. Hell, multiple handlers and relative perks could work as well; imagine Albatross and Heck shouting at each with you in between, comedy gold! 12. Rather than relying on one or two allies the whole way, people you meet should stick with you. For example if you befriend Heck at the start he should be an option for the rest of the game, not just Taipei; that ties in with the handler suggestions I made above.
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