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  1. mate, sorry for the late reply. I'm glad you find it useful. the thing is, I don't know why can't you se nSISReputation parameter. have you encountered her before? the save file only keeps record of the characters you've encountered and/or spoke before. cheerio, -dogukan.
  2. I've seen Obsidian make mistakes before, but holy f****.
  3. greetings, I appreciate your help greatly. you can fill in any details that I lack in knowledge. Although I currently don't have AP installed, I can get it soon. perhaps you could work something out with my reputation hack? like a hack compilation or something, I don't know. by the way, right now I use HXD Hex editor, it's free and has no limitations, plus it has the same features with HHD.
  4. >implying agent will be a RPG >implying free roam makes games RPGs >implying oblivion, a game with "freedom", respawning enemies, character development and questing had core RPG values
  5. well, I realized that lots of things are based on those "dots" right now. skills use them too, aswell as perks. I wish we could reverse engineer the game, so we would have a total definition of what a parameter is good for. I thought this reputation hack was a real breakthrough, but now I realize it's only a small step. there are people that actually have an idea about reverse engineering / programming, I think they should take a look into the savegames. I mean, if the greedy bastards in the CH can release a save editor, so can we. plus, this is a tradition for obsidian games. every obsidian g
  6. if you finish the game in recruit mode, you can replay the game in the veteran mode. although you don't exactly carry over items in veteran mode, you have extra dialouge options, more money and more skills in the beginning. there's no western propaganda in this game at all.
  7. yes, I've tried that. but changing the value anything else than 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 makes the dot change to the correspondant number, and I haven't tried if that works.
  8. honestly, I have no idea. I think my project fell a little short there.
  9. Alpha Protocol Reputation Hack // Sept. 3 2010 05:26 (GMT+3) Okay, here's the thing; I played this game a lot and I said some wrong things. In life, there's no turning back from saying wrong things, but in games we got HEX editors, therefore we can change things as we wish. I wanted to change reputation points, so I went looking for a save editor. The only save editor that was released was the CheatHappens save editor, and it was "sold", not released to public. At that point, I gave the middle finger to them, refusing paying money for cheats, and started thinking of my own reputation hack.
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