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  1. I think I solved this by experimentation, but please let me know if what I did is incorrect. I found the variable 003EBO_RETURN_DEST and set it to 0 (I think it was set to 1, but I forgot to take a mental note). This was a numerical global and not a boolean global so I don't know what the value 0 stands for. On traveling to Dantooine I was not teleported magically to Telos Academy. The value of the global then changed to 5. It appears to be working for further travel, so I'm going to consider the issue solved. For future reference, the issue appears to have arisen during some discussion with Handmaiden on the ship. Also, I later found this website which gives a script for adding planets to the game: Link This site mentions that the variable is used to change the location that one is sent to when leaving the ship. I wasn't even on the ship after traveling to a new planet, just sent straight to Telos, but it apparently affects that as well. Let me know if you have a similar problem, so I can try to help you.
  2. I've searched the forum, but could not find any information on how to fix this bug. I have the RCM installed and some random bug fix package I found somewhere. Whenever I travel to a planet, I am brought to Telos academy instead and it is empty just like with some of the other glitches that occur. Even if I leave and try to fly somewhere else it's still Telos. Does anyone know the global responsible for this occurance? If I bring Handmaiden with me it goes through the events that occur later in the game. Also I had some random choking glitch on Goto's ship; everyone, including enemies, choked every few seconds as if they were being poisoned with gas. Very obnoxious. >
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