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  1. I created this account just to make this post. First I would like to say that I didn't play the game. I love RGP's. I've played tons of them on many platforms, but I especialy enjoy playing on the PC. I saw it before it was released and I was really interested in the concept of the game. Since then I forgot about it and today I somehow remembered about when I learned that this studio will develop Dugean Siege 3, a game I enjoyed very much, even though its a little shallow and a bit too easy. Then I went to Obsidian site, to see what they had done to know if DS3 would be in good hands and when thats when I saw Alpha Protocol, I remembered I wanted to try it, and went looking for reviews. Ok, intro done lets get to the facts. From what I could learn from the reviews, even as harsh as they where, is that the game concept is really great, just as I first thought. The only problem is that it was rushed to be released, before being well tested and polished. Then I came to the forums to see more about what the actual players were saying (I never really trust those review sites), and more importantly to learn about the possible patchs. The real deal breakers seams to be about: - Bosses are dumb and get stuck, basically killing them selves. - Mouse control a little messed up for both weapens and mini-game (unlocking and such) ---- Especial complaints about the sniper controls - The general enemy AI is aweful. There is even a video about the enemy climbing a stairs in middle of combat! ---- Other example are enemies who don't seam to know if they want close or ranged combat. - Taking cover isn't well implemented, doesn't work - There are no stealth mechanics - There are some grafical/sound glichs (seams to efect PC more than consoles) - Camera doesn't work well in some cases ---- Like when in close space the camera zoom's in the player's back, blocking the view Well I can't really tell what is true or not in this list and what is more or less anoying since I've not played the game. But one thing I can tell for sure is that I'm not buying the game until the developer's take action and fix something! Just look at how many posts are related to bugs/patches in this forum! The important thing is that you guy made a great game that's not gona get the love it deserves becouse there are so many problem with the engine that the game it self is not allowed to shine. You can't abandom a game right after it's released! Also I'm really worried about Dungean Siege's future. The only advantage that it has over this game is the publisher. I find it hard to beliave that Square Enix would allow an unfished game to enter the market carring there name. I've lost faith in Sega many, many years ago (ever since the Sonic days of glory were over). To sum it up, I wish you guy luck with this game and future endeavor's (especialy DS3). I hope my research and time to make this post will not be in vain. There is a leason to be learned here and I hope you guys grow from it. No matter how great a game is, if its not well polished it won't be a hit!
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