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  1. Many thanks to those that popped in and commented, i put alpha away for a bit, no sequel, no dlc...don't want to get sick of it I guess i'm one of those that appreciates time and effort, currently playing two worlds 2, loads of oddities, people look like dime store dummies BUT it just has so much going for it too, and doesn't take itself to seriously which is fun (different company so i'll switch topics now) OH did get the FONV Honest Hearts, enjoyed it Anyway Thorton vs shepard in ME1, Thorton might go down...Thorton vs Shepard (Lost Shields) ME2, Thorton all the way Funniest part of all this is i'm 53yo, you think for a minute these companies give a blank what i think, i'm defintely NOT the demographic they are going for.....but i love gadgets and gizmos so i'm having a blast I'm just thankful for creative clever people and appreciate their efforts, don't ever muzzle that creativity like so many other companies seem to be doing (DAO to DA2) Might be a dungeon siege 3 person, not sure yet So now Obsidian is the TALENT right?? Bethesda is the publisher?? But people from Obsidian do go do other projects, because i swear the name is mentioned for this game, which I want NOW AMALUR Keep up the good work you guys Nice to meet you all
  2. Really sucks at the negative reacion to this game, i am crazy about it, no it's not perfect but you can tell a lot of heart went into it, sad not to see dlc or sequels it's still being talked about which is a good thing READ HERE
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