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  1. Another idea would be transition models showing the stump growing back to its full side.
  2. I'm still peeved that the spear is so weak when it does all of its damage in a straight forward thrust instead of a sweeping arc like other weapons. It should do significantly more damage, especially when the enemy is charging/lunging at you.
  3. That gives me an idea; what if the brightness settings were adaptive; adjusting over time to line up with the average lighting of the scene; just like how our eyes adjust to changes in light.
  4. They can always compensate for the increased yield by making feathers less common. I know I never see a bunch of feathers all over my yard from one bird.
  5. That's not very immersive. Most games with buildable and destructible chests have said chests drop all their items when destroyed; and it works just fine for them. Also, Necropost.
  6. You sure? Most survival games I've played don't even have a visible indicator that they're in combat. The only reason for having them regain their health would be to save memory, but even then you should have it so that the time it takes for the reset to kick in is relative to how badly they are injured.
  7. Honestly, if dew was half as common in Grounded as it is in real life, then purifying dirty water wouldn't even be a concern.
  8. The only remaining method of building around the existing environment is to use one of the fallen leaves as the base for your shelter.
  9. Not only can you not build underground, but as of 0.3 you can no longer build on the mysterious lasers either: at least not unless you build from the ground up.
  10. I think they only grow back if you aren't present; this is likely to hide the lack of transition models.
  11. I mean, you'd still be limited on where grass can be planted, as well as what environments it would actually be able to grow in (the haze zone would kill it before it can grow, the floor in the hedge zone lacks the necessary sunlight, areas with a lot of dead grass like the place by the east ant hill will probably be a dead zone as well). And if course new grass won't grow overnight; it would take a couple of days. If course, adding in the ability to plant seeds would also require grass be updated with a growth mechanic, as well as models for the seeds and transition from seed to a f
  12. I think they decided to make all horizontal surfaces "spawnable" to make up for the fact that there is no climbing navigation for AI yet despite them expanding the zone filled with vertical terrain. That said, it would have been much less buggy if they had only done this for the hedge zone specifically...
  13. sure, but instantly regaining all of their health is a bit much, don't ya think?
  14. What do you mean "late" in development? It seems pretty early in its development if you ask me, especially when you look at the roadmap.
  15. Maybe when they add more customizable world settings, building decay can be one of those settings. It would, of course, automatically be disabled in creative mode. That way, players who want more realism can improve their immersion, while players who like to build elaborate structures in survival mode can still do so without worrying about their buildings rotting every 3 days. The grass planks could still yellow over time as an aethetic touch; but it would only impact the structural integrity if you choose to have that enabled. Other ideas for an aethetic aging effect would be dust buildi
  16. Ladybug behavior when threatened: https://animals.net/ladybug/ https://factslist.net/2013/02/amazing-facts-about-ladybugs/#:~:text=As a defense mechanism%2C lady,their predators from eating them. Not mentioned in either of these, but another defense mechanism employed by the ladybug is to tuck in their legs, hunkering to the ground and relying on their hard elytra to protect them. This seems to mainly be used against other insects, such as ants. Of course, the best defense the ladybug has against other insects is the wings underneath its elytra. One should note that unlike
  17. Honestly, it makes more sense to "tame" solitary, nonagressive arthropods, such as ladybugs, aphids, and weevils.
  18. The issue with usurping an ant queen is that doing so would involve taking on their duties. Which is not only physically impossible, but attempting to do so would drastically change the game's ESRB rating. It would make more sense to manipulate their instincts (i.e. ant pheromones and bee dances) to control their behavior.
  19. For flying and wall-climbing arthropods and other creatures: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/don-s-3d-pathfinding-flying-ai https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/spider-navigation https://www.mike-purvis.com/?p=223 https://www.mike-purvis.com/?p=268 https://www.mike-purvis.com/?p=295 https://www.mike-purvis.com/?p=301 http://shootertutorial.com/2015/07/22/enemy-wall-walking-spider/ https://forums.unrealengine.com/development-discussion/blueprint-visual-scripting/114734-wall-walking-for-ai-enemies
  20. I personally would like to see them fix the bugs they already have before adding new ones. 3.0 update seemed to break their AI even more.
  21. Of course, we'd have to wait until they work out climbing AI for the arthropods before we can even consider the addition of a squirrel.
  22. a squirrel would probably be passive; even if we attack it, it would more likely run away than fight, and that's assuming we manage to deal enough damage for it to feel threatened.
  23. Maybe when they expand the pond. What I'm more eager to see is the ability to build underwater. I have no idea why you can't currently do that; My only guess is that it's meant to protect future expansions to the pond from messing up bases?
  24. An ant mandible has a serrated edge, so it would work very well as a clawing type weapon, like a glaive or something. Or did you mean more along the lines of Wolverine?
  25. I like the idea of deflecting/hitting an attack away as well, but I don't think that can really be called "blocking." That's why the current block system makes no sense to me; if it's supposed to be a well-timed parry, why does it give you the option of holding it down? There's no visual indicator indicating that the block system is meant for this purpose; it would make far more sense for the timing aspect to be tied to the release of the block button, with a visual push animation to communicate that this is meant to deflect something.
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