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  1. There needs to be Zipline baskets we can use to send resources to another base. Like i have a base by the Hedge to the tictac box. I and just ship berries to there
  2. they're probably making the raw science hard to get at this point so we dont get bored with the game so quickly ... building the game takes time ... until they can build a big enough game that people like us in beta will still have enough content to play with ... the next tier would likely be harder and harder to complete ...
  3. inside the body of water close to the oak tree and the juice box there is a frisbee under water ... we need boats and scuba gear
  4. should it only be sucking bug goop ??? can it suck other stuff like stink big gas ... or spider venom ... or bombardier acid ???
  5. I mean sooner or later we need to move that up the tier ... cant be stuck at tier 3 forever right ??? So we have acorns by the tree what loves acorns ... squirrels I mean since acorns are used for low tier tech ... the squirrel cant be hostile ... Make it passive until of course you attack it ... Bribe it or Defeat it in battle to tame it for fast travel ... It will bring acorns to your base ... it will help you fight Use it to scale the house and the shed ehrm .... a bid morbid but ... kill it for food and squirrel leather ...
  6. I had a spider fall out of the sky by my base by the oak tree ... Which ill hate myself for suggesting this cause I've got mild arachnophobia ... why not have spiders slowly hang from the trees ... and attack you ... but if you shoot them while they are hanging ... they will fall and die ...
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