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  1. Sure, but you could build a really high base on, say, one of the shrink machines (I recommend the one the crow lands on, as there's a SCAB to be found up there), using bounce webs to speed up the transportation of material. Then you can build a zipline on there that connects to key locations throughout the map. The zipline works best when you have multiple outposts. I'm just disappointed that the zipline's construction requires weed stems, which throws building them inside the newly expanded hedge zone out the window. I really hope that they will also add weed stem substitutes that can be foun
  2. You can also try to build ziplines on already high structures; the trick is getting the weedstems up there in the first place.
  3. The difference here is that the impossible (at least by our current understanding of physics) act of shrinking things is necessary for the plot of the game. Being able to tame insects, on the other hand, is not necessary for the game's premise to exist, so there's no reason to implement it. Manipulating insects, on the other hand, is very doable. You can manipulate an ant to follow you around and help you in combat by wearing ant armor and dropping a pheromone breadcrumbs to lead them to where you want to go. This would actually be more effective than taming individual ants, as pheromone
  4. Sticky traps will be essential for taking a mantid down.
  5. Forget insects; mantids have been shown to kill and devour small birds, fish, and even frogs.
  6. Mantises are huge, at least 5 times longer than a ladybug. We could make a two handed thrusting spear out of a foreleg alone. However, it would be incredibly difficult to kill. The good news is that due to it's size and appetite, it would seek out larger prey than us, like spiders. Also, their eyes detect motion rather than shape and color, so we should be able to hide from it by moving slowly. The best part is; they're messy eaters, so we should be able to lure tough enemies to it and loot their corpses afterward. We wouldn't get quite as much loot from it as we would if we had killed the ene
  7. Wait, I thought they patched it so that removing the stump no longer prevents them from respawning?
  8. maybe smaller items, like easter eggs and halloween candy, could land on top of built structures rather than falling through them. This could damage structures, but would still be better than outright destroying them.
  9. exactly. I've never played Ark; but I have played 7days to die, and that game had a tool you could use to upgrade buildings, provided you had the proper materials. Now, given that many buildings in Grounded use materials that are hauled; a tool wouldn't really work here, but perhaps we could add something that allows players to opt to "upgrade" an existing wall when they are carrying the necessary materials; being able to upgrade grass walls to sturdy walls when you're carrying weed stems and woven plant fiber for example.
  10. The only issue with seasonal changes is that the new decorations could destroy built structures. And if you happened to have your spawn point set to a lean-to that some giant placed a pumpkin on, well... Basically, due to the scale of the game, the appearance of decorative items could have a big impact on gameplay. Of course, since this game takes place in the backyard, rather than the front yard, we don't need to worry as much about having structures destroyed by lawn decorations.
  11. I think the current pallet limits are fine for early game. That said, it would be great if you were able to upgrade buildings later on, adding more materials to expand them. I'd imagine as the game is further developed and we can progress further into the late game, more effective versions of existing buildings would become available; like how acorn chests are an upgrade to storage baskets.
  12. The devolopment team director himself stated that he'd love to add world changing events to the game; going from his prior experience with MMORPGs, drastic world changing events are highly desirable for sources of conflict, but you can't make very many of them due to having to come up with an explanation for how this single event can have such a big impact. But here, the world can be drastically changed by the simplest of things. Just look at those bootprints going through the yard. All it took was a person walking to create massive craters. And one of the potential world-changing events the d
  13. The last sentence of my quote literally explains the difference between how something works in real life and how it works in a videogame. Also, this game is NOT fantasy based; it's science fiction based. It isn't set in Middle Earth or Wonderland or a galaxy far far away, it takes place in a suburban backyard. A setting, mind you, that anyone living in a suburban home in a temperate region and didn't spend the majority of their childhood indoors would be familiar with. Making up whatever BS you want isn't going to fly here because it's already established to take place in a world vastly simil
  14. I think rain would have a much bigger impact than merely having to dodge raindrops. You'd have to worry about running groundwater sweeping away loose objects, uprooting sprigs, and damaging structures. Some structures, like foundations, would be resistant to damage. Would make building on high ground a smart strategy even after the devs figure out how to have arthropods climb up walls and other vertical surfaces.
  15. I decided to search the internet to see if anyone else had attempted to code arthropods that climbed on walls in UE4 before. There's a forum about climbing ants where someone made the following suggestion: Then there's this guy working on making a spider AI that can climb walls and ceilings. here's another guy trying to do the same thing here's a step by step tutorial Or, you can simply use this free plugin to do it. It's a bit outdated with the latest edition of UE4, so it will likely require some tweaking, but it would still be very useful as a reference.
  16. I believe ladybugs would also be weak in their bellies and would hover. Of course, IRL ladybugs also emit a foul odor as a defense mechanism (though this is squirted out in liquid form rather than gas), and their bright red wings warn vision-based predators that they aren't a good meal, which should carry over to ladybug armor. Another combat strategy that would be particularly useful against beetle types would be flipping them onto their backs, immobilizing them and exposing their weaker underbellies. I'm not sure how this would work in-game; maybe if they rear up to do a stomp attack yo
  17. honestly, having wolf spiders be active around the oak tree during the day makes little sense due to them being nocturnal hunters. Even ignoring the fact that they'll most likely be sleeping during the day, their sensitive eyes and lack of eyelids would cause them to be overwhelmed by the brightness of sunlight. Although, I wonder... Maybe the wolf spider was asleep, but was woken up by the explosion. If that was the case, perhaps the strategy here is to block up the oak tree before activating the mysterious device.
  18. The first issue I've come across when building around the oak tree is at a certain height there's an invisible wall surrounding the tree.
  19. don't forget the water's surface tension being much more noticeable at our size, which causes water to stick together. If water did stay on you, it would likely be as one or two large droplets. Which would have it's own issues, such as the risk of a droplet enveloping your head and suffocating you. most of these are things that, while realistic, wouldn't be very fun. Fractures could work, but maybe instead of a cast, you would instead craft a splint. Also you should be capable of inflicting these sort of injuries on arthropods as well. Alternatively, we can have it mimic the ac
  20. knights in the dark ages fought against people fighting with melee weapons, not powerful mandibles specifically designed to latch onto things. Also, a parry is not the same thing as blocking; a parry redirects the path of the opponents blade by hitting it at an intersecting angle. As for dancing around and dodging bugs, dodging is less effective in videogames than in real life due to the limitations imposed by hitboxes, hitreg, and lag.
  21. BURG.L could give us the blueprints. It would make far more sense for us to buy blueprints for advanced technology from the bot than things like stairs and reinforced walls. Also, it wouldn't be a true laser, at most it would just have two refracting lenses you could use to adjust the focus of the beam, and the code for a heat ray is already in the game; there's a magnifying glass over by the tree stump.
  22. inertia. proportionately less mass means proportionately less inertia, which means it would have less resistance to external forces, such as the pull of gravity. Thus, balance would be harder. There would be plenty of places you could go with a buggy, especially if it is able to brush aside grass like ladybugs can.
  23. Now, in an interview, Grounded director Alex stated that they are hoping to add climbing to the arthropod's AI, but are having issues with programing the behavior. I propose a possible solution that I'll separate into two parts: Animation and Navigation. For Navigation, the solution would be to enclose each arthropod in two ellipsoid hitboxes; a smaller hitbox for their main body, and a larger hitbox for their legs. The larger hitbox intersects with geometry and is used to determine whether a surface is walkable, while the smaller body hitbox is used for physical collisions to prev
  24. Ok... I mean, the principal of hitting something from an angle to push it aside seems pretty straightforward to me, and seems like something that would be a lot less complicated to pull off than a "perfect block." As for it not happening, there's a certain American sport that revolves around the principle of redirecting an incoming object by striking it the right way with a weapon. I'm talking, of course, about baseball. This technique would translate really well in melee combat, and is a skill that the teenagers would believably have, as baseball is a common backyard game in the US. As f
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