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  1. I think a good idea for a higher tier weapon further on down the road is glass. The main reason being if there’s cans all over the yard, why not a glass soda bottle as well, or maybe an old jam jar. You would need to use a high tier hammer to break into usable shards. It could be used for blades, spear tips, or even arrow tips potentially. This is just my two cents on better weapons, while an insect pincer might cut well, a glass blade would cut even better. Though I do like all of the insect tools, I think some more items from humans would be cool. Another potential candidate, but less likely to be randomly found in a yard is a sewing needle.
  2. I’ve seen a lot of people mention the fact that creatures should be able to climb and I definitely agree, it would add that extra level of immersion and difficulty. I also think if they can climb, why not players. While bumblebee mounts would be cool for reaching high up spots, I also think it would be great if players could use maybe sap and spider parts to make climbing boots or clothes. Potentially you could even have crude rope attached to arrows to make a zip-line back down. But I definitely think it would be cool to have the ability to climb up rocks and walls to give you an edge on insects and other potentially climbing threats..
  3. Other people have mentioned the fact that you can’t swim with planks or stems and that there is a possibility for water strider skis, personally I think it would be great if you could craft a raft with grass plank or stems and some crude rope, maybe you use acorns and sprigs to make paddles. This would allow players to move larger amounts of items than just what they can carry. I definitely don’t want to be carrying planks 7 at a time all the way across the pond just to build a house when I could build a little raft and carry like 24 of them at once. Anyone else have any ideas about this?
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