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  1. You know, I learned a lot more about how spear combat work, and I'll have to edit my main post tomorrow to more accurately reflect actual spear combat and what teenagers with no former fighting experience would realistically be capable of (the short length of the pebblet spear actually does make sense, as longer spears are more difficult to wield with one hand, for example). I'll probably do that tomorrow. But for today, I gave some more thought to the combat system, and came up with a better way to rework it; First of all, charged attacks shouldn't auto-deploy after a set period o
  2. My first thought when I saw the case we spawned next to was that we were from some sort of high tech human trafficking operation.
  3. I like the auto collect arrows, but not the other auto-collect.
  4. Huh. I'm able to do it just fine. My multiplayer game did start lagging heavily after awhile; I suppose building too large a structure puts too much strain on the system or something.
  5. Hold up, are you telling me that you can't build at all in multiplayer?
  6. What they should have done was make pebbles and quartzite work more like berries and human food
  7. That wouldn't work for spiders. They'll just as soon eat each other as a prey. (Side note, when will that behavior get added?)
  8. Do you have any idea how humongous a match would be to us?
  9. Technically, there already is a nocturnal arthropod in the game; wolf spiders are nocturnal predators IRL, and the August update changed their sleep schedules to reflect this.
  10. I think weapon proficiency should be postponed until they add more variety in weapon selection. As for stats, maybe instead of each character having their own advantages and disadvantages, each of them could have their own "Character perk" that starts at level one and improves as they do the things related to their perk. For instance: Max: "Scrapper" Reduced stamina cost for melee weapons. Higher tiers could unlock increased attack speed and/or damage. Levels up by swinging melee weapons Willow: "Resourceful" Gets more out of food, water, and bandages. Maybe torches and da
  11. A spear using a weed stem shaft would be at least as long as a gladiator spear: As a melee weapon, it would likely require both hands, which would change up how combat works, as explained in-depth here. An interesting fact about long, two-handed spears is that they are very useful against cavalry; that is, enemies charging at you on horses. This would translate well into fighting many of the arthropods in Grounded.
  12. Fortunately, a praying mantis will likely ignore us; due to their large size, we'd be too small for it to consider for a meal. Plus, their eyes are designed to detect movement rather than color and shape, so we can always move slowly near it to avoid detection. Now, imagine if we were able to somehow lure a praying mantis to the frisbee in the hedge zone, and pit it against the brood mother.
  13. How would a custom player even work? each of the 4 teens you play as have their own personalities, and with the introduction of perks in 0.2, the possibility of them getting unique perks in a future update isn't out of the question. Besides, character customization is only really important for MMOs where random strangers encounter one another; not co-op games. Left 4 Dead works just fine without character customization, despite all 4 characters having the same stats. They said they are working on implementing public/private servers. #notaming. I can see you manipulating a ladybug int
  14. What they ought to do is use the sleep mechanic as a reset switch; all creatures get deleted and respawn, plants regrow or grow bigger, loose dandelion tufts on dirt grow into new dandelions, etc. Perhaps they could also make stage models for grass and weeds regrowing from stumps and/or growing from the ground.
  15. Actually, the devs are updating the AI to reduce the effectiveness of circle strafing, so dancing around the bugs to dodge their attacks won't be a viable strategy for long. Why the devs decided to nerf an intuitive and immersive strategy that requires gamesense, positioning, timing, and coordination, rather than the unintuitive and unimmersive strategy that only requires timing, is beyond me.
  16. I really like the quartzite spear idea. I can see quartzite being used for a variety of tier 2 upgraded versions of existing tools. I'll be honest; I fail to see how insect carcases make for sturdier material than solid wood and stone. A longer spear would be a real game-changer combat-wise; you could use the length of the spear to prevent the enemy from closing the distance without running the risk of impaling themselves on the spear. I can also see weed stems being used to make longer "war" bows; their stiffness would make for high draw weight, and their length would require larger
  17. I was in the area north of the tropica punch where the ants, ladybug, and occasional weevil roam, and noticed bugs were getting stuck a lot. There was and ant stranded on the rock by the twig; an ant on a blade of grass, an ant on a blade of dry grass. I tried cutting the dried grass, but the ant remained suspended mid-air. I also found a ladybug stuck on top of the ice cap mint container. Basically arthropods keep spawning in locations with little space to move and no way down. On a more positive note, I noticed that the ant legs use animation sliders to adjust to uneven terrai
  18. I played yesterday, and one of the items that was an audio log (in the hedge field station) is now an invalid item. Also, the soda can in the hedge shows up as an "invalid landmark."
  19. Assuming that the devs decide to code "packed" stems to physically interact with the world in the first place.
  20. They'd be sideways going across (left to right). You may only be able to go through doors sideways, but it shouldn't put any strain on you, seeing as you can carry them in just one arm.
  21. That's why I proposed the idea of pre-built, rolled up rope ladders (presumably made by the same people who made the labs) that you let down by interacting with them. That would essentially be a "checkpoint," much like the building ladder suggestion you proposed. Hauling building materials into the hedge is not only tedious, but also risky, due to the spiders, not to mention the number of areas you can't bring them to now because there's now way of walking there. This gave me an idea for a special device or BURGL upgrade that would basically add straps to your backpack that you can
  22. A flaming arrow will be a very useful weapon in the new hedge zone: not for damaging enemies, per say, but for getting rid of spider webs. This would be particularly useful for that one web in the middle of the fist hedge zipline, as currently if it snags you you have to not only free yourself, but also float down with a dandelion and then climb your way back up to the line.
  23. Currently it seems that the next update will feature an expansion to the hedge zone. While I am excited by what I've seen so far, there are a few issues I see with the hedge zone 1; lack of resources. Aside from spiderwebs, there aren't any crafting resources to be found on the hedge Zone's branches. This makes base building particularly challenging, as not only do your resources need to be imported, but you also have to do a lot of climbing while hauling, which is a real hassle. There should be local resources you can harvest as crafting material. For instance, that moss looks lik
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