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  1. I don't see what choice of weaponry has to do with fighting capability. Nor do I see how trying to knock an attacking insect to the side instead of trying to block it head-on is in any way comparable to martial arts. Plus, the long melee spear is one of the oldest weapons made, which not only makes it's common usage well into the modern era all the more impressive, but also tells us that it doesn't take a genius craftsman to make one.
  2. I don't think a bike would work very well. even ignoring how the square cubed law would impact balance, the terrain in the backyard is so uneven that you'll constantly be tipping over. A four-wheeled pedal-powered buggy would work much better; you could even give it its own storage chest to expand your inventory.
  3. Something I forgot to mention is that long spears would also make combating tougher enemies seem less daunting, which can be good for arachnophobes in particular. There's a certain comfort in carrying a big stick that can keep monsters at bay. Speaking of keeping things at bay, it would be interesting if certain creatures were repelled by torches; not necessarily to the extent that they won't attack, but to the extent they'll change to a more "hit and run" tactic, striking from the shadows and retreating back into them. Wolf spiders, for instance, have very sensitive eyes; likely a result
  4. Maybe one of the additional crafting stations could be a loom you can use to quickly weave plant fiber and spider silk into rope.
  5. They're sturdy enough to be used to make fences and flagpoles, and are also used for a wide variety of buildings, such as chairs. I think it's safe to assume they're strong enough to serve as ladder rungs. The main support would be the woven fiber rope.
  6. stone floors don't seem like something feasible. The stones would just fall apart and rain down on you. In medieval times, even with stone castles, upper level floors were made of timber, not stone, for this very reason.
  7. Even better for late tier is to smelt your own glass from sand acquired from the sandbox. Another use for glass could be a special building; a sort of turret utilizing reflection and refraction to form a solar-powered laser.
  8. what about a woven fiber and sprig rope ladder?
  9. Ok, so I know in an interview the dev director acknowledged that the current combat system isn't very immersive. However, the solution the devs are taking -tweaking the arthropod attack patterns to seem less robotic- doesn't, in my opinion, address the root of the combat system's issues. From my experience, the reason melee combat currently feels so mechanical and unimmersive is tied to the blocking system, not the insect attack patterns. In my understanding of arthropods (which was confirmed by peers more familiar with entomology), the mandibles are not only used for biting, but also for grab
  10. given that bodies of water have a membrane, and at our size this membrane is quite thick (As seen by the size of droplets), it makes sense that we would struggle to stay above the water. The membrane would be constantly trying to close up the breach, which would force us underneath it. That said, I don't think the oxygen meter currently reflects this struggle; and the visual realism is more a result of the water hitbox being below the actual water surface. Hopefully in the pond update they'll fix this by adding a "membrane" hitbox directly above the water hitbox. This would also interact
  11. Ah yes. It's not like humanity has a history of using our ability to make tools and weapons and manipulating the environment around us to combat animals larger than us like, oh I don't know, Whales. And we most CERTAINLY weren't effective enough at it to, say, make them endangered or anything. Blatant sarcasm aside, all it takes to combat larger creatures is larger and more powerful weapons. Ballasta, for instance. Harpoon guns with spider silk ropes you can anchor. Heck, most the animals you listed are big enough to swallow you whole, so a sharp enough knife or axe should be able to cut
  12. It would be cool if one of the labs has a garage with solar powered buggies or something. It would also be cool to make pedal powered vehicles.
  13. considering the size of acorn shells themselves compared to the size of acorn shells in objects crafted using acorn shells, making the acorn shell models smaller so that acorns drop more shells seems like a smart idea.
  14. technically, several sets of bone armor already exist in this game, as insects and arachnids have their skeletons on the outside.
  15. what would be even more useful is if the game told you what the set bonus of an armor set is without requiring you to be wearing the full set first.
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