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  1. Title says it all really, any form of transportation would greatly improve some aspects of the game. I'm thinking along the lines of taming a beetle and riding it for a speed boost. It would incentivize players to make an interesting risk/reward choice. Do i take my trusty steed into the danger zone to mobilize better? Or do i leave it here so i don't lose the valuable gear and ride that i worked so hard to get. I also personally feel like the terrain is a little jagged and hard to traverse smoothly, and i believe the map size is just big enough to warrant faster methods of travel.
  2. I would love to see a small form of fast travel. I like traveling and learning the layout of the land so i believe the fast travel should be very limited like, you can only teleport from one station to another and only once a day or something, just to make trips from the upper hedge to the pesticide spray somewhat more bearable.
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