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  1. Love the Weevil Shield and even more since the increase durability but I would love to see a small tweak in the use of it. The delay between an Attack and the Defend is just a bit too long in my opinion. I am not saying I want an instant defend, but there just seems to be a bit of a long delay when hitting the right mouse button and the shield actually going up after an attack is made. I have been using it a lot and even with a Single Attack and then trying to defend, there has been many times where the shield delay (or shield not responding at all) has gotten me in bad situations.
  2. During the Public Test I was able to place the new SAP Collector on certain player made walls within my base. Went in to build some today and that is no longer the case. So, is this correct that it is technically not a "wall-mounted" building item but an item that is just easier to place outside? "Sap Dripper is now properly considered a wall-mounted building for placement purposes." I know that it can be placed on Roots, Trees, Branches and the like outside.
  3. Unable to place sloped foundation in certain directions. I have tried both Pebble and Clay and am having the same issue with both. https://youtu.be/a5MJ6dSsPuU PC - Microsoft - v0.6.2
  4. Unable to place sloped foundation in certain directions. I have tried both Pebble and Clay and am having the same issue with both. https://youtu.be/a5MJ6dSsPuU PC - Microsoft - v0.6.2
  5. While building some of my blueprints were mistakenly placed below ground as I was placing them. I am unable to find a way to delete these. Video showing the issue https://youtu.be/O2hdFCvjBeQ PC - Microsoft Version - Patch v0.6.2
  6. The 0.4.3 patch fixed my save issues until I logged in this morning. Logged back in today but was at older save point and missing a few items. I retrieved the Rotten Stinger Spear yesterday and picked up the Muck and Shallows SCA.Bs. Logged in this morning and my Rotten Stinger Spear is gone (Not in any of my inventories) and I checked the location that it can be gotten and is not there. My Muck and Shallow SCA.B themes are still there though. Had to go back to a previous save and lost 9 in-game days. PC - Microsoft Store Version Grounded Ver: 0.4.3
  7. Same issue. The game is loading me back in before from a save to Friday. All my items that I have crafted are gone plus a few others that were crafted before the weekend. This is also a repeatable issue. I repaired an item, did a manual save, exited the game completely and then restarted. I was back at the previous location and item was no longer repaired. I did this 3 times in a row.
  8. I am encountering Save issues on my Microsoft PC Version. I made a bunch of items yesterday and signed in this morning and it reset to my start point from Friday. All the newly crafted items are gone but also a few items that I had made prior to the weekend. I did a test this morning. I started up single player, repaired an item, did a manual save, exited out completely. When I logged back in I was back at my start point again from before the weekend. The item I repaired was not anymore and my start location was not where I logged out but where I logged out Friday evening. This s
  9. Same issue with trying to place walls. Microsoft PC version YouTube Video showing walls not dropping at a 45 degree angle Walls Not Snapping at 45 Degree Angle
  10. I am playing the Microsoft version and it replaced my Preview build. Wait until they fix the issues if you are going to do the PTS. I didn't realize this until I saw Grounded getting downloaded again on my PC. Wish they had 2 versions. A Preview and PTS in which one has the option to switch back and forth between without worrying about sharing the same save files.
  11. I did a test last week about building items durability and how many hits will destroy each piece. I found my Mint Mallet did no damage to my structures but did not test it on traps. Building Durability YT Video
  12. Anytime! I am right there with you with being able to build more with the Clay and Pebblet pieces
  13. Definitely would be very helpful! I had to put a timer on when using Liquid Gills to see how long it would last just so I wouldn't drown. 20 Seconds for the Smoothie plus 20 seconds normal underwater swimming
  14. Probably still way too early in the designing and building of the game but adding Halloween items/quests/building would be amazing. That would go with other holidays and seasonal things throughout the year
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