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  1. I did a test last week about building items durability and how many hits will destroy each piece. I found my Mint Mallet did no damage to my structures but did not test it on traps. Building Durability YT Video
  2. Anytime! I am right there with you with being able to build more with the Clay and Pebblet pieces
  3. Definitely would be very helpful! I had to put a timer on when using Liquid Gills to see how long it would last just so I wouldn't drown. 20 Seconds for the Smoothie plus 20 seconds normal underwater swimming
  4. Probably still way too early in the designing and building of the game but adding Halloween items/quests/building would be amazing. That would go with other holidays and seasonal things throughout the year
  5. Definitely would be a great starter even for custom bigger builds or for those remote locations. Being able to blueprint our own structure and save it would be great as well.
  6. Clay and Pebblet corner pieces would also be a great addition.
  7. Holding the Canteen in your hand that is filled with another liquid besides the one you are trying to drink will give you this error.
  8. It cost me 7000 Raw Science Points at Burgl. I am not sure when Meat Shield appeared as an option to get. I had found 2 more Burgl chips since the update.
  9. Just unlocked Meat Shield and went to take on a Bombardier Beetle. Full Health, full Food and Water, Ant Armor and the Bombardier killed me with 1 hit. Prior to having the Meat Shield I was able to take an Acid and two bites from the Bombardier Beetle before I was doomed.
  10. I found a few and completed the Cold Blood quest. When I handed both chips in, I got the Unlocked message but did not notice anything new. No new items to buy with Raw Science Points or anything noticeable
  11. I am getting the same thing. Going through a doorway and the Palisade Gate.
  12. The movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids was Fresno, California and Obsidian Entertainment, INC is based in Irvine, California. My guess will be the California area
  13. If on schedule 10am PDT 1pm EST 5pm UTC 6pm GMT 7pm CEST
  14. It takes some practice and for the big ones it's about timing. Just wait for their signature attack. They each do something to load up just before their attack. I am okay at fighting and I always do it 3rd Person. It's not about fast attacks in this game because your endurance drains quickly. Just keep practicing and don't worry about those who call it too easy, there will always be those who have to pat themselves on the back.
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