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I cant seem to update my game, does it happen automatically? Or do I need to do something? I am playing on the XBOX pass on my computer. Not sure if this also matters but I am in England, not sure when its suppose to be out for us. 

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I had the same problem yesterday.

  1. Open Microsoft Store
  2. Search Grounded and Click on it
  3. Next to the option to PLAY there are 3 ... 
  4. Click on the 3 Dots (...) and you get a more options.  Update should show up there


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I had the same problem with Xbox.  I did notice though when you go to the game File Info before loading the game it doesn’t look updated.   But when you launch the game it will have to correct version.   I did have to uninstall the game and reinstall it for this to happen.   I know a lot of people are having this issue.  I hope this helps.

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