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  1. Last game I played from the series was CivII but with these changes it looks like a day one buy.
  2. Wasn't cloning very-very-very heavily implied? I'm quite sure it was not.
  3. Finished Siren: Blood Curse. Especially the first half was great.
  4. Yes I can already see millions of pirates crying out in joy, because devs are finally making decent games
  5. So did anyone else try the demo? Can't say I like the controls together with mostly fixed camera. And QTE's. Want to climb that slope? Cool, lets press and hold one, two, three buttons. Did you accidentaly release one button? Sorry, let's do this again from beginning! Fight sequence wasn't that great either. Best part of the demo is probably spoilery full game trailer. And watching it rain.
  6. And Zombies too? I guess I will try the demo, but man this looks even worse than Fahrenheit. http://www.jeuxvideo.com/extraits-videos-j...t-au-lit-hd.htm
  7. Inquisitor Elven Legacy Dissapointment of the year Tomorrow war - bad translation, missing textures and voiceovers for flight chatter, no patch even if it was promised half a year ago.
  8. It's ****, avoid. Previous game from the same developers, Neverend, is a lot better.
  9. Reinstalled NWN2+XP1,2. It sure looks great on max. and Inquisitor
  10. I mentioned it in another topic, it's Inquisitor.
  11. I would avoid registry cleaners. They are more trouble than worth.
  12. Uh no, it's a low-end card. Choose GTX260. Actually why don't you go with XPS 8000? After a brief look only difference seems to be the CPU. Instead of i920 you get i750, which is usually faster than 920. Cheaper too.
  13. Have been playing this for a few days, awesome RPG.
  14. Be careful and do a backup as there are issues with the toolset see here - http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/category/8/index
  15. If you have PC version someone on Q23 mentioned this:
  16. I will probably wait for the inevitable GOTY! edition if I buy it at all.
  17. Nice, going to try this asap. Wow... Impressive! Yeah cliffski is a former Lionhead developer.
  18. Demand is high and TSMC is again having yield problems, which sucks for both ATi and Nvidia.
  19. I remember just one case where traveling from one location to another could incur huge penalty and that was because of a bug. In most locations there are also clumps of neutral spirits, so a use of supress or provoke ability is highly recommended.
  20. I enjoyed it much more because of that. Except there is - Supress.
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