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  1. Journos gushing over gfx improvements are rather amusing.
  2. They do not lack them. Lighting however is fugly.
  3. Looks awful, I think it is even worse than DA:O on lowest settings.
  4. Isn't that the UE3 powered online shooter? What makes it a modders paradise? Lots of tools for content creation as part of the game. Oh? That's surprising, I only remember it because of the customization trailers.
  5. haha true, I do have it installed (Reboot version). But nowadays I'm spending more time on ur-quan masters. Fantastic game. Isn't that the UE3 powered online shooter? What makes it a modders paradise?
  6. Disciples III - from reading the impressions it seems the game is a trainwreck, but goddamnit I'm buying it. Northstar - vaporware Meh it gets worse from year to year.
  7. Sex this time will be.... CINEMATIC AND INVOLVED!. Like Heavy Rain, according to the devs. So it will be QTE driven?
  8. Is that so? I never tried Sins with any of the extensions. Nothing particularly impressive there, mostly just useless gfx junk.
  9. It's really just an average rts with poor singleplayer. Any examples?
  10. Hm I have been interested in Precursors for some time even if dev comments did not exactly inspire confidence with the game splitting talk. It is nice to see the game available through non-bukkake way.
  11. Patch can be found here. It's not perfect, but the game looks sooo much better with it.
  12. Nexus, HD Asteroids, Dynamic Lighting patch
  13. I see he took some notes from that Stardock dip****. As for the whole pirates wouldn't have bought it anyway fallacy, I have nice example here. Bioshock 1 went uncracked for weeks and the PC sales were fantastic, nearly one million. The sequel? Got cracked pretty much right away and sold less than hundred thousand copies. Well I guess it is just a stupid consoletrash port
  14. Yet another ****ty DLC coming from good old eaware. Coincidentally a similar themed module has been released recently - http://social.bioware.com/project/2585/ I bet it is superior too.
  15. Indeed. You can even listen to it on the developers website.
  16. Resonance of Fate and SO4 International. One thing I don't like is the almost desaturated look in RoF. Had to boost color saturation by 70% on my display, it looks much better. I am focusing on SO4, it's pretty enjoyable so far.
  17. Oh wow I didn't know Intel CPUs fixed software bugs
  18. Would you mind answering my question? I'm really curious about that.
  19. Apparently Q1 2010 Did they fix combat? Or do the enemies still run straight through your characters?
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