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  1. It's a known nvidia driver issue. Installing newest driver should fix it.
  2. Icewind Dale. Found out I can't stand the IE RTwP combat anymore. Uninstall. Temple of elemental evil with new Co8 pack, Experience 112 and Shadow of memories. Both are pretty unique, enjoyable adventures
  3. Mera


    Nice to see NWN2 finally on Steam. I think it was in 2008 that Rob said on old nwn2 boards that Steam release was almost ready
  4. VD's endless quest for perfect polish is ridiculous. It would be quite amusing if Dead State came out first and proved to be a superior RPG.
  5. As long as it isn't only for PS3, I'm happy I'm not sure if this is still true, but at one point it was PS3 exclusive. Yeah, it's no longer PS3 only. Sony got in exchange some other game as PS3 exclusive.
  6. For sure in 2011: Gray Matter Dynasty Warriors 7 Yakuza 4 Ni No Kuni maybe: HoMM 6 PC
  7. Want some coverage and sales? Write an article how piracy is totally not killing PC gaming and wait until people pick it up and spread it everywhere
  8. A beginning of a new trend? Link PC gamers must be the poorest people in the world. Every year there are millions of new computers sold with dedicated graphic cards and yet software sales stagnate or are slowly sinking. PC piracy rate is estimated at around 90%
  9. I think you are right. I tried to like the demo but it doesn't make a good impression with godawful aliasing and pop-in everywhere coupled with tiny maps. As for Empires, well I have got no problem with that and besides it's cheap. Still I wonder if it makes sense now with DW7 slated for March 2011 euro release. Anyway in the end I got Nier. At first glance it looks ok, except some poor texture filtering and shadow map resolution. IIRC Nier was originally a X360 exclusive.
  10. In what way? I know what you mean, nevertheless he didn't really amaze me. Ieyasu reminds me of Liu Bei as well. Unlocked Nobunaga and kicked both Mitsunari's and Ieyasu's asses in the final stage. I have a feeling Nobunaga was shoehorned into the game as a playable character at the last moment.
  11. Out of all characters I played so far I think I dislike Ieyasu the most. Now I'm finishing story paths with Oichi, she is a juggernaut I will probably get DW6: Empires or DW: Strikeforce soon, I'm not sure which one to pick.
  12. Finally something that looks decent.
  13. Declined? Don't you remember how much trash was churned out in that time? If anything the quality has improved.
  14. Dusted off my PS3 and downloaded Hokuto Mousou and Sengoku Basara demos yesterday. I expected HM to be a little more engaging, gameplay just feels too slow and clunky. Nice effect though, Omega Force finally discovered next-gem. A-****ing-mazing. There is a review of JP version @ Koeiwarriors saying that the final version of HM is quite light on content but with lots of DLC. Bad Koei, bad. Now Sengoku Basara demo was quite a surprise, bought a copy immediately. So far I have cleared first story mode with Mitsunari. SB is a joy to play and for a Wii->PS3 port it looks great plus it's 720p/60.
  15. There is a working patch for ATi users. However I remember reading it had some issues.
  16. I don't think I liked the combat system in Darklands, everything else was superb. As I'm now mostly replaying old games, a reinstall is in order I think.
  17. IIRC the game was initially called Vampire Story, later it was renamed to Vampire World and released in Russia and Germany. Vampire Hunters is the name of english release.
  18. Wood, ore, crystals and the rest is where? Black Hole Entertainment? Nice, while I found Mark of Chaos rather average, expansion pack (Battle March) was brilliant. Indeed. Yeah and the amusing thing is Ubisoft changed DRM in Heroes 5 from Starforce to Securom after fans protested
  19. http://newsletters.ubi.com/EMEA/M&M_H6...1/uk_index.html Looks like Heroes VI is going to be announced soon.
  20. Ah nice, how do you like the game btw? I really should finish my playthrough someday.
  21. I think there will be greater changes than that. It is made by Bioware. Even if those screens were final, DA2 reviews would be praising the graphics.
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